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So, I asked a girl out, she was busy but she keeps talking to

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Hey /adv/!

So, long story short, met an attractive girl
at the Uni's library. She's been sitting next to me
everyday for the past 1-2 weeks.

I asked her out but she said she was busy with family stuff.

So I was like Allright, no big deal. Maybe she's really busy or doesn't really want to go out with me. Whatever...

She still sits down next to me everyday at the library tho. And we speak like nothing happened.

Should I ask her out again /adv/?
Or just wait 'til she suggests something?

What would you do?
stop going after attractive girls. god damn.

But.... They are attractive
Sounds like she likes the attention. Move.
what're you going to hurt by asking her again?

just casually go "hey I was gonna go to [insert local hangout spot here] after I'm done here, would you wanna go?"

if she says no again, then stop asking. unless she's autistic, if she didn't like you why would she keep sitting next to you? the only other thing I can think of is you look like the school shooter type, she's got an intense fear of that happening, and so she's trying to be the one person you don't shoot.
Literally having the same thing happen to me she likes you but you may need to give it a little bit more time women are kind of weird like that.
Do you have her number? Fuck yeah keep going after her. If she still talks to you then she can't be that opposed to it all. If you don't have her number yet you gotta get that right away. Just straight up ask for it, there's no smooth way to do it.
Could be


Yeah that's what I thought, why would she sit down next to me and speak to me if she didn't like me asking her out?


haha cool bro, some girl friend of mine told me I should wait for her to ask me now, so I don't look desperate or something tho.


Thamks bro! I have her number but I don't like
texting much, I got told maybe I should wait for her to suggest a date or something.

What do you think?
You're her backup. She's only slightly interested in keeping you around in case her options run out. In my experience, just treat her the same way. Keep her around but don't persue her actively anymore.

Listen to this guy

Casual something is happening and invite her, its less pressure and less on the spot than "Do you want to go on a date?!" girls get scared and shy and back out of shit because of anxiety all the time.
Smooth easy plan of action, simply invite to something that is already happening, then you get the opportunity to talk to her in a different setting.
Once you are comfortable with each other you ask her on a 'real date'
definitely give it a second try, you are not looking for her friendship but a relationship/ dating and you automatically slip into the friendzone if you let it go.
you could try once more but if she declines and gives busy as a reason but doesn't offer an alternative time then she's not interested. It could be she only likes hanging in the library with you more than anyone else but that's the extent of her interest, has a bf, has another guys she's interested in or doesn't want to date anyone period. Just because she's friendly and talks doesn't mean she's interested in anything more and prefers to keep it that way. She knows from experience if you are this interested and convinced she may be because she sits beside you and talks it will be near impossible to shake you if she met you elsewhere or go on a date.
Try again but subtly try to establish if she does actually have plans or not before asking. Usually when girls are interested in me they'll keep talking about how they have nothing going on that night and things like that.
my method usually doesnt work, because i am not the most attractive person but i have lots of confidence, and i would ask again. im very confrontational. i would be confused too if i were u
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