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People with full-time, 9:00 to 6:00 work days, how have you managed

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People with full-time, 9:00 to 6:00 work days, how have you managed to keep a passion or pursue a goal outside of a work? Since I was a kid, my dream was to write mystery novels and children's stories. Now I'm stuck at an office all day, fielding emails at night, attempting (unsuccessfully) to date, and being overwhelmed by the sensation that not only am I wasting time, but also that if this I should "life," I want no part of it. I am in a really bad place, anons. It's been this way for three years. I could really use some practical wisdom.
stop being a wageslave and be the boss of yourself OR become a NEET
4chan gives motivation
Eh I can't speak directly to OP as he's in white collar work, but I entered my field intentionally so as I'd have no "take-home" work.

OP has two other options, if he's valued enough by the company he can set boundaries - or pergaps charge for the home work - or he could join the blue collar workforce.
Here's a dumb piece of advice- you need to choose what you do. Carry on working, by all means, but you need to choose how you use that free time. It's hard because you're exhausted and burnt out, but it's your choice. So many people go home, switch on the TV and that's it. Because we think, work=productive leisure time=non-productive. This is false.

It might help you if you found reason. If you can find a framework, that can encourage you further. I felt like you at one point, but then I realised I wanted to move on in my life. I looked at my spare time and thought "Wow, I could get a second job or do freelance work to save money for this thing". Suddenly, I'd gone from thinking "I have no free time" to "I have loads of free-time I could use towards a goal I have"

It's not perfect, but a lot of it is down to choice.
- go home on time, don't work overtime unless paid or needed.
- work on your goal or passion until 10pm or 2am if you can live with 5 hours of sleep
- built the habit of working on weekdays and set goals (e.g. one page or illustration every two days)
- use the free time at office to work or research on materials you need
- find people who are into writing or reading (your niche and source of motivation, as being surrounded by like minded people will push you more)
- don't count on weekend to do stuff, it's non-existent as you'd rather laze around or do chores
- enroll in an online writing courses and try to finish em

The last but certainly the most important one, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Unless you know that this thing you're doing already bring some cash to you.
OP you have described my worst fear. I'm 24 and have no job and I'm actually afraid of getting a job and having such little free time that it leads to my suicide. I barely have time for my hobbies without having a job, actually I haven't done anything for myself in a long while now. Too busy with college too.
But every normal person my age has both a job and studies in college, and their hobbies are just watch shit on netflix. Anyone in my situation is a pathetic useless piece of shit.
And now I know it will only get worse. What's the point of living?
Thanks for the advice. I am constantly trying to muster up the energy to be productive in my free time. You're right though. Deep down I know it's a choice. Often I take the easy way out, like last night when I watched Putin documentaries on YouTube and ate an entire pint of cookie dough ice cream.

Time to take responsibility.
This is incredibly inspiring and also exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, anon.

No lie, I am joining a writing group and book club in my city as we speak.
>ate cookies and ice cream while watching /pol/ approved videos
Living the dream.
OP I've had this concern in the past, and I guess I'm going to be bleak about it.

Realistically, you should let your dream die. For a while, at least. I've fought against that concept for a while, but as someone whose career holds the same hours yours does, and locks me into emails too, I've found that overexerting yourself by always trying to be productive is just going to destroy the quality of both your work and your passion.

The thing is, as I get older, there's a little bit more time in the day. Work isn't as strict about me showing up exactly at 8 AM. I can take some work from home days... my job now allows me unlimited time off. Once you have some flexibility, your head will probably clear.

But in the meantime, you should focus on building a strong reputation, keeping in shape, and giving yourself time to mentally recover.

Now, keep in mind, I'm an unmarried 30 year old. Throw kids into the mix and I think you'd just have to sacrifice your dream entirely.
Without it, though, there's nothing to look forward to in any meaningful sense.

something in life has to give. you call them passions, but if they were passions you'd still follow through on them.

for me, the passions are so strong that I hardly date. almost every major relationship i had ended because I threw my self into a major project and stopped seeing them.

if you want to pursue your passions come home, turn off your email notifications and write a mystery novel.
I'm 28 and never have had a set work schedule that i could plan around like that. I've always worked nights or had totating shifts. Go do shit in your free time, idiot. You have it easy.

I still manage to hangout with people and run a meetup even with a rotating schedule.

My passion and goal is to have a big fuck off TV and a selection of great TV shows and games to display on it.

So I get home around 6 or 7, switch on and chill the fuck out. Then on the weekend I get ultra long marathon sessions.

Sucks that your 'passions' or 'goals' are so complicated and take up so much time, anon. Maybe you need to get a different job or work part-time instead? Get a job-share or an hourly paid job where you can cut your hours.
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