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Starting A Conversation With A Girl

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Hi /adv/, there's a girl in my summer college class who is really, really pretty and very shy. I spoke to her once about something class-related, and I'd like to try to strike up a conversation that's a bit more meaningful at some point.

How do I start? Do I tell some sort of funny one-liner? Compliment her on something? I really have no idea what to say.
Depends entitely on her, who she is, her world view, how she takes compliments, what her interests are, what type of flirting works with her, and what would bring her out of her shell and get her talking, and what she already thinks of you.

I dont know about other anons on here, but Im not psychic. Thats the only way i can imagine I or anyone here can help you.

And honestly, dude... That should be painfully obvious as a fact of life. People are different.

Git outta here.
>You have to be psychic to start a conversation with somebody

What the fuck, anon, that's no help at all. I just asked how I can start a convo with a person in general, like examples of ice-breakers and whatnot. I don't know what you think I'm trying to say.
Its not helpful because no one can help you.

She might like to be left alone, she might like to approach you.

She might be shut down as fuck and any attempt to contavt her will make her a retard and fear you. Maybe she can only meet people online.

Maybe she already doesnt like you.

Maybe if you just walk over and say "hello" youre good!

Maybe a terribly awkward small talk conversation will break the ice, because shes shy and Shell identify with you because shes shy too and shell feel connected to you.

Maybe an awkward small talk conversation will make you a freak.

I know exactly what you said, i dont think you know what im saying.

Whats helpful here isnt how to approach her.

Its the fact you have to go try something. Anything. Say hello. Sit next to her and talk about class stuff. Straight up ask her out.

Try something, anything. No matter what I or any anon tells you, she might love it or hate it. You might be soulmates, you might already have zero chance.

Thats the world you live in.

Sometimes not knowing wtf to do is exactly what works because some girls like shyness.

So if you come here with literally no information at all.. We.. Cant.. Help.. You..

So try something, anything. You have as much a chance being a smooth romeo as you do being a total spaz. If it fails, she doesnt like you. Move on.
Man, you've basically listed off random possibilities and no actual substantial advice.

>we can't help you
I don't think you speak for the rest of this board with your useless shit. I'll just wait for a serious answer that isn't fucking bait.
I think the anon is trying to figure out ideas on what to try here, friend. Offering all those conflicting examples isn't going to be of much help to him.

Conflicting examples is the point because she is a random unknown.


Alright ill be nicer.

Ive found people have immediate rapport with people they recognise from somewhere else.

Is there anywhere outside of class you can see her? Cafeteria? Library?

Approach her there. Ask how she found "that test" or what she "thinks of the latest assignment".
It might not have helped OP but this reply really helped put it into perspective. TY anon
"How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the Ice, Hi I'm Anon"
listen to this guy

Do it tomorrow and do it before class even starts. Even if you flop massively it'll still be massive weight off the chest and you'll feel better for it.
If it goes really well be sure to get her # or you will feel like a retard
Jesus you're dense, completely missed the point of a well thought out post
Start with some bullshit about class like "Hey what did the professor mean by ____?" chat it up from there then after a few days of this ask if she wants to get a bite to eat after class

If she's interested in you she'll take the opportunity to spend some time with you, if she doesn't then you can just leave her alone leaving it at just you having asked questions about class

The best redpill about dating is that you should work to find girls you don't have to try hard to get to spend time with you. When you can look for that, you don't have to try pickup line bullshit or worry about impressing her.
Thread posts: 12
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