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Creepy Pilled Up Drunk Neighbor

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Yesterday I had some friends over, we were grilling by the pool of my apartments. I was sitting in the pool with my female friend, and this guy comes over and tries talking to us from the fence around the pool.

I cannot understand a fucking word he is saying, and then he looks over and says "oh shit she's pissed" as his girlfriend comes around the corner carrying their stuff from a day out.

>he's obviously been drinking all day
>he wanders upstairs with her
>she really did look pissed but didn't look at us once
>guy stumbles back out and down to the pool
>probably overheard me telling a story about someone else I knew with a strange southern accept I also couldn't understand, thought it was about him
>another neighbor is watching him, drunk guy makes a game of throwing his shoes at him on the second floor, almost breaks watching neighbor's window, one shoe ends up on the roof
>jumps in pool
>my female friend got out to get me a towel, but he was swimming closer so I got tf out too
>he says "Shake it don't break it."
>go upstairs and change, he yells "You look good" right before I go inside
>go back outside because we're still grilling
>he's out of the pool, tripping over chairs, sits down in a plastic one and just breaks the arm off
>says "Do you want me to stop" to no one in particular
>he eventually goes back inside
>the neighbor who was watching him disposes of the broken chair
>chatting with another nice neighbor outside
>drunk comes back out in his girlfriend's bootie shorts, flashes everyone his dick and ass
>all in shock, some giggling because what the fuck else are we gonna do?
>goes back inside, doesn't come back out
>neighbor said he's on a lot of medication

I'm genuinely scared I'm going to run into this guy when I'm by myself.
How do I avoid that, and how do I get out of that situation if it ever happens? He's been a resident here for a long time apparently, I just moved here. Should I alert management?
Self defense 101:

It takes very little to break someone's nose. Learn some standard moves (open palm etc).

Also if you kick the knee really hard you will break it, that will get him down instantly and have him screaming and crying like a bitch. Use full force to break the knee. You can then run and Escape and he will still be down where he is. Finally if shit like this happens, especially with the knee, get a police report because my bet is he is a bitch and will try to sue you.
Thanks, I've actually been meaning to start taking martial arts once things settle a bit, but now I have more pressure to.
OP here, going AFK for a few hours but any tips on how to deal with drugged up drunks much bigger than yourself is appreciated. The guy's obviously got some mental issues, and a girlfriend who doesn't care if he tries to prey on neighbors. Is talking to her about it worth it?
Same dude here who suggested martial arts. Talking to her will be a waste of time, she obvs knows him and doesnt really care. In fact talking to her will put you in more shit ie: gotta watch out for the dude AND the chick.
Keys and pens are great for self defense. Target the eyes and neck (sensitive areas). Neither are illegal to carry but are very handy. I carry a pen with me attached to my sports bra when I go running and keys I always have with me when I leave the house.
also if you want to kill him just stab him once in one of these red circles with a sharpened stick that you strip all of the bark off of and then burn after the deed.
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Thanks for the advice everyone.

But what could I do if he approaches me in a way that doesn't automatically demand self defense? I genuinely can barely understand what the guy is saying, he was trying to ask me stuff yesterday and all I could do was say "sorry, what?" and try to ignore him.

Or what if I try to bolt the other direction before he says anything and he chases me? I know I'm being paranoid but this guy scares me, I've never gotten this bad of a feeling from someone before.
Tell the fucking management. What's the point of living in an apartment if you can't enforce basic standards of behavior?
At least 4 other neighbors saw this and just awkwardly laughed it off. He's definitely the only wacky one in this building, and another neighbor even cleaned up his mess. But it's not like it's happening every night.
If he does anything like this again though I think I will, probably can convince others to do the same. But for the predatory stuff, would alerting management even do anything? What will they do, leave him a note saying stop being a creep?
Or yeah, be an actual cuck and get chased out of the pool by a doped up pervert. That works too.
In the rental agreement he signed he agreed to comply with certain behavior standards.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 3

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