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Learning Disability

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My teacher gave me an extra hour to write my chemistry exam and told me I may have a learning disability and that I should get tested so that the school will be required to give me extra time.

I'm an extremely slow test taker, in that 2 hour period half of my test was blank and that extra hour wanted me from failing. I guess I'm slow at processing the questions, my math teacher also gives me extra time for tests.

Does anyone here have any experience with learning disabilities? Can you give any advice or tell me how you got help? I don't have anyone to talk to this with other than my parents who want their son to be normal (they're being supportive and positive though and are helping me out).
your school should have a guidance counselor, I'm pretty sure every school is required to have one. Ask your teacher how to talk to them.
I have the same problems when learning a new subject. I've figured out some ways of negotiating this problem. For one most schools only teach one way and that is on the blackboard. I'm a visual learner I need something to associate the problem with such as ( learning calculus by using bridges and other parts of my engineering class to use to associate numbers with). Another item or thing I've used is chewing gum in class my brain needs something pointless to somewhat focus on while I'm learning or reading ( ambient noises help for me when I'm reading a lot ). I use to do this all the time in middle school I went from straight C's to A's but, got lunch detention for chewing gum in class. Schools don't teach multiple ways unfortunately they have to get through each lesson at a good pace. Everyone else gets left behind and it's really sad honestly that is what happened to me and many other kids. Your problems are exactly the same as mine while going through school. You don't have a learning disability you just learn differently thats all. I wish I had figured this all out when I was younger ( now graduated high school currently 2 years out ). Maybe try some of the things I suggested if you get easily distracted in class ask if you can chew gum or something similar ( something that doesn't require any thinking to do ). If you have a hard time focusing on reading or other problems maybe try some ambient noise or instrumental music. Math for me was always the toughest subject I always fell behind. I had one teacher who taught math another way more visually. I scored higher than any other of my class mates during calculus problems and exams. All because I learned the same lessons a different way. In engineering there are multiple ways to solve a problem and, I hope this helped you out somewhat. Best Wishes
My brother is the same way. He is 10. He was in the special ed class. He wasn't retarded, but a frustrated learner who gave up easily. Took several times of repetition to understand something. And he too always got 1.5 of the alotted time for tests or quizzes. He recently was passed to the normal classes so thats good.IMO my brother is autistic (there are several forms) but has never been diagnosed. He just always got extra time, extra help. School also provided occupational therapy and speech therapy.

The fact that your teachers recognize it is a good thing, this could encourage you to get help.
Don't feel bad like you're stupid. Its a neurological thing far beyond your control, but there is help.
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How do you learn a disability?
How is a disability able to learn?

What is dis ability he's learning?
Thread posts: 7
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