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When is it okay to tip, or not to do s?. If I get average service

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When is it okay to tip, or not to do s?. If I get average service (ie. at a restaurant, for an uber/cab ride, etc), am I an asshole for not tipping and if so, why?
it's never ok not to tip.
>be bolis
>get meal paid for by citizens a lot
>always tip waitress like $10 if so
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>be me
>go to buffet restaurant
>get up to pay the bill
>man gives me a receipt to sign after I paid
>receipt has "tip" and "total" lines in bold
>don't fill them out - I already paid, after all
>man gives me a dirty look before I leave

Fuck me. I'm retarded. Was I supposed to tip?
There are four reasons to tip. Choose one you like

1. It is socially expected and you look like a cheapo if you don't.
2. The law allows servers to be paid less than the minimum wage, on the assumption they'll get tips, so you are adding to their exploitation if you don't.
3. In the US, the IRS assumes waiters get tips on top of their salaries, and adds a percentage onto their tax bill to cover that. So if you don't tip, not only is the waiter making less, but he's paying taxes on what you didn't tip him.
4. It's a nice way to acknowledge that the service added to the pleasure of the evening.

(By the way, the next time you eat at a buffet, keep an eye on the staff. They sometimes work even harder than ordinary waiters.)
I never tip, and because of this I avoid going to ANY place where tipping is even an option
not my problem, you will never get my business thanks to your stupid bullshit

either give a citation for #3 or kys
So you only eat a fast food restaurants.
if you plan on going back, tip. also, if you dont want spit in your food if you're ordering from home.
Depends what country you're in.
If you're in amerifat, those waitresses are only paid like 3 bucks an hour, where as most non tipping jobs are getting at least 7 or more depending on the state.
You only ever not tip anything at all if you just plain never got your food or any service whatsoever. If you just got really shitty service, just leave a buck or 2.
The general rule is for bad service you tip 10% of your total bill, 15% for average, 20% for exceptional.
Also, its keen to keep in mind who really is the source of your issue. Was your food burnt? That's not the waitresses fault. Take it up with the cook, don't fuck over the wait staff.
Was service slow? Take a look around the place, is it packed to the brim with people and it's just clearly understaffed? Maybe cut them some slack.

Idk much about cab shit though, I've never taken one so idk what the exact etiquette is

As for other countries I can't say for sure. I know when I visited Germany I was told by our basically native guide you don't ever really tip unless you really wanted to give them something extra for excellent service. And even then you don't tip much.

But in murica, you're expected to tip because you're supplementing their shitty employer's income so they don't have to actually give their staff the federal minimum wage.
(In the end though, you're paying for it either way. Because if they did have to pay their wait staff minimum, they'd just up all their prices on the menu.)
Tipping started as a gesture from people who had money to spare to laborers. It was a sign of appreciation for their work. That has changed in some aspects since now. Look here:

Scenario 1: the person's income relies on tips

restaurants (at least where I'm from) have taken advantage of the tipping system and gained the legal right to pay workers below minimum wage on the basis that people would give workers hefty tips.

so, in this scenario, tips make up 80% of their paycheck, and their paycheck without tips would be below minimum wage. you personally might not be obligated to tip, but at least *some* of the people there are obligated to tip them. it has been established that the *average* person will tip between 10%-20% in this scenario, and people are relatively happy with that.

Scenario 2 is that the person does have a salary, and a tip would just be an extra bonus

this applies to the uber example. the person is expecting not to be tipped, and is motivated enough by the pay that driving uber clients provides. he doesn't expect a tip, but if you tip him then that is a bonus. while giving him something like 25 cents would be laughable, giving him any amount is a bonus to him and he ought to be appreciative.

If you think his service was especially good, or if you have money to throw around, toss him some dollar bills.

Be careful with this though. Not everyone you're tipping is poor. Some people work in classy places where the tips are absurd, and some people are uber drivers simply to kill time, when they in fact work jobs with huge salaries.
Personally (another example), I'm most inclined to tip someone like a barber. The cost of a haircut is pretty modest, they're sort of expecting a tip but not 100%, and they're doing a lot of dealing with the customer, even touching them and listening to their vague interpretations of what the haircut should look like. those people truly deserve a tip.

in california you dont get paid less as a server, bu they still expect tips. part of that though is that california (particularly LA) is expensive as fuck to live in so ican understand why people need it.

as a general rule if you can afford ot eat out, you can afford to tip, if two or three extra bucks would break you, you shouldn't be eating out.

i disagree with tipping drivers though, especially with things like uber (though uber doesn't require or expect them unlike lyft).
>as a general rule if you can afford ot eat out, you can afford to tip
thats something i never understood.
1. i already pay for the food, which includes the salary of the waiter
2. why should i donate money to random stranges ? it's not like people donate money to me either.
Yeah, the federal minimum aint even livable in most places. It sure as hell isn't where I live. Honestly I don't see why every job can't be a tipping job. If the girl getting me different sizes of clothing at the retail store I'm shopping at is real helpful, I'd love to be able to toss her a buck. But they always say "We're not allowed to take tips by management"
I wanna tell the management to shove it, if I wanna give this girl money I should be allowed to.
But I'm also a firm believer that minimum is minimum and fucking food industry jobs need to just give their fucking staff what they're supposed to, tips or not. There's no fucking reason anyone should be getting 2 bucks an hour in the US.
>which includes the salary of the waiter
Which in most places is basically nothing at all. I'd agree if they're getting a fair liveable wage then tipping is your choice. But when they're only getting change on the hour because their shitty employer wants to save money and make you pay his staff, then sorry, you just have to. Because your food isn't paying shit for your waiter.
As said before, in the end, you're paying for it one way or another. If the law comes out and says "sorry you can't pay people 2 bucks an hour anymore", then guess what? You're gonna see a 2 dollar increase on every item in the menu. You're not "donating" to anyone, you're just paying what you should be paying, because one way or another the employer's gonna make sure his paycheck isn't dinged.
>If the law comes out and says "sorry you can't pay people 2 bucks an hour anymore", then guess what? You're gonna see a 2 dollar increase on every item in the menu
i don't really get how your country works. on average the dishes cost the same as they do in countries in central europe, where there employer also has to pay his part for social insurance, health care, etc for his employees and waiters get paid fair wages
lol America was founded on greed, dear anon. The employer would NEVER take a dip in their profits to sustain an employee.
I can tell you with 100% certainty if they made employers pay their waitresses 7 bucks an hour instead of 3, they would lay off half their wait staff and increase menu prices, and just make 3 waitresses do the job of 6.

That's what happened when I worked at a retail store at least. The company suffered a slight loss as a whole, so a select few stores (mine included) got mass lay offs. We used to have 2 people to a department, then we had 1 for every other department. The CEO's still made the same amount of money in their personal paychecks, but I was expected to do the work of 3 people in exchange.

This is why I rail on shop lifters that have that shitty attitude of "Oh I'm gonna stick it to the man by shop lifting!"
No, you're only sticking it to ME the underpaid cashier. Because every item you steal comes out of my paycheck in the long run, not the CEO's
Also idk what its like in Europe, but I know 90% of minimum wage jobs don't even offer benefits. They're legally required to if you work 40 hours a week, but they make sure they just never schedule you more than 39 hours a week to get around that.
Then they never have to pay health care or anything like that.
My sister's job would actually fire you if you accidentally got overtime.
employers are forced to pay for their employees social insurance, health care, pension, etc
Not in the US, at least not health care. They don't have to give you shit if you're only "part time" which is anything under 40 hours a week. And again, they get around that by making sure nobody is considered "full time" legally. Since they're only doing 39 hours a week.
i was refering to europe. they even have to pay for health care, unemployment insurace, social insurance, pension, etc for my 10 h/week part time job

why do people even take jobs where they get paid less than minimum wage ? i'm sure even the usa has some kind of social security/welfare programs
If you feel that the service warranted a tip and you can afford to do so, tip. If the service wasn't that great, don't.

Fuck food service workers, you arent entitled to shit
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>i'm sure even the usa has some kind of social security/welfare programs
my sides

In all seriousness though, we have welfare, though not for long under Trump, but it's literally nothing. The feds also make sure you're basically unemployed entirely before you can even apply for it. If you have any job whatsoever, you cannot get anything.

And as for why people take these jobs, because thats literally all they can get. I've been to job interviews to bag groceries for 7 bucks an hour with middle aged people with college degrees, because whatever their degree is in has fallen through, there are no jobs in it right now, and they're just trying to pay their bills.

For many Americans, it's take this shitty slave wage job, or have no job whatsoever.
>you arent entitled to shit
including actual pay it seems. They should just continue to basically work for free.
You don't tip at fast food or buffet usually. You always tip waiters, taxi and hair cut people. Those services only really exist because of the assumption that you are tipping them 15 percent. The irs automatically assumes that they are making 8 to 10 percent off gross sales in tips and if you don't tip them they will either get cheated out of wages or have to go through a bullshit extra process with management that makes it look like they were terrible.

Average is fine and still deserves a tip. If you are asking these questions, then you sound like a poorfag. Just hit up a fast food dollar menu and don't interact with people bro.
no offense, but your country is seriously fucked up. i really don't get how people consider the usa "first world"
No offense taken because I agree lol. This place is hell and I would saw my own leg off to get off this sinking ship. Unfortunately I didn't get a degree in anything that would give me opportunities overseas, I fucked up on that.
And yet we still Run Shit. Funny how that works.
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Well, we certainly run /shit/, thats for sure lol. A whole steaming pile of it.
because it is first world. they just take impractical studies and then bitch that the US isn't socialist Europe.

honestly the worst part of the US is the cultural diversity. sluts not getting along with prudes not getting along with blacks not getting along with whites not getting along with athiests not getting along with chrsitians not trusting muslims not trusting...

I use welfare all the time and it works just fine. I'm going to school for degrees and certifications that will result in a job. I'm not going to get a hecking history major or something like that and insist that someone pays me a satisfying living off of that.

If you don't make practical decisions in your life, you end up bagging groceries in the richest country in the world with lower cost of living than Europe and Canada.
>I'm going to school for degrees and certifications that will result in a job.
how old are you and what degrees are you getting or already have?
medical billing and coding, just to pay the bills, and then I'm gonna work my way through uni and up into some med school

and there won't be any room for bitchin about not being motivated enough to make anything of my sociology degree or some such shit
>coding degree
are you talking about a fucking coding bootcamp ?
no just some job processing medical bills to get through the many years of school ahead. no other leg to stand on really.
If you're american I can help.

Resturant, bad 10% good 15% great 20+%
Uber, none, unless you ask for something special like "i'm late for my flight can you get me there asap"
Taxi, yes, $5 no matter the fare. He makes his wage from the meter. The extra five bucks means a lot to him.
Barber: 5-10$ depending on the class of barber.

The main reason for tipping is if the waitress put in EFFORT. Like, real caring effort, not just pretending to. You can tell when someone loves their job, when they love to serve you, love to see you happy. Those are the people you should tip. Inversely, if you can ask yourself "Does she love her job?" and the answer is no, then you have bad service and can tip low.

The next factor is making you feel special. Granted someone can hate their job, but if they go out of their way to make you feel special, then at least they are trying to EARN your tip and showing it. It's not, necessarily, as authentic... but if you are satisfied with them, then at least reward them accordingly.

Hooters, or special resturants, are different. Take hooters for example, you should tip based on how much attention your pretty waitress gives you. It's all about "show" im these resturants. When "show" is a factor you generally should tip heavily, especially if the show is good.

The last, and least important, is quality of work. Did she get your order right? Keep your glass refilled? While these things are important, that is not completely why we tip. Going out is social, you are having fun, it's a special night for you. Your waitress should be there to make it so! Really who cares if you had to wait a minute for a refill, or if your steak was cold. Those problems are minor and most reasonable people won't even notice or care. They're just out for a good time

Depends, did they just refill your water glass? Or maybe was service more hands-on? Leave just a few bucks on the table or tip 10%. It will likely get split with the bus boys etc.

All this shit is too autistic and miserable.

OP asked how much he should tip. Not some philosophical/political horsefight. Nobody cares about your guys anti-social opinions.
you're the one seeming pretty autistic. you're making literally no sense and calling us antisocial for answering the OP's question.

he even said
>would not tipping make me an asshole
which is literally a question about ethics

so you are autistic and maybe something else is wrong with your brain, like inhalants or something
New IRS policy taxes automatic tips for waiters | The Daily ...
dailycaller.com/2013/09/08/new-irs-policy-taxes... Cached
A new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) policy will classify many waiters’ tips as taxable income instead of self-reported tips, leading to increased costs ...
yeah or i don't eat out at all

that is NOT overtaxing in advance with the expectation of tips, that is not at all what you said, in any way
yes tips are taxable income, surprise!
I typically don't tip unless I thought the service was good. I'm not going to pay someone to do their job so I feel no obligation. I tend not to tip if I know I probably won't return to the restaurant, if im traveling for example. If I know I'm going to return a lot I make to tip generously so people remember me and treat me well (at sushi restaurants typically when I'm seated at the bar)

yes, tip 15% (more or less dep on how the service was)

Sakurasou, interesting taste anon
Depends on where you're from.

In the US it's customary that you tip by default unless the service was actually bad, because most waiters are underpaid in the US and only survive thanks to tips.

In Europe, tips aren't as big a deal but in general if the service you got was good, it's good manners to tip the waiter.
Do you seriously suggest tipping for a bad service at a restaurant? Like, I should tip them to let them know this was the last time they will ever see me in their forsaken establishment? Fuck me that's some next level shit.
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