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Converting to Christianity

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20 y/o, raised as an atheist/non-religious. I'm realizing how much of a nihilist I am and seeing how its affected me, making me feel meaningless, apathetic and a little depressed.
I've always been this way and it sucks, I just want to feel meaningful. I'm considering joining a christian church what denomination should I join?
Willing to attend a few different denominations to get a feel for each so far considering catholic, protestant, and lutheran. What type of christian are you guys?
I like nondenominational christian churches. Always a positive atmosphere and it doesn't feel like they just go through the motions as it sometimes does at catholic churches. That being said, try them all out. Different branches have an emphasis on different fields.

I attend a nondenominational church and I enjoy it. I went to catholic mass growing up but I never really found the messages there to speak to me. If you have a mega church near you then those are pretty nice. They usually are very well organized and do a great job welcoming members. Although it can feel a bit impersonal at first they tend to have small groups for their members that gives you a strong social circle. Let me know if you have any other questions.
catholic. don't trust heretics
how do you present urself to a new church? just go there to the priest and say "hi I'm new nice to meet you?" lol
whatever the problem is, christianity is not the answer unless you actually believe in its tenets.

being a cultural christian or a "doing it for the values" christian will probably end in disillusionment and regret because you will run into a lot of true believers and if you don't share that belief it may end up eating away at you inside.
Most churches are always looking out for new members, at least every church I've been to. The churches I have been to have a section where new members can go. At these sections they will have members that answer all your questions and take down your information to follow up. Some give you a free bible and work to make you feel at home and at ease. Other churches as new members to raise their hands so they can give you a card to fill out. People at churches share the belief that you are being saved so it is always a happy occasion for them to help someone new.

Introducing yourself to the priest or pastor is always a good thing too. In smaller congregations it is like a family setting so typically they will just be standing around.
you must be american. I am from Italy and there are just catholic churches andI have never heard of sections for new members or to raise your hands if you are new. Also they seem not to give a fuq about getting new members
Yea I am an American lol. Sorry but I don't have much experience when it comes to churches over in Italy. I would suggest to hunt around and try out multiple churches and see what you like. Sorry I couldn't be of much help but I hope you find something!
Turning to religion to find purpose is foolish and misguided.

What is your answer for nihilism?
I can relate to this in a few ways


Im this way but it doesnt bother me. You create your own meaning. Its totally subjective, and sometimes life is pretty awesome. You dont have to think about the meaningless part. You can just live your life reaching the next goal and building the next accomplishment and enjoying the pleasures.

>join a christian church

I was part of a fundy christian group when i was young. It was a very happy time because they really do provide a sense of meaning and satisfaction. But if youre wired the way you are its very hard to immerse yourself. Its why i left and cant go back despite knowing its a happier place.

My suggestions based on my own life:

Head to /x/. I am a rational critical thinking individual but i totally block that shit playing with the possibility of aliens, greater order of the universe, and even the possibility we live in a simulation. Feeling there is something outside of this all is exhilerating.

There are some pretty convincing thought experiments for world simulation that, of course, dont prove a damn thing but open the possibility enough to really play with the idea and believe.

But i also have a great gf who is my life, two dogs i love like my children, and i am forever fighting to learn and educate and build skills. I always have a goal or project and my life if charted is on a steady increase in quality. Thats how i occupy my time and it feels fantastic.

And honestly feels better than leaning on religion. I made my own happiness. I didnt just default to a god that may be imaginary and hide behind that to feel worthwhile. My life and destiny was built by me.

I played the game on hard mode and won.
Sounds like religion gave you your foundation, those christian youth groups always teach great stuff for kids
look at eastern orthodox church,
it seems very based
and moral and traditionalist
not so much structured so it might be easier to integrate
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I'm a Lutheran. The biggest difference between us and Catholics is that you can be a terrible person andnstill be a good Catholic, but you can't be a terrible person and be a good Lutheran. Lutheran is focused primarily on just being a good person. There's a saying we have and it's, "God doesn't need your good will, but your neighbor does". Basically it means don't do good things for God, do them because they help people. Don't worship God because your afraid of going to Hell or that you fear him, you do it because you love him.

Sorry for the sloppy writing. I'm on my phone and in a rush with work and school. Take care, man and choose what feels right to you.
The thing about Christianity in general that most people dont get is that it is a goal. The goal is to tame the world, and humanity too. "Go out, multiply and subdue the earth". And it comes with a list of requirements that if followed allow one to go thru life avoiding some of the worst pitfalls that could happen.
The 10 commandments arent an ironclad list of things that if you do, you're going to hell. Its a list of things to avoid to live a life worth living. Murder is a thing people will hate you for lifetimes, and especially in the bronze age ensured that somewhere out there there is a person plotting revenge against you. Same thing more or less with theft and lying. These are not things forbidden because god says so, they are forbidden because it metaphorically shoots you in the foot. It is counter productive

The God I was taught to worship is a God of mercy and forgiveness. One does not get SENT to hell, you choose hell by believing that mercy is for suckers and forgiveness for the weak who can't cut down their enemies with their own efforts. That is the rarely spoken of 'unforgivable sin' it is the sin from which all others descend from: abandoning mercy and compassion.

The thing I learned that helps me forgive people is this mantra, ironically it comes from buddhism. but it strikes all the correct notes to be christian as well.
With attention on this person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.

With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.

With attention on this person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness, and despair."

With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs."

With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is learning about life."
It's a scam they still want your money !!!!
Thats a great way of thinking. What type of church do you go to?
You don't need to turn to religion to find a meaningful relationship with God.
you dont have to give to the church. Cut the stupid middleman out and give to the poor schlup you see sitting on the side of the road. That whole 10% to the church thing is an old hewbrew tradition that got into christianity because it made it easier to run a church as well as a synagogue.
I thought mormonism was the 10% of your earnings church. Anyways it's not a scam if you take something away from it.
Its complicated. Technically Catholic. But I live in Los Angeles. The catholic high school I went to taught evolution, and made damned sure everyone was well founded in the sciences. And explained in detail how evolution does not go against the bible unless you deliberately CHOOSE to interpret some passages literally while others are metaphorical. Sure I was required to attend church history and dogma classes, but that just made me better equipped to identify bullshit people are making up to give themselves power with their religion as a bludgeon.
I dont discuss evolution with people at church, there are plenty of oldtimers who get unnecessarily wound up over it. Its not worth risking them dropping from a rage-induced heart attack just to explain which passages show they are full of shit someone else made up to feel more secure in the face of a wave of science.
So bro. As a Christian I don't think its needed you to join some group. Just try to think positive and try to be good person. Do some morally good things and see how you change other people lives just by making them happy. It will probably make you happy aswell. Hope you will be ok bro!
The fact that there is no objective moral framework doesn't mean that you can't create a subjective one for you. I mean, if you think about it, any form of morality needs to have a basis in consciousness, therefore outside of some harissean humanity's well being, it's perfectly reasonable to have a subjective one stemming from your consciousness and being.

Of course, finding personal meaning may be rather more tricky. Creativity and acquisition of new, genuine knowledge go far in helping you.
I like United Church of Christ. My UCC affiliated church is very open. Their main goal is to love and help their neighbors.

They're very realistic and rational, saying "We take the bible seriously, but not literally." They present the bible as stories that teach us morals. They talk about how some of these morals made more sense in the context of that era and they don't apply anymore. The bible was also written by human men. They are biased. In confirmation, my pastor had me read two passages from different books, which were vastly different. I think something like one about some terrible, cruel man, and the other about a righteous hero. The stories were both documenting the same event. But the perspective was opposite.

They're very open minded about differences. One year for confirmation, when the kids presented their perspective on what they believed, all of the kids were atheists. They were accepted and loved - not with pity, not with the plan to change them - but as a part of our communal family, the same kids we already knew.

We've had plenty of gay and transgendered members, young and old. We had a gay pastor for a while, who included it offhandedly in his sermons sometimes. I talked to him about how much I enjoyed him being casual about it. It made it feel so much more normal. I didn't even realize that I had some inlaid uncomfortableness about my bisexuality until I saw how happy his sermons made me feel. Anyway.

I love my community. I don't consider myself a christian, but I love these people. Every time I go, I just feel blanketed in love. Everyone's happy to see me, lots of food, lots of music, lots of philosophical discussion, lots of charity work, lots of shared joys and shared sorrows.

I wish there was something like this for the current generation. Religion has kind of fallen to the wayside. But I just like the opportunity for a variety of people to congregate and hang out.
I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist and I like it cuz the way they teach the Bible is very logical and honest. Try to make some of their studies.
Hey, OP. Congratulations on accepting Christ into your heart. Finding my faith again is the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

Don't listen to these people trying to sow doubt; you're right about nihilism - it's an impossibility.

Could you possibly discuss this with someone you know personally who is a Christian and attend church/mass with them?
You are searching for something that someone imagined more than 2000 years ago, a "monotheistic" religion half-copied from the preexisting faiths.
You are searching for someone that will make you sure that a God that nearly killed humanity once is a good God.
Ask yourself if you really need to shut off your brain just to be a little happier.
Also go to the Catholic church, they do not take themselves too seriously(at least here in Italy)
Morality is subjective bro, that's the beauty of life. Sorry but you have to find your own purpose that's your responsibility if you feel you have to have a "purpose"

Protip 99% will all die and never be remembered, so enjoy life, and try to become one of the ones who are remembered if you so choose.
It kills me when I come to 4chan and some dude is talking about picking up a religion like they're trying to decide what extracurricular clubs to get involved in. How about seeking after God Himself? He'll direct you to a church.
Can you elaborate
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