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For balding men, how has it affected your life?

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19 male here, norwood 2.
Balding since 16.5 years old.
Taking dutasteride, hair thickened, but hairline keeps receding and I'm not sure it will stop.

Used to be able to look at the mirror and not hate the way I looked. Girls would talk to me at parties and invite me to hookup. People messaged me and I was popular in highschool without even trying.
Then the catastrophe started. Lost a bunch of hair really quickly, people noticed because apparently the human eye is extremely accurate and my happiness fell down extremely quick. All that was while in highschool.

Now in college studying an engineering, not even a girl has started a conversation with me yet. None. I am a confident, athletic guy who dresses well (I run a lot) and also get great marks. But somehow, no matter what I do, no women want to even get close to me. I am not tall. I don't have a beard. I am balding. All these things are out of my control and I can't do anything about them. Despite trying really hard to live a happy life, it seems like things don't work out.

I feel like the world was not made for me. We live in a superficial world, you can't deny that. Men get turned on by slim women with huge bobs and fat asses and women get turned on by tall, handsome men with full heads of hair. I get it. This just makes me wonder if I will be ever be able to date a girl I like and live a pleasing life. So far out of the 10 girls I've talked to, all of them have turned me down instantly.

I am lost and confused on what I should do in life.

How did balding affect you and how did you overcome it, if you did?
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>I am lost and confused on what I should do in life.
Bald heads don't suit everyone, mine included. In addition, I am not at a level where shaving my head would help. I still have lots of hair, the hairline is just receding and it's noticeable, and it looks really weird for a 19 years old. A bald head (specially my bald head, I recall)
on a 19 years old would look even weirder.
I appreciate your help though.
Start working out. Become buff and remove all of your hair. This is the only correct answer. A lot of people will come here and tell you how women don't care about whether a guy is bald or not but those kind of women are in the minority.

Become Vin Diesel. This is the best advice you'll ever get. Trust me on this.
>I am not at a level where shaving my head would help

Then why are you here crying like a little bitch about how women don't pay your middle-aged assistant manager looking ass any attention any more?

Shave that shit off and dress for the part. Save yourself the trouble of a spit-and-polished dome and just go with the eternal 5 o'clock head shadow. It's easier to maintain.
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Not everyone looks bad with a bald head... u gotta be positive about it and fix that attitude, it's not the end of the world. If you're positive, people will get around you, if you're the opposite, people will avoid you. If you can't get girls to talk to you, maybe you should ask your male friends to fix you up a date...?
I am balding at 23, started about 4 years ago.
Didn't really affect me yet, because I keep my hair short and it doesn't look too bad so far, but I need to wear a hat now when the sun is out when I didn't have to some years ago.
Apart from that, my girlfriend sometimes makes fun of me for that, but not in a hurtful way and she doesn't really mind, though she admits that she likes my hair and will miss it.
I agree that these kind of women are in the minority. A lot of people, probably with the right intention, also come and tell me to magically become a hollywood star, fame, height and money included.
A bunch of people also tell me to work out. It's as if they thought getting a few pounds of muscle improved your sexual market value while studies show that muscles matter very little to women and other people's respect towards you.

Don't want to be rude, but I really don't think you got the point of the thread.


I definitely should ask my male friends to fix me up a date, thanks for that. I agree staying positive is a must, in fact I do so every day. Despite that, I already said I look bad with a bald head.
do you have the horseshoe dick shape hairline op? if so i feel for you, my hairline was always curved since i was young, so i thought eventually id get the Jude Law type hairline. holding strong with just fin but now I'm paranoid about my crown density.
Where did you get the idea that muscles matter little to women? These studies can be made to show anything. I can show you 50 studies right now where women consider muscles to be in top 3 of importance. The thing is, I am not even /fit/ but I recognize how important it is.
Just go full Jason Statham.
>hurr just become Vin Diesel Jason Statham

kill yourself if you actually believe this is
>the best advice you'll ever get

like 1/50 girls actually like the tough meathead look. only black guys can truly own being average looks with a waxed dome without looking like a joke.
You really lack knowledge on ultra bad ass men who become even more manlier With a shaved head.

A shaved head is a sign of great discipline and disattachment. And to some, it also means you are wise and cerebral.
Protip: your life didn't fall apart because you started balding.
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If you're white, there are definitely aesthetics to be had. Skinhead isn't the only one, but it's pretty fucking badass even if people are afraid to admit it.
I'd really like to see these studies. I am not sure where people got the idea that "women love muscles" from. Girls in my class constantly laugh at guys who try to be "buff" and say that they look really dumb. Most think the guy could be spending his time elsewhere and not caring so much about something that matters so little to them.

This is what makes me believe they don't care. I have talked with a lot of girls, high school era mostly, and they did say they cared a lot about appearance but that they didn't care about muscles.

Women say they don't care about money too. Do you believe them?
I do, generally. Just like when they say they don't care about muscles.

This, if OP is only a NW2. A mildly receded hairline isn't something anyone will give a shit about.

Also OP, you've mentioned not being tall a few times. How tall are you? It seems like that's bugging you too.

my hairline moved back since highschool on the corners but still looks pretty good.

Rogaine seems to help fill it in (it says not to put it in the front but I always have)

Thankfully I started life with a pretty low hairline so even though it's moved back an inch or so it still looks pretty standard for most white guys.
Lmao. Son. I'll remove myself from the thread.

Also, to answer your actual question OP, I'm 25 and an early NW4 with diffuse thinning. I tend to flip-flop between being okay with it because I can grow a beard and it looks like I've got the right head shape for it (I plan to do what >>18525539 is saying and not go full chrome dome), and at other times it makes me panic like a motherfucker.
I'm 5'9. It is average in my home country. It does bug me but not as much as my hair.

I have tried rogaine but it didn't work at all in my temple zone, sadly.

At your own will. I really don't like pre-thinking that all women who say they don't care about money are lying. Some women lie, yes, and I know a lot of them, but if I'm in a conversation with a few people and the topic is brough up I really don't like prejudicing the woman to death and thinking that she is a liar.
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