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I need help writing a resignation letter. Basically I'm

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I need help writing a resignation letter.

Basically I'm on a weird teacher training course for five weeks (this is week 3). At the end of the course I start work as a teacher in a (low-performing) school that the course-makers chose.

It's been extremely intense. I went into the course with the intention of seeing it through, but a combination of poor course-organisation, unusually high levels of workloads, and other factors has totally stressed me out. I couldn't get out of bed this morning, something that hasn't happened since I had a serious nervous breakdown some years ago (involving hospitalisation), and I had to miss today's training as a result. I couldn't breathe properly until the mid-afternoon. Staying here is gonna kill me, I swear.

Part of me is just venting, part of me wants a little help because my head is so frazzled right now. How do I write an email saying I can't take the stress anymore and this course isn't for me? I'd rather do it by email, as I'd just break down over the phone. I've completely made up my mind that I'm leaving tomorrow morning.
Dear mr X,
I have decided to quit your course Y, because the amount of work, stress and personal matters was too much for me to bear.

Mr Z.

>seriously maybe you just need to chill and dont take it so seriously. It is just teaching dumb kids.
I know, I am overcomplicating shit. My brain is just totally fried at the moment and I'm finding it hard to relax. Thanks for the template by the way
I dont know how you deal with stress, but it seems you suck at it. My first line of defence is to not making things worse than they actually are. Second line is realizing that even if i fail, i will still have roof over my head, food and will stay alive. And final line are pc games for relaxation.

Sounds like you need to learn how to chill.

Go online and search for templates.

They have fine tailored ad libs for many situations (microsoft office has a lot).

The idea here is, though i understand, sympathise with, and support your decision to avoid a stressful ass job... Its completely a dick move on your part.

Perhaps a pre fabbed professionally written letter could help.

Other options:

Does your employer govern other schools? Because if its a total shit tier school and they have other placements, dont forget theyve put a lot of money into you already. They dont want to see you up and leave, you may have leverage if you explain you just dont think you can handle the placement and need to be somewhere else.

Final option.

Why not just try? You dont know the future. Maybe its not all bad?

Why did you become a teacher? Is it the whole dead poet society thing of changing lives and changing minds?

Because if youre fuckin Robin Williams here, these truly are the kids that really need you...

Well thats my 4 dollars and 16 cents. Good luck, OP. Im sorry life has done this to you.
Course director,
Due to unforeseen and mitigating circumstances I am withdrawing from the program effective immediately. Thank you for the few weeks I have spent here.


>Its completely a dick move on your part.

What do you mean by that? By resigning, or using a basic template?

Maybe ive misread the whole situation,
But i assume theyre paying for your training and have put a lot of dependence on you completing this course and showing up for the new school year... Now they have to scramble for a replacement who cant get the full training out of your course or disperse and rearrange the classes.

Templates are never a dick move. They get the point across in a very concise way.
Tbh if I'm having bad mental/physical issues at this point, leaving now would be better for the school and kids than if I quit/got signed off sick during the school year. Besides, my personality doesn't fit with the culture of my placement school.

Or at least that's how I'm justifying it in my mind. Believe me, I feel awful about the impact this has and I honestly wish things didn't turn out this way. It certainly hasn't been a snap decision.
Then ill go back to my whole "support" stance.

Ive done a stressful job before. It will run your soul through a wood chipper. Youll find another way.
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