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how to be more dominant with women?

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how do I be more dominant in bed with women? I'm very submissive in bed and that is a turn off for a lot of girls. I'm not a pussy irl, most people actually think I'm dominant in bed until they find out I'm not. I don't know why I'm not but I've always been that way.

I have a girl I recently like and we're about to start dating/having sex, but she found out I like to be on bottom and it upset her a bit. I know this happens with a lot of girls and stuff, so I'm not sure what to do. I don't hold any grudge against them because hey you like what you like, and typically society looks at men as taking the more aggressive approach, but that just isn't me. I would like to see if I could change that if it's healthy, but otherwise I'm not sure what to do because when I try to do that, my dick just goes limp on its own.

any advice?
Fucking own her like she's a piece of meat and serves no purpose on this planet except gratifying your immaculate cock.
Furthermore, challenge her limits and call her a miserable excuse for a human who gets off being shit on the bottom of your heels and slap her ass as you choke her from behind.

Chicks love that.
I don't want to do that. If anything I like being the one that has that done to me. She enjoys bullying me in our normal conversations so I figured that was her personality type, but then she kinda revealed to me she is the opposite in bed.

I really am a gentle person deep down. Not sure what to do because I kept trying to change myself for over a decade and then basically became like the pic in the first post, an ass hole that hated everyone and myself, got into a lot of fights, hated my life and everyone else.

I eventually healed but realized this is who I am. I'm just a bit blue now because I know most women look down on men like that, as if it's from a lack of strength or ability to be aggressive, when in actuality I have that ability, it's just not me.
I'm the kindest, sweetest man in the world. It makes me feel good knowing I can roleplay a megalomaniac for my woman in a safe environment. View yourself as a provider and you'll keep your rise.
So i've been with the same woman for 6 years that is now my wife. Balance it out. Idk if you drink or smoke or anything that hypes you up and makes you horny but at least once every 4 or 5 times especially if you like laying down (lazy ass) if you bring out the beast shes going to make sounds youve never heard. Just focus on everything you find hot about her and enjoy letting loose and making her see God.
I am lazy. Maybe that is the root of it? I'm not super lazy mind you, I do get shit done and I'm a hard worker, just I'm lazy on my off time.

I've never let that 'beast' come out before. How does that even work?
Oh, see, you've tricked yourself into thinking you're a harmless nice guy but you're just being a lazy parasite.

Fuck to make her cum, then allow her to reciprocate as though it were her honor.
how am I a parasite? I am a provider, I am completely independent, live on my own, literally pay for everything of my own, and pay for her stuff as well.

how am I a parasite?
I mean sexually. You're pulling as much of a reversal on them as they are on you. They come in expecting a dude who's able to take them to new sexual heights and instead they get Bend-me-over Ben. It's okay to be lazy in bed sometimes--playing the sexual conqueror is hard work, but you're just expecting them to do everything.
Don't force yourself to do a fetish you're not into.
> It's okay to be lazy in bed sometimes--playing the sexual conqueror is hard work, but you're just expecting them to do everything.
That makes sense and you're right. I guess it's just that the reason I want sex is to unwind, isn't that what everyone wants? Maybe I could like it in the heat of the moment?

We haven't had sex yet but I am wondering if perhaps my brain is just expecting that. The whole point I have with sex is to relax, which is the opposite of working hard.
Sorry I was harsh, bro. I'm a very confrontational dude when I feel someone is performing to a standard I wouldn't accept from myself. But you're right. Sex should be fun, not work. You can make games for yourself out of pleasing her. For instance, I trained my partner to cum on the count of three. I did this by telling her I could then calling it whenever she got close. She always tries to hold out an extra second, but the end result is the same.

Sometimes I'm getting all that foreplay in and I'm thinking about literally everything else, but as a good conqueror should I let my captive think it was all about her.

Eventually she's usually begging to be fucked. At that point I deny her to make sure it's MY game. She'll taunt me, saying I couldn't possibly resist so I'll get her to cum a couple more times.

Every encounter evolves dynamically like that and by the end I've gotten what I want.

Sometimes I'll tell her to ride me so I can just chill on my back but I'll still do shit like carry her by the pits and rail her as she's suspended above me.
i kind of know what you mean, sometimes it's good to let go but objectively to satisfy a woman you have to lower yourself to be an animal in the process

arguably degrading sex is even more degrading for the man than it is for the woman since a lot of men must think of themselves as better than this and not just a rape monkey, at least i know i do

but regardless you have to do it, it's one of the harsh realities of life

well, i guess we could say that the fact that women are whores and actually need to be degraded instead of loved and can never be an actual companion is infuriating enough that you can use it as a good motivator to hatefuck your woman
it may take some serious mental gymnastics but you should morally justify to yourself to be an asshole again
yeah I just can't imagine myself ever doing that. I mean cool if that's you and it works well, but that just isn't who I am as a person. I'm a bit of a confrontational dude also believe it or not, I just have this weird paradox where I'm very outgoing and aggressive irl, but just not in bed. I don't know why.
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>I'm not a pussy irl
Yes you are.
I've gotten into fights with over 10 people (I've honestly lost count), I work in business. Go ahead and call me a pussy, but you wouldn't know it from seeing me and odds are you would back down saying it to my face.
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you could just become a catholic priest
let's be honest your sexuality is doomed so you might as well just try to save your soul at this point

like>>18524982 says you have to "bring out the beast"

and if you don't want to bring out the beast inside you i won't say you're a pussy like >>18525025 and >>18525145 i'd say it's pretty honorable of you actually, it's all fucking disgusting when you think about it
it actually takes the true courage to admit that entering this whole little game of getting off on the domination or submission of other human beings is just mean and petty, that dominating someone makes us feel like predators and that we get off on that, we all know it
it feels good but kind of wrong at the same time doesn't it ? there's a good reason it feels kind of wrong, and that's because deep down we are all just fucking animals and we love rape

and btw you guys are actually the pussies since you let your desires guide you rather than your reason and are not man enough to rise above your base desires
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