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I don't get it. When I first meet women, apparently I give

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I don't get it. When I first meet women, apparently I give off a good impression because they ask me on dates, think I'm hot whatever. But over time, it's like I become repulsive, or not really repulsive, but just that "weird guy". I don't change my behavior at all(well, I do talk more)

How do I fix this so I don't get a gf who breaks up with me 30 days later.
Are you being too nice? I have a friend who is funny as fuck, but he is fiercely loyal, and genuinely honest. Probably one of the best men I know, and he gets laid from time to time, but usually he gets dumped shortly after. I'm assuming women can't stand being in close proximity to true virtue for prolonged periods of time because they are competitive and can't stand feeling like the pieces of shit they are.
Is this my problem? I'm the same way. Funny, pretty interesting, but I am a virtuefag that approaches sanctimonious at times and loyal to what some might consider a fault.
Hey /fit/fag
I don't know what's your problem
But my problem is that I don't push my limits
Apparently that's what women want

Like, is it appropriate to touch her? I think no, but the real answer is yes
Should I kiss her? I think no, but again, yes.

They want YOU to push the boundaries. So if you feel a bit of reticence, she'll feel like you're dropping the ball.

Also, how much would you kill for Lu's traps?

we can't know for sure. it might just be that they learn more about your interests.

i seem like a normal little dude on the surface but then you learn more about my work and what i do when im home and listening to music backwards and it turns people off over time.

the little things can pile up
That's the only thing I came up with. He is short and plain looking, but he gets laid so he can't be totally repulsive. And it's not drunk mistake laid, it's that he gets laid by the same girl for 2-6 weeks then she dumps him.
I think you're hanging out with the wrong women. You sound like a great guy. You're going for flaky girls. Go find you a good girl who has her head on straight.
>Go find you a good girl who has her head on straight.
not OP, but where the fuck?
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I've never iniated intimate contact with a woman before, noot even prostitues
That is why you fail.
Change that

Also, why can't I load your webms? I want to see Lu's godlike body in motion
I met a lot of them through college, most were stem majors and/or athletes and others were involved with things like art, research, or campus radio. Basically doing stuff not to impress other people or for social status, but because they were intelligent and wanted to do it.

I guess out of college you could meet them at classical music/ballet shows, hikig, or doing things that require a clear mind
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But the problem isnt that. I dont care about these women too much, but it seems as if IM very attractive to them initially, and then it turns to digust. it has nothing to do with relatioonships oor touching
Those delts Jesus

This may be memey but have you consider that you may be gay?
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The problem is not that I am not attracted to women. But if im being honest im probably bi-sexual. I like Transexuals?ladyboys too.
>those abs
That's rightey pulling that weight.

Anyways, yeah I feel you. You don't know what you really like. And that's fucking ok. Being confused is not being bad or wrong.

Women probably pick up on your slight hesitation that you may yourself not realize.
But that's ok, man.

We're all fucked up unsure people.
Keep trucking. One day, you'll find someone you can really connect with. More than that, you'll find someone where they echo with you.
Just gotta keep trying.
can we fucking end this bullshit already? no more you fucking faggots. no. more. it's time to stop.
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The thing is, im ok with not trying at all. I just fap and see escorts. I just didn't/don't see how they can goo from wanting to fuck me too never thinking of me in a sexual manner soo quickly
No one is going to stop liking what they like just because some anon twat on 4chan doesn't like it
I'm a man. Women are a complete fucking mystery
My hunch is that they give more credence to their hunches and gut feelings.
I can't say what the truth is.

Whatever it is. I don't think we can easily clump people into being "Totally women" and "Totally men".
I think everyone is a little between, if we even accept the idea of solid categories.

We'll all find someone who is fucked up like us, in whatever way we're fucked up. I almost did a few times, but I messed those up. But I keep trying. I have hope. I know there are people like me out there.

Don't give up mate. You feel down, but that's normal. Keep trying.

>those traps
He's got no ass though
I'm totally secure in what I like


but the problem is why women lose attraction at the drop of a hat, like is it what we say? it sounds like we're in the same boat with women
That's good.
Can you be as secure in your likes with a singular person?
Can you be totally confidant and unrepentantly sure that you like "Stacy"?

Women lose attraction because they don't feel you reciprocating your attraction to her. Her the person. The individual. Maybe you want to eat pink cunt.
But do you want to eat just hers?

That's my diagnosis. That's all I really have to offer. Women like it when you want THEM, individually
It's a tough line to cross because if your'e just casually dating, personal interest can be disturbing.

But whatever.
That's all I really have to offer.

I squatted my personal squat max today. btw.
Feels good
Just wanted I needed to hear. Thanks a lot man, I understand now.

I'll send off with a good weightlifting webm

Thanks again bro,
We're all in this together, mate.

We're all gonna make it
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We're all gonna make it
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Thread images: 8

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