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Wrong move?

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I got a crazy good job offer in SF, so I took it.

But as soon as I got here, I noticed the locals hate people like me.

I NEVER thought this "society hates me" thing was real, but holy shit man... I'm starting to regret this move, I thought it'd be good for my career but I've just never felt so hated in my life.
Shocking to find a city that demanded equality and tolerance has neither of either....my dad was born in SF and I've worked there most of my career. Those Liberal progressive fucktards can wallow in their filth and crime.

I hate SF. Its crowded and ridiculously expensive and the uppity white hipster crowd is the most unbearable collection of human beings I've ever had the misfortune to be around.

I don't know how much money you make but when I lived there I was essentially working 50 hours a week JUST to be able to afford to live in the city. No vacations, no time off, just a constant barrage of upper-middle class white kids who look down at me even though their rich mommy's and daddy's pay their entire way through life. Honestly, angry cab drivers and shitty old china-town shop owners were a relief to be around compared to the city kids.

The locals hate everyone. The place is turning into an overpriced rat trap and its taking on a "dog eat dog" attitude that didn't exist 20 years ago. Essentially, its a great place to live if your mom and dad pay your rent or you're just "hanging out" through your 20's. Its a terrible place to start a life. You'll never be able to buy a house, you'll never be able to afford starting a family and chances are your ass will be gentrified all the way to Sacramento before you even get a chance to enjoy the actual good parts of the city buried underneath a metric fuck-ton of pretentious hipster garbage and tech industry transplants. I'm assuming you're in tech because the tech boom is what started the price gouging in SF and is, naturally, the most hated class of people in the bay area.
Visited San Fran on vacation and it's a fucking shithole m8, housing costs are out of control, cost of living is sky high, streets infested by homeless bums, trash every fucking where.


What about you do you think they dislike?
He's probably straight and white
I'm a programmer, they call us "techies" here
I'm Hispanic, and that still doesn't save me...
I'm thinking of moving all the way to Walnut Creek, but still I'd work in the city. Right now I live in Oakland.

Either that or honestly I'm gonna get an attitude of "fuck you all" and not give a fuck.
So don't tell them?
So when they ask what I do for a living?
When they wanna know more about me?
Not sure.

I live in an art city. But here there isn't much of stigma about "techies".
For people here, if you say you're in tech (the only job for ex-artsies), all you get is sad looks.
what city is this?

The Artist neighbourhood is big. Takes a big part of the metropolitan Island.

I've been a mover here for a little while. And I honestly thing that if you want to be an artist, this is where you want to be.
Room here is super cheap. Artist lofts, still cheap.
I'm guessing that they're bitter because there is an upswing of tech jobs that are bringing people into town, which means
>More traffic
>More competitive housing
>Dilution of local culture
You are essentially a newfag.

I've heard similar sentiments from Seattlites. But it's mostly in jest. I haven't met anyone who would actually shun somebody for being a tech transplant. Are you sure they're not joking?
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 1

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