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So i have been talking to a girl on snapchat for about 2 monts,

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So i have been talking to a girl on snapchat for about 2 monts, i meet her 3 times, which 1 of the times we had sex.

Very early in the snapchatting she sent med nudes etc. I told the girl that i really care about her and want to see her more often, she agreed. She gets about 400 snapchat score a day (1 point for sending and 1 point for reciving) She told me before that she thinks snapchat should be used to just send pictures to eachother just for fun.

So im just wondering if anyone have any experience with something simillar, is she just sending nudes to alot of people and flirting considering she snapchats so much, and is she using me?

Btw we met on tinder.
Treat her like a fuck-buddy and nothing more.
But i actually care about the girl, why should i treat her like a fuckbuddy?
Fucking ask her.
What do u suggest i ask her? And if its what i think it is, wouldn't that appear like stalky/depserate?
Well i mean just have a cinversation with her about the nature of your relationship.

You like her. She has said she feels the same. But its oretty casual right now. You had sex ince and went on three dates.

Its very likely shes absolutely sending nudes to other people.

I dont know what she cold be using you for.

But if you want to know if its going somewhere or has the potential to, then you have to talk to her about that, not us.
Here is the deal aswell, she is ALWAYS the one that starts talking to me on snapchat, i never start it, A coupple of weeks ago i decided to not respond to the messages cause it felt like it was spam, and she became super pissed after 2 days of this and asked if she did anything wrong...

You wanna explain why you think she is sending other guys nudes?

i mean she could just be using me for a good time i guess?....

Thats the thing, i dont think i can talk to her about that yet, i dont wanna scare her away, but at the same time i dont want her to update her tinder like she did yeasterday etc

Btw, i really really appriciate the responses,
Dude you cant be jealous over someone who is nothing to you right now.

If you want it to be more than casual you have to out more tjan causla work into it.

Im not suggesimg you autistically blirt out "are we boyfroend girlfriend" or get down on one knee and propose.

But ask her out. Go have a good time. Spend some time with her. Ask her out again. Be grownups. Talk. Find outbwhat shes looking for. If shes interested in something more serious. Twll her you like her and would like to see more of her because you tjink therrs something real there if it seems like thats something shes into.

Communication is key. Be yourself. Be clear with your wants and expectations. Find out what hers are, and see if they mesh.
She probably sends nudes to a lot of people because she likes the attention, she got pissy because she doesn't want anyone to lose interest in her. I would drop like a hot potato.
Yeah i hear you man, i asked her about that, what kind of girl she was, she told me before that she never had a relationship and is basically just looking for fun (that kinda makes me confused considering 2 days ago when i said i wanted to see her more she agreed)

And also, i mean i get jelaous, im not seending nudes to other ppl now cuz i only have eyes for her, and i feels like she is sending other guys nudes she met on tinder etc.

I been trying to get her to come over but its always " we will see" "another time".

Last date which was 1 week ago she came over to my place after the club and we didnt do anything, she just sleept in my arms, and the day after she left we shared a really long hug and a long kiss... and i mean.. you dont do that to a fuckbuddy right?

Again, i really appriciate that you are responding, im sitting here with a stomach pain that is out of this world
Want to explain more so i can fully understand why you think she might send other ppl nudes? just want to get it white on black so to say.

So do you reckon she is just a attention whore?, btw read the post i just posted about the last date she and i had

Appriciate the response
Well, firstly, you can be very affectionate to a fuckbuddy. And I think she's probably sending nudes to others, because you met on Tinder and she's already sending you nudes on Snapchat, an app she's addicted to.

But all you can do is be straightforward with her, ask if she wants to be exclusively with you and say you feel some real chemistry between you two and would like to invest in that. Either she'll say yes or keep hoeing.
Thats the thing, She barely send me any nudes anymore, is she bored with me and get nudes from other guys instead cuz its still "intresting"?

I mean i told her 2 days ago, "Hey i really care about you" she responded "likewise" and i also said " I really like talking to you, you have a great personallity and i really wanna see more of you" and she said something like " yeah i feel the same way".

Ive asked her about it like 2-3 weeks ago, i asked her " do you talk with other guys btw?" and she got super defensive and was like " no im not, and i would tell you if i did, but im not"
She clearly does not want to talk to you. Ghost her and move on to better girls.
Theres more than one of us responding to you.

Im the first.

So my advice to you is basically that you are clearly much much more invested in this than she is.

She has been clear wth you that sje isnt looking for something seriois.

So you need to either decide if you can be ok with something casual,

or be very clear with her that you like her. Would like for this to become more serious. And see if shes into it.

Clear and open communication is the only way to see if theres something there that both of you are interested in.

But be ok when she tells you again that shes not ready for something serious.

Sometimes people are just in different places. And i think thats probably where you two are at.

But youll only know if you talk about it.

Secondly i think she is probably still behaving exactly as she was when you let her... because thats who she is. And shes TOLD you she is. Thats what "fun" is to her.

When people show you who they are, believe them.
Yet she send me snapchats on a daily basis, and she is always the one that asks if she can come over, so i dont know bro...
She's using you as an emotional tampon. Move on.
you crave love, she craves attention and male validation from those she cant have which is why she sent you pictures and got mad when you didnt reply.

you are going to hurt yourself by trying to change or save her.
because you're a cuck and being taken for a ride , that's why.

enjoy the riding though, give it to her good, HHHNNNGGGHHH
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