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Should I give up?

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I'm a poor kid from the city and I want to be a pilot. My dad has decent credit I think and a good job, but I don't know the extent of what he would be able to let me borrow if we went to take out a loan with him cosigning, or him taking it out by himself. I was in school, however my first semester I got below a 2.0 gpa (it's a long story but I was not outright lazy/uncaring) so I can't attend since now financial aid will not help me pay, and I'm wondering about doing my private pilots license and becoming a certified instructor so I can then help pay for school myself. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out if I should just give up on trying to become a pilot if I'm not middle class already.
Can't you re-take the tests for fixing your gpa?
Never quit. Period.

And I remember that guy from twitter.
Join the Airforce
Probably not, since I got a letter in the mail. Not sure if it was from the school or the state, since I was too scared to look. Wasn't just tests, either. Missed a little more than a week, and that's a bit considering I only had a 4 day school week, every class only twice a week. I tried my best in class. I'm not dumb, I just struggled with some aspects. Classes like public speaking I got good grades in because it's required and I tried my best even though I am very nervous.


It's just I don't know if it's possible without me working until I am 35 years old or something.

I just chose that picture because it's a sad guy, I don't know if he did something bad or stupid or something.


If I'm correct, you have to have a degree to be an officer, which is what you need to be a pilot. Even then, it's not guaranteed you will be a pilot. I've heard that flight hours increase your candidate score, so I don't think I would be chosen anyway unless I already am a pilot.
You can join the military without a degree at least he has a GED or high school diploma. Hey basic qualifications.
actual airline pilot here to give some advice

stay way from military or expensive flight school

take out loan preferably with help of dad of around 15k to do ppl and cfi ( if that is even possbile without cpl? I am unsure of the regulations nowadays)

then try to get an instructor job move to area with alot of flight schools like arizona

keep investing the money you earn from instructing in building your licence to cpl me ir atp

fly untill you reach minimum hours of airliners

and apply to regional or major airline

its a pilots market nowadays

its not a difficult job just have to jump a few hurdles.

good luck and never give up on your dreams
If anything, I was just going to join a military branch and get them to pay for school if possible, if not then just do something there since I messed up school.

Thank you. From what I've looked up, it seems you do need a cpl before a cfi, which is 250 hours. I was in a school for aeronautical science so I was basically getting ground school my first semester, but all the license requirements and stuff didn't stick in my head. The school I was in was also offering to take 250 hours off of the atp hour requirements, but it doesn't make much of a difference when you have to get more than 1,000 hours.

I don't want to turn this into Q&A, but if you can, do you know what a decent rate for flying hours are? I'm in NYC, I can probably take a train out of city to get cheaper rates. If I could get a job in NYC flying, that would be great, as there are plenty of schools I think, but if not, I could definitely try saving up to move somewhere else cheap. At least I'll be making moves to go forward in my life.
I just got my FAA 107 Drone pilots license - you should look into it.
Seems more like a hobby thing to me. Hope I'm not knocking you for it, just that since I am college age, I have time and energy to work on a bigger goal like being an airline pilot.
It pays $150k a year
Seems like a specialized thing you got going on that you're making that much. Either way, that does sound attractive.

I'll look stuff up about that if I see I can't get things started for this. I know of course that's just a license and you need to find a kind of occupation, which is where you confuse me with how you make so much.
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