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I am angry. ANGRY ABOUT BEDBUGS. I've had to deal with

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I've had to deal with them for the past few months now. How the fuck do you kill these things for good aside from burning your room down? I've left traps out, I've sprayed my mattress and the edges of my carpet down with Raid repeatedly, my building manager has had a pest control team come in every couple of weeks to treat the place, and I've bought one of those mattress protectors since that's supposed to stop/trap them. And every time I start to think I'm in the clear because I haven't seen any for a week or so I find more of these faggots hanging around.

I've about lost all my goddamn patience for this shit. What the fuck do I do /adv/? I just want to be able to feel like I can sleep in my own bed again.
Make SURE it's food grade and to wear a dust mask when applying it.
Honestly dude youre beat forever they laid eggs in your scalp probably and no matter where you go eventually theyll hatch and get on your stuff and have more babies so honestly and truthfully dude i would say you life is probably over
Burn the bed and get a new one, probably cheaper to do than all this stuff

Also wash all other textiles in heavy salt/vinegar/chloride/water mixture and soak your scalp on that as well 2 times a day for a week.
Same here. These things are the fucking worst. Almost impossible to get rid of because they breed exponentially.

Cliffs notes: Pull your bed and other furniture a foot away from the wall because they can't jump. Wipe and scrub your bedframe and other hard furniture with window cleaner (they hide in tiny nooks) and all cracks in house too. Put the legs of bed in bed bug 'coaster' traps. Encase mattress/couch/any other furniture in plastic or things made for that. Don't forget the pillows. Wash and dry everything cloth on HOT (at least 60c) and bag that stuff too. Ideally you want as many clothes as possible sitting inside sealed airtight plastic for at least 8 months to let all the eggs hatch and starve. I use spacesaver bags that you can suck all the air out of. Get by on rotating the same few clothes left out as long as it takes. Get rid of clutter because that gives places to hide. Vacuum everything all the time (special attention to the carpet edges and pulling it up a little at the tacks). Throwing out the vac bag in a tied plastic bag after. The best thing so far has been spreading diatomaceous earth under and around my bed and leaving it there for weeks, that's resulted in fewer bites as it dehydrates them and they die. Not letting the covers drag on the floor for them to scale helped too. Gonna earth dust the whole house soon.

Also bedbugs are resistant to pesticides so fumigation may not always work. Spraying often causes them to run away and spread further (but since they're in my whole house whatever I'll give it a shot in important places). If you can afford it and have somewhere else to stay for a few nights you can pay an exterminator to heat your house to a temperature that kills all the bugs and eggs. It's fairly expensive though.
It's not common for them to live in hair or on pets. He has hope.
If more people live in your building you are fucked. You could purge your room but when your neighbours have them they could come from that room and repopulate.
I wish it was as simple as ditching the bed. The little cunce hide everywhere. Washing and drying everything on high heat kills the eggs and adults when little else can.
Yes. They can come from neighbours or spread to them. The best chance is if everyone purges at once.
The industrial grade pesticide is called Temprid, they combine it with Gentrol or something and it fucks with their growth hormones so they can't reproduce. It's probably pretty dangerous for an unprofessional to use though, make sure to look up a guide so you know what you're doing, it has to be watered down and stuff, you can't use it on any parts of the mattress cover you are touching. If you have pets, keep them out of those rooms. I have them, we got an exterminator to come and they still came back years later. Just burn the fuckers so they don't release that warning smell.
Metal bed frame. Always wash sheets . Always vacuum. Mold killing paint too . Maybe rip carpet up too.
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This is like, the fourth time I've said this on /adv/ about the same issue (bedbugs). I think I need to save this post so I can copy/paste in the future..

Basically, bedbugs are a bitch and there are a shitton of ways to 'deal' with them, most taking unholy amounts of time and effort, and not working well.
I had bedbugs a few months ago, and I utterly destroyed them using pic related.

It takes nowhere near as much time and effort as other solutions, and this is damn near guaranteed to work (i've used it many times for different types of infestations, in different properties). Basically, you:
1. Open all your cupboards and drawers; unplug all electronics
2. Set bomb off; leave room and close door - for two hours
3. Afterwards, open up doors and windows; wash all clothes/bedsheets; vacuum carpet
4. ???
5. Profit.

Takes all of 4 hours all up. I like to leave my window open for a couple days to completely get rid of the mild smell.

This thing will then prevent any bug from entering your room for the next 9 months. Yes, any bug. It says "Flea bomb", but it kills everything. If they are dumb enough to come in, they will die.
Has it killed them all or are you just not seeing any? Tempted but skeptical that it's just that simple. Bedbugs are a whole other animal to other infestations due to their pesticide resistance and I've seen sources saying not to bother with bombs.
Here http://citybugs.tamu.edu/factsheets/biting-stinging/others/ent-3012/
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 2

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