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Is it too late to start living at 18?

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Is it too late to start living at 18?
Yes? No? What difference does it make? You're going to die anyway.
it's about time to stop being retarded.
Many normies don't start living until after 18. You can make it.
I had my first kiss, got my first girlfriend, lost my virginity, got my first job, and stopped being an antisocial retard all this year at age 18.
What do you mean start living?
Just starting doing shit after years of slow building depression.
what age did you become depressed? just do whatever the fuck makes you happy OP, dont commit suicide but if you do please bring some people with you and ill pass you the gun for mass extinction
Around 15, maybe. I honestly can't tell anymore, it could just be natural teen angst and I'm just lazy.
Fuck off.
You sound extremely average, maybe a little bit stupid.
But I already knew that
You're 18, you have plenty of time to change for the better. Sit down sometime and spend a while thinking about what you want to change, and then go out and do it.
21m here. Some months later after I finished school I realized I started to live my life.
My class mates had different tastes than me (eventually I stopped meeting them) and was not enjoying being with them although sometimes I had fun with them.
Now I'm at uni, made some friends there and had another group of friends. Only missing a gf right now.
Moral of the story? I have 3 years old, live with it, be sure to minimize your mistakes now that you realized your errors.
Hey buddy. I'm 18 too, fixing to be 19. I spent the entirety of my teen years doing fucking nothing. Not even going to school. Jack diddly squat. My life was the computer, I didn't even have real friends. But yknow the fuck what? I got a job, started investing money in clothes that I liked, made jokes around my coworkers, was a decent person, and now everybody fucking loves me. Even one of my higher ups, who never compliments anyone, said she adores me. It ain't too late amigo. Dive the fuck in there. I'm rooting for you.
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It's not to late anon. I started living at 18. I'm 23 now and I'm way better than when I was 18. I didn't want to be a deadbeat loser like those fags on /r9k/ or /v/. I realized I wanted things, I wanted to do things. I wanted things to be proud of. I feared I was going to become a deadbeat shut in like those fags on /v/ or /r9k/. So I just started doing shit I started going out more. I started working out, I started reading. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm far enough along where I can look back at my old self and be proud of how far I've come.

There seems to be this idea that you should be doing something very special to live... But life happens wherever you are. Learn to enjoy the little things.
yep. most people only live to like 25 so why bother

>be me
>never had real relationship
>lots of sex, no mutual connection
>at university
>second semester
>girl walks in
>probably 7/10
>call her L
>we become friends
>hang out in common room heaps
>never had courage to talk to her alone
>get her Instagram
>trying to find conversation starter
>sends her a meme
>talk for a while and feelings pour out
>tells me about her time in HS
>she had a need for male attention
>guys want nudes, guys get em
>nudes float around her year
>her entire school knows and sees them
>ffw to when I meet her
>she’s talking to this guy
>call him Y
>L wants to be intimate with Y
>start dropping hints that I’m into her
>religion barrier tho
>she’s Muslim, I’m Christian
>still don’t give a fuck
>confess feelings again
>she feels the same
>doesn’t wanna date coz religion
>fml again
>we kiss in library
>on cloud fucking 9
>she says we need to stop
>religion barrier
>really fucking like this girl
>ffw to the next week
>she ignores me
>talking to everyone but me
>her friends hate me
>my friends are hers
>friends for me=0
>I ask why she’s distant af
>she asks why I’m sad
>”wouldn’t you be?”
>”nah, it doesn’t mean anything”
>fucking crushed
>see her talking to new guy
>asshole named David
>hate this guy
>I kiss another girl
>still love L
>L finds out
>dunno how
>at work
>working graveyard shift
>get snapchat from L
>snapchat is L kissing David
>can’t even breathe
>lo and behold
>David is Christian
>they start dating
>still have her in my best friends on snapchat
>is it me?
Fuck that bitch man. Forget her and find someone else.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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