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What does this world do to you?

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This world erodes your feelings and personality. I use to think of myself as a good person. Recently though I have been going down hill. I audibly laugh at the small scale suffering of women. Example, a woman I use to know got pregnant by a meth addict who beats her. When I found out I could not stop laughing. I use to like her too but now... she is just complete garbage. Hey Facebook is riddled with white knights trying to help her. It's pitiful. And hilarious at the same.

I love seeing people make critical mistakes in life and getting fucked over. Like why would you have sex with a known meth addict to begin with? Seems full retard.

Anyway, I didn't use to be like this. I am 26, I live alone. I have been alone for awhile now. I use to feel much more empathy for others. Now I just don't seem to care about the suffering of others. Is this how it goes downhill?

This world does strange things to you. It's like the more you see or experience, the more your personality or feelings just kind of erode away. Is this how it's supposed to be?

I feel that.

Have you been fucked over a lot or felt that way?
Loneliness and social media will kill you. Get off of facebook and learn to be yourself again. Sounds like you spend too much time preoccupied on the lives and opinions of people who are bigots when it comes to white men. It's prevalent on social media to be sure, but you'll be hard-pressed to find someone in person who really believes those things. Social media is a big circlejerk where everyone is trying to impress the next guy. If you see the absurdity in it you will grow to hate the people who partake in it. I say step away and go back to reality.

This is why the anonymity of 4chan allows people to speak up about what they believe. They're not worried about upsetting someone on their list of "friends" because nobody knows who the fuck they are. Like I said, spend more time off of the internet. Go on walks. Go for a drive. Take up some volunteer work. It will reignite the righteous passion within you to do good. The touching-self that occurs on social media is depressing and devicive whether people acknowledge it or not. Facebook was a mistake.
Well there is a specific word in German for that emotion: schadenfreude - to take pleasure in the suffering of others. So clearly you're not alone in having these thoughts.

But are you concerned that you're becoming overly misanthropic? Laughing at a dumb slut ruining her life is one thing, but there are many many people who face real hardship simply because life dealt them a shit hand. It's important to try to keep things in perspective.

Like I know a lot of people were upset during the migrant crisis in Europe because of how the situation was being exploited by unscrupulous people, I was too. But at the same time I've been giving money to UNICEF and other humanitarian missions because I do want to help.
>This is why the anonymity of 4chan allows people to speak up about what they believe.
I think it can cause things to go in the opposite direction though. People say all sorts of truly hateful things on here all the time just trying to be edgy, or even without realizing it.

For instance, personally I'm jewish. I'm not religious at all, being Jewish is a very minor part of my identity, and I haven't received any special advantages due to my religion. Yet all the bile and hatred spewed for Jews from /pol/ but more so the retards who just can't contain their autism to that board and spout hateful racist shit really does bother me.
Anybody that truly believes in that biggoted dogshit is a moron and isn't worth worrying about. My advice still is to not put yourself in an environment where you are exposed to things that are emotionally damaging to you. I agree with you, but that isn't the point I was making. People here can say whatever is on their mind without worrying about the cost. On social media they'll say whatever will get them the most positive attention. Disconnect brother. Trust me.
I've come to believe that the eroding of your feelings and personality is just a part of life. It happens to everyone, some people not so much and others until there's nothing left of who they were as a kid.

You have to decide what kind of person you want to be and guide yourself in that direction. A lot of life is subjective, and if life in general has got you down, I'd focus on your specific subjectivity in it and become the ideal version of you. You may never get there, and a part of you may feel like you're ignoring reality, but it certainly beats eroding away into nothing. Just saying.

Man is both the marble and the sculptor.
I think what eroded me really badly was realizing just how little women care for men. I get this sinking feeling that women are never content and always waiting for you to stop up or waiting for someone better to come along.

I realized this after a woman told me she liked me and then ignored my texts. Now, I can see that same glazed over and bored look in the eyes of other women right before they ghost you, cheat on you or dump you.

It's brutal.
It's not "women" anymore than "men" are womanizers. Quit generalizing. I don't allow women into my life that don't respect men. I have quite a few very good female friends that have my back (possibly because dey want da D), and supportive mother, and a respectful girlfriend of almost 10 years. I don't say this to brag, but to show that women respect men who are respectable. Stand up and declare "I won't allow this bullshit into my world" and people will respect that. You always have to fight with people for your piece, but the less you generalize the sooner you can realize when you've won and can back off.

This is all stuff that doesn't work on social media btw because you always get dogpiled by people virtue-signaling, whether on your side or not. You're not viewing the world through a reality lense, you're viewing it through a "red vs blue" lense, and that's not how the world works. Disconnect. Your situation is subjective and to understand why that happened to you you need to ask that girl... Or just let it go. Don't empty your clip before you've even drawn your gun from the holster. You're gonna lose.
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