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Should I talk to my brother?

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Story time, forgive me if its long, as it often is with family, I'll try to skip to the important bits

>be me, 23yo runt of a litter of 5
>oldest brother we'll call HBC (age 27?) is my moms from a teen pregnancy
>my dad was around his entire life, raised him until HBC went to live (always near by) with grandma
>reasons never clear on this cuz i was a kid, but i think it was a combo of teen mother and financial issues
>but granny was known for taking in family, including later my 5 cousins (HBC: "the day she ruined my life")

>get as well as boys can, but always rocky because he was spoiled by granny raising him, he tended to pitch fits and tell stories where he's the victim at others expense
>a fight would start here or there and he wouldn't speak to me for days, refusing to come out and play
>became HBC losing at vidya and turning off the game (as kids)
>became threatening to kill himself if he couldnt move back with granny (we had forced him to live with us for a summer) (teenagers...)
>became throwing a fit about crashing his car (minor, in family fender bender) and lying saying it was because of my coffee cup (i dont drink coffee)
>this was a very public fit and, oh yeah, at my (paternal) grandpa's funeral reception
>everyone sides with me jn that it was bullshit, but also not a big deal

>fast forward a 6 months from coffeegate, he hasn't spoken to me even though we work together on college campus and share friends
>badmouthed me to everyone, but i explained why and asked to work seperate shifts
>got through that year, got home, and mom made us make up and things were cool and casual for awhile

>fast forward ~1.5yr
>after we're cool for awhile HBC finds himself a lady and they get married and fuck off a few states away and have some kids
>things have slowed down for me after school so when he offers a spare room in a busy city i jump at it (stupidly)
>much do my familys protest i pack my shit and fly down to a huge mistake
>days after i arrive i start working any job i can to afford to fuck off home because he and his wife synergize yo make the ultimate awful person

>basically when HBC spoke about my family to his wife, we were tribal savages who beat and stole from and scarred hum
>my poor granny included, and while i recognize she was strict with the kids, i aknowledge that she was taking care of 6 grandkids so had to be, she never actually BEAT anyone
>HBC had only been seeing this girl for 6 months before he married, babied, and moved her, so all she know about my family is whatever be said
>she just enabled it, less people to bother knowing i guess?
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>anyway i endured three months of that awful and packed/jetted while they they were at the mall
>i knew it was all ogre after a heated gentlemans arguement he claimed to his wife before he was diddled by every grandparent we had
>HBC "but maybe not x... or..---SLAM

>fast forward 1.5yr i haven't spoken to him irl, phone, fb, calls, mothers demand since
>but i haven't explained to anyone why i actually left or what they did to cross the line
>most of the grandparents are deceased and very well revered, so i chose to keep his ugly heated words private
>get endless shit for not talking about it but content to let it lie

>now they're talking about moving into the weekly visit bubble out of the holiday sleepover zone
>i'm not thrilled because my shit is actually going good without him
>took the redpill, got a girl, lost weight, steady work, saving for a car/move out
>kinda dont want HBC's crazy fucking up my/our shit

>but eventually shit'll sort itself out if he tries that when they get here right?
>i'll have to talk/be around then often

The question i pose to you, /adv/, is should i continue ignoring him or try to be cool? Sorry for effortpost
Jfc yo
Ignore that stupid N*gger or if you don't want his fat, presumably now tranny ass stinking up the joint stop being a fag and tell your parents the allegations he levelled regarding abuse etc.

>Got a bitch ,lost weight

How did you do either of these when you clearly have no balls?
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I assure you my balls are fine, and I don't think I'll tell anyone about his allegations, best to sleeping dogs sleep right?

I do like the idea of continuing to ignore him, my original plan was 5 year silence, and we're just coming up on 2


Sorry, don't know what jfc means, friendo
Thread posts: 6
Thread images: 4

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