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Is it possible to have a shitty hairline like pic related and

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Is it possible to have a shitty hairline like pic related and never really go bald? Like just do what ashton did and comb it over for the rest of your life and never really get bald looking?

im scared
A shit hairline does not mean you're going bald. Your hair actually thinning means that you're going bald. If you keep your hair cut short, it should be easy to tell if your hair is thinning. If it's long, then at least you have some cover until its gone.
yeah but this guy had some pretty aggressive hair loss at like 20 and hes 40 and its still going strong. I have a shit hairline but my stuff is really thick so if i get cut right and comb it down you cant really see it and I still look like a high school kid but one false move and damn that fucker shows and my hairline is higher than wiz khalifa
My hairline has been high my entire life. I still have really thick hair, and it hasn't moved at all. 31 years old, btw. Oh, and I keep it short (quarter inch long on the sides, half inch on top, get it cut once every 4-6 weeks).

I own who I am. If people want to avoid me because of something as stupid and shallow as my hairline, that's their loss. I just gained time to spend with people who aren't shallow pieces of shit.
How bad is it? I thought a heavy receding hairline always meant baldness later on. My dad is bald as a cue ball but no one else in my family really is but I thought your hairline just kept receding until you get that jude law and it just goes from there.

Do you still have hair fall and shit? I think mine is from a thyroid disease. Do you actually have a shitty hairline what do you mean by "high hairline"? if it looks like pic related it couldnt have been your whole life.
the fuck man thats barely receding with some thinning. How has it been that way your whole life? Looks like it went up just a little bit around the corners. I think you mean you had a widows peak your whole life and a big forehead.
It hasn't receded at all. That's just my fucked up hairline. Which is all we were talking about. Receding hairline and hair thinning is a sign of balding, yes. But if it isn't moving, you've got nothing to worry about.
your shit is thinning just a little bit and im worried that one day its going to start moving.
It's not. You're just seeing the shadow of my hair due to the angle, combined with the fuzziness of needing a haircut (if it gets long, it gets "frizzy." The wife calls me an angry q-tip when I go too long without a cut). It's still plenty thick.

But, even if you were right, I really wouldn't care. I'm a big believer in self-acceptance.
When I was a teenager the barber would remark how my hair was too thick to cut. I used to get a hair cut and then they'd hack at it with thinning scissors just to get some weight off it. I relished having awesome, thick hair.

Suddenly at around age 16 I noticed I was shedding tons of hair, like terrifying amounts where when you shower you think you've been exposed to radiation. I had a widows peak and I started noticing when my hair was wet or greasy where before it looked like an thick pelt I could now see scalp.

So I thought well there goes my hair and I actually buzzed it until around age 22. Eventually I let it grow back in and nobody seemed to think I was going bald. It helped that nobody in my age bracket except paranoid potentially balding guys with internet access knew dick about hair loss at that age and I was generally pretty happy with the young jude law/early bruce willis.

After a while longer I realised that it wasn't going anywhere and I stopped worrying about it and I'm now 34. It didn't ever get any worse, it looks somewhere between norwood 1 and 2.

I checked old photos and while my hair definitely thinned overall and has receded a little from my early teens I actually always had a prominent widows peak and huge face. So while I've read plenty about an 'adult hairline' and think it is basically shit, I'd agree that it is possible to develop a shitty hairline and then not really go bald any time soon.

That said, there are tons of factors. I'll cont ..
So we all know that male pattern baldness is due to DHT (secondary male sexual characteristic hormone partially responsible for facial hair etc) binding to genetically susceptible follicles on the head preventing them from taking up nutrients and causing them to get weaker and weaker over successive shedding cycles and eventually grow back so weak that they can't even break the skin or if they do they can't be seen anymore.

So this means balding is a product of DHT and genetics. How much of the hair on your head is susceptible? How long will it last? Is its longevity in regards to shaft thickness and nutrient supply uniform across the scalp and is the shedding cycle short or long and uniform across the scalp? Do you have any other lifestyle factors that might influence this?

How much DHT do you produce? Does your lifestyle or diet influence this? What rate does your body reduce testosterone to DHT? How much testosterone do you produce?

There are lots of factors that mean from one guy to the next they might bald almost instantly, or they might go in stages, or they might be doomed to bald, but never know until one day in there 50's.

I believe the 'adult hairline' and my situation was caused by being genetically predisposed to bald and having a spurt of testosterone during puberty resulting in a large amount of DHT and subsequent hair loss which has not been replicated. At normal levels of testosterone and DHT I seem to suffer no further balding, but that might change as I age depending on my lifestyle and associated hormones.

So the answer is pretty much 'it depends'. Some guys go on medication to block DHT production to halt balding which can have side effects.
Thread posts: 11
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