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Today I found out for the first time that cold sores actually

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Today I found out for the first time that cold sores actually come from a form of herpes. Ive had them my whole life and was always told by my parents that it was something everyone gets eventually like chicken pox. My siblings would get them too. So I'm a 22 year old virgin with herpes, hilarious.

Anyways, what's the best way to treat cold sores? I usually ignore them but now I'm extremely embarrassed by it and would like for it to go away quickly
"Cold soresare usually caused by the herpessimplex virus (HSV) type 1, which is transmitted by such forms of contact as kissing an infected person or sharing eating utensils, towels, or razors. Genitalherpesis usually caused byherpessimplex virus type 2."

The key words in your post were "a form of"

Sucy is best girl
I'm confused, are you correcting me? I just learned about this shit today

Also, good taste in witches
coldsores aren't really something to be embarrassed about. yes, they are a form of herpes but most of the population has them and if you date someone they'll probably have them too.

you can take medication for them to come up less often or oral creams when they come up, but it's not something you can "cure".
It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Herpes is so ubiquitous, there's literally bits of herpes in your genome. That's right; you're part herpes.

the problem here is that you are considering everything thats 'herpes' to be the genital sore STD, when you should be realizing that the genital sore STD is just one sub category of a bigger disease.

EVERYONE DOES get cold sores. your brothers and sisters would too. most children get them from their own parents because they have them and will kiss their children.


so yes, most virgins get some form of herpes. the two aren't directly related unless you mean genital herpes. stop acting like its a big deal.
Thanks for the reassurance. I guess just the stigma around Herpes freaked me out a bit. I'm kind of a hypochondriac too. Doesn't help that I mentioned casually to a friend that I could feel a cold sore coming up and he said "gross dude, you have herpes". Thought he was fucking with me until I actually looked it up.
One more possibly dumb question. It's fine to masturbate as long as I wash my hands right?
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best way to treat these fuckers is to lather the shit in Vitamin E (or get a prescription cream from your doc) right when you feel one about to sprout. After you cream it up, dont touch it EVER. It may be tempting to itch at but ya cant touch it. Picking at it makes it worse so just continue ignoring them like you already do. Try to cream it once or twice a day, until its gone. Try not to peel it when it scabs. I do eventually peel it off but if you try peeling at the wrong time, you could make the sore worse and it would last longer.

If you catch the sore right before it sprouts and get cream on it, it wont last as long and sometimes you can even prevent it from appearing.

If youre already doomed with a red mucus-ey sore, just keep put on cream and dont touch it and it will go away after like a week. It never goes away quickly unfortunately, so I'm sorry if you're a social person who goes out a lot.

Lastly, dont bother covering it or hiding it. everyone will already know what it is. Either stay home until its gone or deal with the embarrassment if you go out. Most people wont even notice it unless youre talking directly to them. If you're REALLY insistent on hiding the fucker, use a band-aid. But you'll have to remove it to re-apply cream and I'm sure you know how much of a bitch band-aids are to remove. Don't use make up to cover it EVER! It makes the sore 10x worse! trust me, my mother tried to help me one time when I was young and the make up gave me the worst cold sore ever.

ONE last note. Just remember that you're not alone. MANY people get cold sores. Yes they are annoying and gross, but you'll have to just deal with them for the rest of your life. Just try to keep track of when you usually get cold sores and avoid touching the areas where you get them. Always use tissues when you're sick because I find that cold sores come out the most when you wipe or blow your nose with toilet paper or paper towels.
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it
When I get them, I alternate between a salve with Aciclovir (to fight the infection) and one with Panthenol (to help heal the sore). It works wonders for me, the outbreaks are kept pretty small, my lips don't dry out as much and it seems to go away a bit faster.

And yeah, do not pick at it when you have it, that makes it worse and you'll spread the viruses around EVERYwhere. Including, if you're unlucky, your eyes, your nostrils, your genitals, everywhere. And you do not want cold sores at your eyes.
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No problem. I'm happy to help.

>mfw I didn't know you can get cold sores on your eyes
Thanks for the tip, Anon.
Well, it's rare because the virus(es) really like staying in the locations they've evolved for, but they can take hold in new places and when they do things can get pretty horrific.
Considering something like 80% of the population has them, you parents aren't that far off. Most people will eventually get it if they drink after others or kiss anyone or are kissed by anyone at all (and most don't tend to have a say in that, as relatives kiss babies without their infant consent.)

Mine have never been real bad personally, and thankfully (or not depending on your perspective) mine have never been external. So I've never was able to even treat mine even if I wanted, since you can't really apply a cream to your gums or tongue.
But I do know there are creams and shit if you do get them on your lips or something. I just always had to wait for mine to go away on their own which sometimes sucked because it affects how and what I can eat.

Mostly just wanted to say herpes gets a bad reputation for being literally the most mundane, common, and insignificant "S"TD there is to man.
You can get them almost anywhere actually, it's just extremely uncommon. Remember reading somewhere that there have been cases of herpes appearing on people's backs before. But they tend to stick to moist places like you mouth and junk though, so eyes doesn't surprise me much.
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