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I think I am at a decisive crossroad. I dream of making games,

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I think I am at a decisive crossroad.

I dream of making games, but I've become old (28), even while I still dream of making toys for manchildren, I'm still concerned about being right now an adult, so I need to start having responsabilities, also I want money.

So, it seems like a mental delusion to think I'll be able to be good at every skill that is needed for gamedev.

Sorry, but I don't think is possible (is possible but It will take at least another decade of hard work), meanwhile in that time I could be a world class performer in just one or two skills at best.

I'm tired of everyone making it big, meanwhile I'm stuck with my teen dream, I'm not longer a kid, fuck.

So, It seems logical I should focus on one skill rather than being mediocre at several.

I don't want to be googum btw, getting into his mid thirties and being just mediocre overall, I want to be good.

So, even if this sounds attention whoring, I want some advice.

Pic related, a shitty drawing I did.

I want to focus from now on doing art, and just that, working and practicing daily.
If you want to be good at something as an adult, stop working on what you want to do, and fill a roll that society wants and needs.

At 28, you should have come to this conclusion by now.
I want to be good at a least something.

getting paid and being productive will help me as well.

I think I could become good in art in one or two years if I FOCUS on that.
Focus on being good at your job.
art is a job.
Is it? How much money does art pay? What's your salary?
depends on country, a working artist in the industry makes 50k on average, but I'm not american.

A top tier illustrator could make 200k per year, if he's top world class.

some artists on patreon easily makes 4-10k per month doing porn.

It depends on how good you are.

>your salary
that's what I'm trying to ask for advice, faggot.

I already told you my current plan is to focus on practicing art until I become a professional, rather than being mediocre at several skills.
I like your art, at least.
I'll tell you what. Here's a link to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Show me a job that REQUIRES your degree, pays well, and is growing in demand (the OOH covers all of these things).

why should I care about american data if I'm from a spic country?

also, art is like being an atlete, if you're skilled, you make dosh.

there's always demand for good art in advertising, publishing, tv, film, comics, books, games.
Fine. You've followed your dreams for a decade, and it's turned out great. Surely setting a different, but just as difficult to achieve dream, will do wonders for you.

Good luck. You're almost 30, after all. It's not like anyone's going to hire you into an apprenticeship for much longer.
because learning one skill is much much easier than learning five.

are u dumb?
Having a skill that has limited employment opportunities is worse than having a skill that is in demand.

Do what you want as a hobby on your free time. Do what society wants as your job.
>there's always demand for good art in advertising, publishing, tv, film, comics, books, games, animation

are u iliterate?
How much demand? As much demand as there is for an electrician? An engineer? A doctor? A plumber? A welder?
Do you realize film and games are multibillion industries, right?
I don't see how that answers my question.
well, that implies there's demand for top tier artists.

a top tier artists can make 6 figures easily.
How many top tier artists are there? Compare that to the number of Master Electricians, or Master Plumbers (since we are talking about top-tier), who also make that much.

Of the two, which would you say there is more of?
Become a programmer. Then you can have a real job that pays nice, and work on game development in your free time. Then if your game sells well you can drop the programming job once your games earn you more.
Yes, but not even one in an actual million artists are top tier, and in every single one of those I dustries, artists are contract based for employment.
is easier to become a master electrician or plumber.

that's why being a top artist pay more.

I know java but I just don't like math.

sure, artists work on contract.
that doesn't disprove you can make money off art.
It's better for me to become good at art then seek a programmer.
>is easier to become a master electrician or plumber.
It's not all that easy. Most Journeymen never become Masters. And, as I've said a master makes 6 figures. I'm a Master Electrician, and I do.

And, if I may be so bold, why the hell do you think you know anything about the difficulty regarding being these things?
>more master electricians than master artists you said
>what is supply and demand
That's the point. There is more demand for skilled tradesmen, and both jobs can pay over 100k. Can you figure out the logical conclusion to this?
>Focus on being good at your job.

>art is a job.

No, it's art. Grow up dude.
money is not the only concern for a job, you know.

also financing and being a trade can make more money than what you can make in your life, so money is not that important.

the point is that there's always demand for artists.
becoming good at art is basically a full time non paid job.

trader *
Money is absolutely the only concern when it comes to work. If you can physically and mentally stand to do the job, you go for the best paying job that you hate the least.

Jobs aren't for fun. They are trading your time for money. You would be well served to use your time wisely, and invest in what will bring you the greatest return.

>becoming good at art is basically a full time non paid job.
Which means it isn't a job. It's a hobby.

Why does every idiot think that he's going to be the exception to the rules? I swear, he may as well say he's going to be a professional football player at age 28.
sure, that's what I'm trying to argue in this thread.

>stand to do the job
I've done art for some time, so I can do it, but I need to study and train hard if I want to do it.

>hate the least
is not about hate, but as well personal acomplishments.
art is about self expression, that's a big part of it.

>aren't for fun
I know.

>isn't a job
a job is whatever pay the bills, be art, a trade or porn fuckign niggers.

>football player
art doesn't depend on physical strenght or age.
most art skill can be learned in two to four years, starting from 0.
I've spent enough time on this. If you aren't going to start taking life seriously, and put childish things away, that's on you.
that's what I'm trying to say retard.

I still want to follow my dream, but actually becoming old has made me realize I need to focus on just one skill.
He's saying that you need to realize that dreams are just that. Be realistic about your possibilities. You're 28. Your youth is gone, and in another couple of years, you won't be able to get into a skilled trade if it doesn't work out.
I know I still can make my dream, and I know how my dream industry works more than just starting in other industry.

plus, I'm already too deep on this path to already change it.

I can still make it if I FOCUS just on one skill, I'm sure I could learn it properly in one or two years and then simply start looking for local game studios, with a proper portfolio.

I also have friends IRL working as graphic designers who may help me land a job.

I just need to be a professional in art.
you ask for advice yet you're shutting down every suggestion, you might aswell just ask your friends
I just want to talk about it, dunno if there's other better board for doing that.
Good luck. Thousands try and fail for every single success.
success depends on my own effort, practice and learning the fundamentals.

I know I can make it, if I focus on doing fundamentals.

I already have some years of practice, so is much easier for me I think that if I start in another skill from 0.

>Money is absolutely the only concern when it comes to work
>Jobs aren't for fun. They are trading your time for money
This is slave mentality. Just because you're incapable of finding a job you're passionate about don't encourage everyone else to put up with something they dislike for money.

The goal is to get paid for playing, not to get paid the most for working. Life is not a 0 sum game.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 1

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