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Hitting "that" point in life

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I'm stuck in a pretty bad rut right now, my life is going pretty downhill and I'm trying to make it better but to be honest I've lost a lot of willpower to make it better.

>Uni grades have gone pretty shitty, to the point I'm pretty sure I have no chance of getting a 2:1, which in my field is pretty much damning me to not getting anywhere within that field.
>my social life has boiled down to "go out to try and have a good time, end up being fucking miserable and becoming a laughing stock, get rejected at pretty much every club because my valid ID is now no longer accepted". I'm gonna try and get a driving license over the summer but honestly by then I'll be in my 3rd year and I doubt I'd even have the time to go out.
>My love life is a mess, want to find people as weird and with the same romantic views as me but since hookup culture is massively prevalent it's like finding a needle in a haystack. My only "relationships" have been an LDR which worked well until we both started working and didn't have the time to communicate enough for each others needs, and a 2 week fling in which I lost my virginity but performance anxiety made it the worst experience possible.

I know a lot of this needs me to be the driving force to improve it, but I'm not really sure how to and if there's even a point to trying. Everyone that I find that's as weird as me is usually in another part of the world (almost always america) or are weirder (from my own judgemental perspective at least) than me and make me cringe to much to want to be around them.
A human can only coup with only around 7 major crisis alone, anything more and you'll break down(mentally and physically). You'll need to reduce this odd first.
Share this problem(s) with someone and take a one semester long break to evaluate about your present state of life. Also you got all the signs of someone dropping out of a course.
So how do I reduce this odd? finding the roots of the problems? dealing with them in stages? or just talking to a counsellor/careers advisor? I'd really rather not drop out, since a shit degree is probably better than no degree. Glad to know it's obvious I'm a failure, though I doubt getting bitter and snarky is gonna help much.
Why are you having problems in school? Do you not enjoy what you're studying anymore?
>So how do I reduce this odd?
The same way to avoid doing stupid things when you got angry; take a step away to breath in and evaluate the situation.

Take a one semester break away from your college. Decide your next move during that time.
I do enjoy what I'm studying, I'm just not too good at it, and I keep seeing everyone around me doing well in their studies and it's pretty disheartening. I originally went to uni to get better at it, but I think a mix of hopelessness, stress and the need to outperform others may have made me work less than I should have. That and my luck isn't amazing anyway, but I don't want to blame life/my situation. I want to get shit done and actually improve my life.
I'll do that over the summer break then? Or by break do you mean more than a break from education?
you just need to consider Maslows hierarchy of needs and focus on your physiology. what's your sleeping pattern like? are you eating right and exercising?
A summer break could work, but a break from the education is probably better. You just need to get free from the system/cycle for a short time.
How many hours a week do you study, on average?
1. use the next year that you have to be dedicated and come out with the grades you're capable of or drop out right now and save yourself the £20,000 in fees, accommodation and loss of earnings in a job you could be working
2. clubbing is not a healthy social life, it's a hopelessly shallow experience and a socially acceptable form of escapism. It's not called "the meat market" for nothing
3. you seriously need to go to /fit/ and read the sticky.
My sleeping pattern is pretty fucked up but I'm sorting it, I've recently been falling asleep at around 5am and waking up about 3pm, doesn't help that everyone parties underneath my window.

Foodwise I've been skipping breakfast, had either ramen or packaged foods due to low money. I have been getting red grapes, some meat (steak and chicken) and been drinking a lot of water to try and keep healthy, but in all honesty my knowledge in nutrition is pretty shoddy. Exercise wise I walk about once a week around a park that I live near which is about a 3km walk iirc.

I don't actually have any lectures for the rest of this term, just resits. I've not had much drive to get my stuff done, I'd say about 7 hours a week, which I know is shit. I'm gonna have to crack on with it.
1. I'll have to do the best I can, I have some work to do over the summer, might be an idea to do some tutorials in the software I use to prepare for my 3rd year, I don't want to be a quitter but I'm shit scared of coming out of uni with debt and a useless degree.
2. It just feels like utter shit seeing my friends going out enjoying themselves whilst I go home like a little kid that's not allowed into an 18 film.
3. I'll read the sticky, but in what way does this help my love life exactly? I'm pretty manlet as far as height goes (5"7). Is it a confidence thing as well? Or do I need to find a lot of people that don't work to be able to actually stay in a relationship with someone compatible?
Just wanted to say thanks for the advice all. It's been good to spend some time thinking about all this, guess I have a lot of work/thinking to do over the summer. This will be the first and last bump.
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