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how do i stop being paranoid? i don't know anymore what's

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how do i stop being paranoid? i don't know anymore what's real and what's conspiracy theory...
everything could be a hoax and everything could just be paranoia. pls help.
Yikes. That might be something that requires medical attention before it gets worse. Take care of your mental health in the meantime. I'm not saying schizophrenia, but it could be anxiety and stress related, maybe even bipolar.

I get bouts of paranoia sometimes, but not that bad.
it's just that nobody knows what's the truth or even more nerve wrecking, there IS no truth to begin with.
that makes me go insane, yes.
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fucks sake no. philosophy is what got me into this situation in the forst place.

but since you already suggested it, what about aristotle could help me not be paranoid anymore?
Not quite enough to help anon.

Have you gone down internet rabbit holes? Or do you think people are out to get you?

>government conspiracies

The government cant even fucking hide.a blow job from a secretary. They are incredibly incompetant at keeping things secret.

The CIA regularly declassifies information on real conspiracies. Some are very juicy, but theyre never as complicated or deep as tin foil hatters ever claim. Examples to follow.

Ill be crucified on 4chan for this but...stay away from conspiracies in general if they arent coming from major news sources, and even then, be very careful. They are all bias and they all spin. But a major news source reporting is a signal that maybe, just maybe there is something to it.

Anything underground is likely carried by pseudointellectual basement dwellers. You can make a strong narrative out of anything and make it extremely convincing no matter how ridiculous.

Understand the amount of collaboration, corruption, and careful execution of a wide scale conspiracy is extremely difficult because humans are involved. This applies to scientific consensus. A small group of scientists reporting against the consensus is suspicious.

The massive majority of the community is impossible to coordinate properly to keep a lie going.

Remember, they used to put lead, a well known neurotoxin, in fuel as an additive. The public believed the small group of scientists and oil companies to convince the public saying it was dangerous was a liberal conspiracy while the majority took 20 years to convince the public and government otherwise.

You dont have to corrupt and pay off the majority to carry a false story. A few is enough to confuse the fuck out of the public.

Im not singling out conservatives. Liberals have their fair share of conspiracies.


Just stay away. You have other things to worry about. If you like conspiracies for fun, check with the CIA
>declassified conspiracies

The mosquito bomb dropped on an american city to test if they could deliver live mosquitos. They were inert, but the intention was to use that tech to infect mosquitos and drop diseases on enemies.

The CIA believes hitler escaped to Argentina. They spent much time and resources trying to find him.

The CIA accidentally caused the falkland war.

They intentionally spread alien conspiracies and area 51 shit as an experiment to see if conspiracies would distract public discourse from the news and hide governments shady actions.

Results were positive. And you can bet they use it. Whenever a new conspiracy comes out, like sandy hook, or what have you, check in with what bill or law the government is trying to pass at that moment.
If you know anything about probability, then you know that coincidences are very likely to happen over a long period of time. At one point people complained that the ipod shuffle feature wasn't random enough because sometimes music from the same artist or album will play 2-5 times in a row, even though this is perfectly plausible in a random selection of music to happen at least once or twice. So apple made "smart shuffle", which is less random but gives people the illusion of randomness.
Humans just have really good pattern recognition skills beyond any animal or machine and can create patterns where none exists, which is why we can look at a stick figure or other simplified/abstract art and immediately recognize it as a human. We are really good at filling the blanks even when no pattern exists, Ramsey theory states that given a data set large enough, you can find any pattern you like.
I think the best thing you can do is research probability and stuff like the birthday paradox, shit just happens by luck and coincidence dude.

-former conspiracy theorist, pls move this thread to >>>/x/.
Oh and if you think people are out to get you, might be schizophrenia. Talk to a doctor.
Former conspiracy theorist/universal unitarian (believing all are god and people are one. That there is a spiritual realm.)

This. Humans are good at patterns and connecting dots. Even if there is nothing there. The brain and your perception reports all kinds of "facts" that are not truth just because it makes sense.

Also check this This optical illusion.

Thats a perfectly normal face, right? Turn it upside down. Now turn it rightside up and see how normal it looks again.

Your brain is an idiot. Keep with facts stats and scientific consensus. Learn how to read and understand facts and statistics because they can be easily warped to make your brain scared.

Eg: having a baby past the age of 35 DOUBLES the chances of birth defects. Its fucking scary. And putting it that way sells magazines.

....the odds of a defective baby is 0.5%. Double would be 1%. A bit less worrying, no?

Once you learn to properly analyze information, and learn how your brain can be coerced into believing bullshit, conspiracies seem retarded.
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Forgot picture.
>I don't know what's real and what is a conspiracy theory.

It's like you never even heard of the word proof. At least you realize that this shit is stupid, unlike your peers.

Look for fucking proof before you believe something, smartass.

9/11 might have been an inside job. There might be a purple unicorn standing behind you that disappears every time you try to look at it. Is there proof for either? No.

>Ohhh but it's a little fishy! The US has done false-flag ops before, and would a building really react to being struck with a plane like that?
1. Yes they have done false flag ops.
2. I don't know how a building hit by a plane falls. That's kind of unprecedented, especially considering that not all buildings are built the same.

So on the 9/11 riniside rob thing, Chinesus Clist, the jury is out. Innocent until proven guilty though, so no conspiracy theory there, unless you have a tin foil hat on.

I can't tell you how to think, otherwise. Just try to combat that schizoid shit. Ghosts aren't verified either, and there's zero evidence for their existence, despite the fact that every white girl has a ghost story.
Stop going to /pol/. Did wonders for me.
This. And yes the jury is out on 9/11. I make no claims.

Also a reason to stay away from conspiracy theorists especially on 9/11 is this.

Notice how its always dark and evil? Notice theyre always trying to murder you?

You know if you think about it, there are behind the scenes shit you dont know about that are meant to *protect* you.

So why is no one coming on an internet blog going "EUREKA!!! I just found out the government puts multivitamins in all our water to keep us strong and healthy! Thanks government!" that particular fact isnt true... Though they put flouride in water because it costs them fucking nothing and improves dental health. (inb4 toxic. Dose makes rhe poison.) so they are looking out for you. Yet no ones coming up with off the wall theories about how cool.the government is. If its all bullshit then you should totally see a bunch of positive baseless conspiracies too. If they were being at all fair youd find a few of those.

Nah, it always has to be juicy and outrageous.

Now consider this...

What if the us government feared the possibility the twin towers could be attacked? What if they pre installed explosives in the event of an attack? What if they already figured out falling sideways would cost way more money in damage and way more human life, so in the event of an emergency they had measures in place to make sure it fell like.. I dunno.. A *controlled* demolition? What if thats what happened, and your government in face saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the process?

I base this of course on absolutely nothing. But is it possible? Absolutely its possible. Its also as crazy, unlikely, and baseless as many of the highly specific conspiracy theories out there.

Did the 9/11 attack seem fishy? Absolutely. Can we actually draw anything concrete from it without the official story? No.

Now that's impossible. Its all assumptions leaps of faith and basement bloggers man. You cant know. Drop it.
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