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How do i stop being beta?
If you have to ask then you can't do it.
meditation and self-negation
I needed to watch this. Thanks Anon
Do literally anything that features some sort of physical competition between men. Once you see that you arent actually weaker, inferiour, softer than other men your betaness will literally metl away.
Whats with Shia being a little bitch his while life, then after getting cast in Fury he starts acting like Jon Bernthal?
he Just Did It
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It's too late.
Not OP, but I've been involved in sports and stuff practically since birth, I've even been good at all them, but I still don't have any confidence with women or socially in general
I assume that you didn't make it very far.
Being confident is related to your physical wellbeing surely, but it's not entirely dependent on it. The guy mentioning this wasn't all wrong but he's not fully correct, either.

Confidence is mostly an attitude – a mental state. You can gain confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things every day. Be afraid and be scared, but get over it anyway. If you cannot make large strides, do it in smaller gradual steps. Believe it, it builds up.

For example, if you probably cannot just ask a girl out on a date and have a full-on make out session on a first date just yet, but talking to girls shouldn't be very hard to do. If you can already talk to girls, but never been able to ask for numbers on the spot, you know what to try next. The key is to keep pushing your boundaries little by little.

Good luck.
>talking to girls shouldn't be very hard
What if it is
Well it just means you need more practice, and you need to start at a lower point. Nobody becomes a pickup artist overnight (not that many would even want to be a pickup artist to begin with) so don't worry too much.

What do you think makes it hard for you to talk to girls? Is it the part where you initiate a conversation, or keep it going?
Aaaaight, found this gem http://wp.me/p8R3OD-F
Basically there are most points on how to up your dating game
I get very nervous and I don't know what so say so I act like a literal autist
Then start by saying anything. Seriously, literally anything. You're just scared of taking that first step, how are you going to get any further?

I've seen a lot of cases like this where people worry too much about what to say, that they don't start saying anything at all.

Remember, it's okay to fail, it's okay to get rejected, it's okay to be awkward, or even to appear crazy.
Think of it this way: If it goes well, it's good. If it goes horribly, nothing is lost except maybe you get a bit embarrassed, for but a fleeting moment–nobody will bother remembering it afterwards. Even if it goes astronomically bad you'd want to dig a 100 meter hole and hide there forever, you most likely won't have to, and what you get is more experience and a funny story to tell.

Practice is key.
Hey, how about you purposely aim for making an incredibly awkward and/or crazy and autistic talk the next time? If it's gonna be like that either way, at least you're prepared for it, and you have the right to say you did it on purpose.

In any case, just go for it and don't worry too much. Expect the worst case scenario, as bad as can possibly be, chances are it won't be nowhere as bad, then you won't have anything to worry about.
When is it ok go to up to a girl to talk and when is it not ok?
See, this is exactly what I mean when I said you worry too much.

There's a time when you need to start doing instead of thinking. That time is now.

How the heck should I know when is it okay for YOU to go up to a girl and talk and when it is not? It is something you decide, and something you have to experience and learn for yourself.

I'll spoil you a bit by giving some hints though. Generally, it's okay to go up and talk to a girl when you don't think it is not okay. Simple, right? As for when it isn't okay, you decide.

When is it not okay? There are some possible scenarios. When you don't feel like it. When it's inappropriate to do so. When it's physically impossible to get a conversation going. When you are mute. When you are fat and you think it disgusts everyone you approach. Okay you probably see where I'm going with this: These are all just excuses in your mind, to give you a reason not to talk to her. The real reason? You are scared of rejection or embarrassing yourself. You know that better than anyone.

Seriously, I'm not going to repeat it one more time. The next time you have the urge to talk to somebody, just do it.
Whenever you're alone with the girl you wanna ask out, and you start having intense anxiety (Your air leaves the lungs, you stutter or don't talk, heavy bad feeling surrounds you etc etc) it's exactly the time to go against your instincts and do it.
I did it once with the feeling I described, I got rejected yet I felt so relieved and good about myself. Despite the rejection, my confidence grew. I knew I grew mentally that day and it made me happy.
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>Become fit- Go to /fit/
>Read the sticky.
>Follow it.
>If you have a hard start, first for a while do this:
>Eat less kcal than you spend.
>Use the app Noom to track calories.
>Caynax & Sworkit apps for free training programs.

>Learn to deal with your feelings.
>Read "How to manage depression with CBT for dummies".
>Use the apps CBT Diary, CBTi Coach and Life Strategy to track your feelings, dreams and fears.

>Organize your life.
>Track your tasks with the apps Taskhammer, Life Strategy, Raise the Bar & My Class Schedule.

>Learn to meditate or pray.
>"The Courage to be", "Way of the peaceful warrior", "The concept of anxiety" "The power of now" & "The Way of a Pilgrim" are great places to start.

>Become more social.
>Read "No more Mr. Nice Guy", "how to win friends and influence people", "The 48 laws of power", "How to make anyone fall in love with you" and "The way of the superior man".
>Learn what they offer (write it down on cards) and practice it.
>Join a club/ Hobby group.
>Do social work.
>Go out.

>Sleep more, and more regularly
>Wear fitting clothes.
>Have good hygiene.

>Practice, practice, practice.
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Thread images: 3

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