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Low Iq is hell

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>tfw 110 IQ
>tfw 5th grade math level
>tfw 8th grade reading level
>tfw never passed a math test from 6th grade onwards.
>tfw can barely spell without the help of a computer
>tfw don't even know multiplication tables besides 5 and 10
>tfw failed nearly every subject in HS
>tfw dropped out at 16 because I was always the worst in class, had no friends, depressed, rejected by every female.

Should I end it all? I'm from a wealthy family and I'm decent looking but my low iq has screwed me for life. I couldn't even complete HS, I shouldn't have even been in HS. I just want to go to a university and live on my own. My parents said they would pay for everything but I could never go to even a cc. Has Any one else screwed over by their low IQ? Have any advice? What should I do? I am extremely depressed becuase of this.
Are you artistic or creative?
>110 IQ
Is this a troll thread, or is your IQ actually much lower?
Are you actually looking for help, anon?
Not really. I can barely draw. I'm not very good at writing either.
I was tested in 8th grade by an actual psychologist and that's what I got. I was tested a lot at a young age for learning problems because I did very poorly in school and was always in the lowest math and reading classes.
Yes, I do. I always wanted to be smart but I was always the dumbest kid in the grade, or 2nd dumbest. I don't think it's something that I can really change. I'm too far behind school wise and I could never go to a college. I couldn't even pass any HS classes.
Did you have a favorite subject in school? What interests you most?
>8th grade
Well that's clearly not the case anymore because 110 IQ is 10 points above average. If you're going to use IQ as your sole measure of intelligence, it pays to actually know something about it.
My favourite subject was history. So pretty useless. And I wasn't even very good.
My IQ really wouldn't change that much since then. Unless I had some sort of brain injury, which I didn't.
My advice is to read some books (pick 1 book that is interesting and 1 boring book) then write reviews or essays on the books. Then write about the books and try to make the essays as long as possible using proper grammar and vocabulary. Make your thoughts sophisticated. Then, you might want to time yourself to see how fast you can do it. Start out small and work up to better standards.

For math I recommend Khan Academy. You need to make a free account on the website and then you will have access to the practice problems.
OP, just so we're clear: you do realize that 110 IQ is not a bad score, right? The average IQ score is 100, so 110 is 10 points above the average. Mental retardation starts around 70 IQ, for perspective's sake.

You understand this, right?
Yes, but it still feels very low. A 110 IQ person should be able to get through HS at the base classes pretty easily. But I could not.
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You're trolling us, right? Fuckin memester. But I'll spell out things for formality's sake.

IQ has nothing to do with SHIT (*at least in this case). People with IQs of 90 PASS HIGH SCHOOL ALL THE TIME.

An IQ of 110 is clearly not a low IQ score if the average IQ is 100 (the standard deviation is 15 points). Unless you were incorrectly assessed in the eighth grade, I don't think that your IQ level was your problem. While it IS possible your IQ was assessed incorrectly, there are other cognitive and learning factors that might mean something to your potential for success in the future.

Have you ever been tested for dyslexia or dyscalculia? That might explain difficulties with reading or math.
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