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My grandmother is being scammed, what do?

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Pic related is sent from the scammer, saying he's in the country at the airport to pick up the money.

>lost $200000 so far
>grandma believes it's not a scam
>reported to the police with evidence
>they say they can't trace the dude
>grandma still trying to contact the guy and sending him money

how can I stop her from being scammed or convince her that she is being scammed?
can we ever catch that fucker? feels like a dead case man, $200 fucking thousand
It's purely in your Grandma's hands it seems. Unless maybe you can change her card info?
Feel sorry for you dude. All that lost inheritance.
Take your grandmas computer away, she dumb as hell
Her account is under the family's hands now, with police watch. Though she had another account that she used to transfer $30000 to him yesterday. We're barring her from leaving the house now. I want to cut the wifi but there are other people in the house. Might terminate her phone number so the guy can't call or text her soon.
Yeah, I really wish we could track the guy. He seems REALLY dangerous. He claims he's from Germany but he didn't have a German accent in the phone call with him. And when he stated bringing up other bank accounts for transfer, they were accounts from our country, not like before. And it was a different account of a different person each time. There has to be other innocent people involved in this and their accounts are being used as scapegoats.

Dude deleted his fake Facebook accounts so I can't track around now.

Call the police and ask them to escort your grandmother as she go meet him.Tell them she's getting scammed for over 200k so far and that she's blissful to the consequences of her act. If they can't trace him, they better be there when he tries to pick up the money.

If it's possible try contacting the group anonymous for some help.
It's already over anon. My wife tried meeting up with the guy, telling him that she's being the courier. I have the phone call recorded. The man refused to meet up directly and said things like 'I'll get someone to meet up with you to get the money' and stuff, even though he sent an ultra fake photo shopped photo of himself at the airport. In the end the guy ended the call while going in circles.
He contacted grandma afterwards without the family knowing to get the cash through bank transfer. I suspect that he isn't in the country at all.

The police explained it to my grandmother really thoroughly that she was being scammed, she still clings onto the hope that it's real and she'll get the money back.
You have to be vigilant. Take away her credit card. My grandfather was being scammed for all these so-called charities. $100 to one over here and then $100 to the next one. Everytime they call we would say he is not interested. Hiding his card worked and then if he had an appt (like legit doctors) we would be at his door and drive him to it. RIP he was a nice man.
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fucking old people man

I would be set for the rest of my life with that money and some rapefugee has it instead and will send it to his family in turkey or some shit
How? Thanks for the suggestion man

My condolences, he must've been a great man, scammed for charities. Mine is a love scam (which also promised giving her 4 million, Jesus). We're keeping close eye on her now, we've managed to get into her whatsapp web on our devices so we'll see who she's talking to.
The best part is, you're probably right. Dumb fucker sounded like he had a Indian, Portugal or Turkish accent. He just sounded like a dark skinned guy.
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>lost $200000 so far
So I'm not trying to put ideas in your head or anything, but people regularly get murdered over just 1% of that amount.
who the fuck did grammie think she was giving the money to anyway?

also, why are old people so fucking senile and retarded? i'll be glad when they all die so we no longer have to see their shitty helmet hair bowl cuts
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