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>invite girl i like a lot to party this week >"hey

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>invite girl i like a lot to party this week
>"hey can i bring my friends? i'd feel so awk without them haha"

i dont want her to bring her friends, so i told her to just bring one friend so she feels more comfortable and told her not to worry. did i do the right thing?

>i dont want her to bring her friends

Why not?

Also, what did she say? If I was her, I'd probably feel kinda bad. But maybe she didn't mind.
"It's not my party, so I don't think I have the right to bring a gang of strangers to it. Why don't just you and I go?"
It's ok. But you shouldn't feel bad for that or take it as a ref flag. Sometimes they just do it just in case it's not going well.

Use it at your advantage.
Be friendly, nice and get to know her friend. She might appreciate and even get a little jealous.
honestly how many friends do you need? one friend is fine, i mean a +1 is pretty standard for a party
also op is it your party? and what kinda party?

i told her i wasnt the host. and the host i talked to got kicked from being host (it was multiple people helping throw the party) so i just kind was like fuck it.


exactly. i wanna use this time to get to know her better and just be with her.

grad party.

This is six of one, half dozen of another. She could be inviting her friends because "woo party of course any party is going to want more chicks," OR "oh god this guy is probably trying to fuck me and it's going to be like some weird date I can't leave."

Trick is to have friends who can wingman in this situation. If you don't, just invite her out on a date, not a party.
ok i mean it's for graduation so you can't really invite a bunch of people nobody else will know
also >>18374801 is pretty spot on, get along with the friend she brings along but make sure you can cart her off with a buddy of yours so you and your date can spend some time alone

To be fair, I thought OP was the host.

But even then, when it comes to girls moving in groups is not uncommon. So I wouldn't be so surprised.
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damn didnt think about that.

think is, last party i was at with her friends and her, one of her friends smoked weed and had a fucking full on panick attack and ruined the party, and they were loud and annoying as shit. so i dont even know. only one other chick was cool.
yeah tbf unless it's because she's nervous or something, im not sure if it's worth pursuing a girl that's always gonna be surrounded by her close friends but maybe im extrapolating

If it's a grad party, it means they're graduating too, most likely. They're not gonna skip out on their best friends to go to hang out with some guy that has a crush on them. But, it could be a sick ass graduation party where all of your friends and all of her friends are having that "night we won't ever forget" kind of feeling and all bang each other.

I miss high school and college.

Wow, wait a second. You are inviting her to a place where she will know almost no one. Show some empathy if she wants to bring her friends. I mean, you want to see her, fine. But are you asking her out on a date? How close are you two?

Back in the day we used to have a girl we called "crying girl." She was friends with all of the super hot sophomore chicks, and every time she had more than a Smirnoff Ice, she would run outside and sob. She was hot, but had really low self esteem. Eventually, we just started drawing straws for who was going to go comfort her if she started crying again and no one was getting any.

Girls are girls man, your friends can make it work out if they're cool.

our graduations are very separate. this is essentially just a random party for fun. so she isnt leaving her friends behind or anything.

ive never been to this persons house, but i know everyone there, and i met her last week at a party. she just thinks it'd be awkward cuz she knows nobody. i told her she can bring one friend and not to worry. she was really appreciative that i was trying to find out if she can bring a friend though. she hasnt opened her snapchat message yet.

How close are you with the girl? Did you make this a date or just invited her?
i invited her and told her we can smoke together. i invited saturday and gave her the details of the party today. she was pretty excited to come and was really down to arrive. she even hates the part of the city its in but said she'll show up anyway.

i mean im tryin to make the moves on this girl but i hope she aint weirded out. i havent messaged her that much and she seems chill and ive been keeping it normal.
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ill update yall when she opens her snap and responds. i honestly think she'll be happy she can bring 1 friend along and everything will be fine. im overthinking this.

i think its a matter of her just not wanting to go to a party by herself and having her friends feel left behind desu.
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