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Paedophile found (twice) - already reported. Evidently didn't

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I'll start with a tl:dr;

I run a kid-friendly UK-based site. 10 months ago found this paedophile - reported him. Now he's back. Reporting him seems to have accomplished nothing.
What do.


So I run a kid-friendly website as my job. With it being kid-friendly, we sometimes get paedophiles and handle appropriately. ban account, gather information on the person, report to authorities.

10 months ago, we found this guy grooming kids as young as 10.
Destroyed that immediately. Contacted parents where I could (they were extremely grateful) and we all contacted what authorities we could about him.

For reference - it wasn't just sexual roleplay and stuff like that... It was worse. Attempted meet-ups. "Don't tell your parents"... Disgusting things like that.

...Now he's back.
Fortunately there was less of it - but he's smart-ed up. Trying to get people to go to Discord and just generally asking people to go off-site so that we can't get the information.

Thing is. What the hell do we do?
This guy is already on the registered sex offenders list! What the hell are we meant to do if that, coupled with the additional reports we made, still have him coming back and just doing the same shit?

Maybe I'm just disillusioned. But it doesn't feel like it. Scum like him shouldn't be able to get away with grooming kids so nonchalantly - especially when their attempts to do so are actually reported to the relevant authorities!

...What do?
Unfortunately the UK has some of the worst child protective services in the first world.

Hell, CPS responded to a call and visited the home of a woman who was in the process of drowning her three young children and left because 'Oh, she was just a bit strange. We didn't bother looking.'

I'd keep spamming the shit out of the various authorities as much as possible. Try to cite public incidents of cases where they've fucked up, as a sort of reminder that they shouldn't do it again.
It takes the cops a while to build up a case. Phone the cop who took your first report and tell him/her about the return. That won't just light a fire under the cops but give them more evidence to work with.
My suggestion would be to start providing parents (and children) with in-depth tips on how to protect your loved ones. Lots of it is common knowledge, but you'd be surprised at what they might overlook. Not only is this responsible, but it makes your company look very good.

I don't know much about UK law, so this is the help I can give.
The more you report it the more seriously they'll take it.
bait him

pretend to be a loli and make him mee you then get some irish niggers to beat him up
The problem here is that it's not the UK cops that are the issue.
I've reported both the the UK police (so they could pass the info on, in theory) and directly to the FBI.

...When I tried reporting to the UK Police... I wound up receiving interpol's phone number. Which civilians, as I was informed, are decidedly NOT meant to have! XD

This case is not that one. That was another.

This one I've reported directly to the FBI with screenshots, facebooks, e-mails, the kit and kaboodle, so to speak.
And now this guy just... Yeah. No change.

I'm not going to stop reporting or doing the right thing (as I see it), but it doesn't half make this entire thing feel useless and worthless.

I just attempted to report this via. the method I was told to use, actually - and the hour and a half I spent filling out all the information that I have was completely wasted.
"submission error".
Couldn't go back to get the information or anything...

I don't know what I'm hoping for even posting this desu.

I needed that laugh, whether serious or otherwise.
the guy will get caught if he is diddling kids. until then he has not committed a crime. ban his ip or something.
All banned accounts lead to a "banned" IP address.
This stops people creating accounts on an IP where a banned account is - which forces them to contact the support centre.

Problem is, it ain't hard to IP spoof.
pedos are people too you know
you can't choose what you are attracted to
stupid pedos don't realize the lasting damage it can cause but please don't hate people just because they are attracted to certain characteristics that they can't help. anybody can be a pedo and you probably know some in your circle of friends. It's not that uncommon. just look for men that prefer cute petite women.
Jumping to some assumptions there, aren't you?

Let me put it this way.
No such thing as thought-police. The idea is stupid. Just because you might think of something or find something attractive doesn't mean anything if you don't act on it.
It's not the thought of something that makes it bad - it's the acting on it.
And seeing as he's acting on it...

I get where you're coming from, don't get me wrong here - but you might want to stand on your pedestal when it's actually an appropriate time to do so.

Thank you for the advice, overall.
I'm going to be putting out a PSA to the community in an attempt to inform and have reported the incident again to the FBI.
Even if I don't maintain much hope, it doesn't mean I shouldn't do it.

Thank you, everyone.
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you need to be executed
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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