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Should I let my boyfriend go? -Been together 2 years. 25 &

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Should I let my boyfriend go?

-Been together 2 years. 25 & 24
-we've been through a lot
- since I met him, I've been more sick than I ever have my whole life (serious illness Lyme disease facial palsy mono)
-I was sick on our first vacation last summer and I shoulda been in a hospital but since I never got sick I thought it was smthng that would go away in a few days. I could barely function he neglected me and almost broke up with me Bc everytnknf we did made me feel like I was about to die. He thot I was just being lazy when I had the most pain I ever had in my life. He wouldn't take care of me , said "what am I ur parent? Take care of urself" if I was hospitaliZed then, I would have never had complications from The disease Bc I didn't catch it till aftr
-I got pregnant by accidnt 5 months ago & had an abortion a month later. I was scared, he wasn't supportive of it. He kinda was, but also would say how he couldn't have a kid now, that he would pray that I would have a miscarriage, that he didn't know if he would be there or get a place w me. I didn't feel like taking the chances Bc I was renting a room & I wouldn't be able to work and raise a kid and I would have no where else to live, so I felt like I had to, i didn't wanna risk it. I cry every other day Bc of how much it hurt me
-we have a lot of stupid provlems. 2 days ago he went drinking and asked me to pick him up at 230 from his friends I ignored him Bc he lied about where he was, it's been two days and he hasn't tried to call me or anything, I asked his friend if he heard from him, he said he left his phone In the uber he took home that night. he didn't even try to call me on someone's phone since,I'm literally breaking down

I feel so old and like its hard to break up at this point. after an abortion, all I want now is to have kids& a family &before I was more focused on myself. I'm scared I'll never have a normal life.Idk If he even cares about me given what's happened&how he reacts
Your boyfriend is a douche. You should definitely move on.

Anytime you have to start a reason to not break up with "we've been through so much" you should know its something you should have left a long time ago.

None of those are positive things. All of your relationship associations are painful. Thats why it feels like all relationships will be.

But its not the case. Youre just in a really shitty one.

Walk away. Dont let yourself ho back. Dont listen when he says he will change.

He wont.

When people show you who they are, believe them.

The thing is that he doesn't even admit when he's wrong ever rally or says he will change either.. When I tell him my issues he just reveres it back on me, and I'm at a point where I feel like nobody will ever love me. I don't know if it's Bc of
The abortion of Bc I'm older or what, but yeah it really hurts . :( I think it's hurting extra becaus he hasn't tried to talk to me for two days. I know he doesn't have a phone but he could use someone else's or stop by. The reason I didn't pick him up is because he wouldn't do it for me, he doesn't even answer his phone in the night, and because he lied and asked me to pick him up hours before that and j said ok then he disappeared and went to a bar and tried hitting me up at 130AM. I hadn't even seen him for 9 days now. It feels so shitty.

I hope ur right.

It sucks to be single at 25, and I dropped out of college and quit my
Job because I had a pregnancy, abortion a month later, and mono during all of this, and then moved back to my moms Bc I couldn't afford where I was living after not working for so many months, now I'm at rock bottom and I feel so worthless and hopeless.. I don't even know where to begin to try and fix my life..
We all make mistakes, we're all human. When he said he didn't want s kid with you, that's where you know how much he loves you. Dump his ass and focus on your career and life, right guy will come along when you figure your life out. And it will be a perfect match with same aspirations in life as you...

Yeah I guess. It's so hard.

I mean, he was really like wishy washy with it. He would say no then he would say yes but ultimately he said we shouldn't because he hasn't lived his life enough and doesn't want a kid right now. I mean I didn't either, but getting abortion is the hardest thing I've had to do in my life and I still cry about it every few days.

I guess it's true. I guess what hurts the most is that I don't think he really cares about me, and it hurts. Knowing that hurts, it makes me feel unworthy of anyone. It hurts to try to fix my life and start over again at 25, it makes me think I'll never be Normal And happy and have a Family. But I guess I just have to accept it and try to do better and hope for better things . I just feel awful about what I did it makes me
Wanna kill myself. I'm not going to, but I think about it often (I'm severely depressed)
It's been two years, and that's about when people get comfortable enough in their relationships for their true colors to start appearing.

And from what you've said of him, I don't think you're going to find anyone backing him up to be honest. (outside of random /r9k/ trolls or whatever)
>He would pray that I would have a miscarriage
Jesus Christ, dump that faggot. Nobody deserves to be with someone that awful.
You start by ditching this douchebag.

Make a list of all the things you would like to change. Small to big. And all the things youre unhappy with.

Make another list of what WOULD make you happy.

Start small. Dont get discluraged. Dont kook at how many things need to ne changed. Just focus on eliminating unhappiness and adding bappiness
A little at a time.

A year from now. Your whole life could be different.

Yeah. He said if I kept it "okay what do you want, me to be begging for that you miscarry for the next months?"

That's when I had to
Do it. He acuslly brought me
To the clinic three times until I actually did it because I kept backing out/or the counsellors wouldn't let me because I sat there crying and said I didn't want to but felt like I should.

I guess I have been trying to blame it on me
Too and hoping its me and not hIm, but idk. I'm not perfect either. Maybe it's all my fault. He stopped trying like a year ago though to be honest..it's been downhill from there. I don't know how it could get worse . I miss how he treated me when he cared, I miss being his top priority and being treated like I was worth something

In the past few weeks, I told him I missed when he used to care and didn't brEak up but had obvious like I'm about to break up undertones and he started trying a lot harder, but then the whole drunken thing and not trying to contact me for two days happened, and now I'm sitting in my car for the past hour watching people fish at the beach in the rain
Already been said above, but I'll add my two cents:

This guy is a selfish prick who doesn't seem to really care about it, or at least doesn't act like he does. If I were you, I'd end the relationship and focus on my health so when I do find someone worthy of fathering my potential children, I'll be in a better place mentally as well as physically.
I guess. It's just really overwhelming and it's gonna be so hard. And I guess it hurts to think of him with someone else, or Think of him having kids with someone else just sucks.. Or treating someone else like he care about them like
How he used to treat me :(

Thanks. I'll try
Sounds like you're in an abusive relationship t.bh. Maybe not physical abuse, but the "reversing your issues back on you", and making you feel like nobody will ever love you is probably some form of emotional abuse. I think you need to dump this guy. He isn't going to change regardless of how much he tells you he will. I really do hope you don't stay with this guy, and I'm truly sorry about what happened with the abortion and how it's impacted you.

I have thought that a lot throughout my relaronship and my sister says it too and one of my friends did as well . He's also never been emotionally supportive or like clapped for me when I do good and stuff like he doednt like seeing me win, And then when I'm at my all time lows he makes me feel like shit. Constantly he's been telling me how I have no job and no money and no life and do nothing and doesn't even consider the stuff I've been thru. Whenever I get confidence and feel happy he finds ways to bring me down whether it's intentional or not.

Thanks I appreciate ittt
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>Lyme disease

you do know you can die from this? bf issues aside, he/you clearly didn't know.

also, you are the only known murder in this one sided story.

other than that, leave him if his as bad as you say.

Wtf is wrong with you. I'm literally suicidal for having an abortion 3 months ago and you send me that

My pregnancy was just 6 weeks along also . I did it
With barely anything thinking like when I immediately found out, so it wouldn't wait any longer

And now I'm breaking down and crying and I already wnana killl myself

Leave me the fuck alone

Look girl, this might be /adv/ but its still 4chan. You came here knowing this. Suck it up and take the advice men and women of the board gave you and move on. Ignore images like that.

No one is saying to abandon your kindness and innocence, just bear with the horrors of the world and it'll be okay shug. Just bear with it.
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Thread images: 2

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