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Well. I guess I've finally come to this point. Asking 4chan

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Well. I guess I've finally come to this point. Asking 4chan for advice. Let me just list you my credentials:

>Going to Uni next year, doing Computer Science
>No gf
>Poor as fuck
>Nerdy hobbies only (videogames, d&d)
>Literally no motivation to do work
>Slowly losing will to live

So I mean, a couple of good things going on there but overall - I'm just not happy with myself. I think the key thing is with my weight: I just can't lose it. I'm not gonna say some kinda shit like it's not my fault. It is. I just give up every time I try.

I use overeating as a key stress-reliever in my life, and holy fuck, in this last year I've eaten a lot. Thing is also, I still live with my mum until September which means no money to buy my own food or shit.

I had a job at one point, but it literally stressed me out so much to balance with coursework I had no time to improve my life. Which was the entire purpose of the money in the first place.

But I guess, with my 'plan' to get back on track it's gonna be:

>Finish College (4 weeks or so?)
>Get a job
>Get a gym membership
>Buy my own food
>Grind it out for 3 months
>Save enough for good uni start
>Hopefully get to the point where I'm a functional human being again.

Well, yeah. That's what I hope guys. I don't know, I came to the advice board but it just seems like I've vented. Maybe that's what I needed. But since I'm here...any advice on my current situation?
Get off your lazy azz. You do t work you don't eat. You don't grind you don't shine
start dieting now. everything will be easier from then.
you can skip the gym membership and buying your own food part and start losing weight now. it's a simply mathematical equation of calories in < calories out, where calories out are the calories your body naturally burns daily to function.
This is preventative advice more than anything. In college a lot opportunities for so-called "stress relief" are gonna present themselves. For the love of God, avoid them like the plague. For instance, my entire debate team smokes, and I eventually caved to peer pressure and began smoking as well. Worst decision of my life. Be careful out there, anon.
Oh, actually bonus question from OP. How do you guys feel about NoFap?
Nofap is a waste of time unless you have a legitimate addiction to jerking off to porn to the point that its interfering with your life and fucking it up.
Best you can do apart from getting better on you physical health - you should learn programming by yourself and get a programming job which will give you more money and hopefully more satisfaction
If you try to make major changes in your life instantly you will most likely fail. Some people succeeded, but you're not very likely to do it. Instead you should start with one thing, turn it into a habit then do something else.

What I recommend you focus on first is working out. It helps with everything, from motivation and health to looks and confidence. Get a gym membership and go at least 3 days a week. If you can afford a personal trainer get one. I know people tend to dismiss it as a waste of money, but it can help immensely. I've seen people who work out for years and still have horrible form, use too much weight, hurt themselves and have absolutely ridiculous routines. If you can't afford it go and read the /fit/ sticky. Actually you should read the /fit/ sticky anyway.

Do this for a couple of months without forcing yourself to make any other changes in your life. If you feel comfortable with improving your diet or something like that do it, but don't force yourself to do it if you hate it, you'll just give up on it all if you try to do too much too fast. And during this time read "The power of habit" by Charles Duhigg. It will give you a better perspective on what you should do at that point. After that you should also read "Mastery" by Robert Greene, I really wish I read that when I was your age.
Immediately and permanently stop drinking anything except for water. Once you get that down, start adjusting your diet from there. Any changes to your diet that you make, you must view them at permanent changes. Read the sticky on /fit/ three times, then go from there. Even a fat, lazy shit like you can make it if you make a routine.

I'm on day 33, started without any knowledge about the community and when discovered it (day 7 or so) I was very sceptic about all the stuff they talk about ("more energy", "more drive", "brighter eyes", "more female attention", etc...), but there is certainly some truth hidden there, if not physiological at least at mental level

I cannot say I was deeply addicted to masturbation or anything, just did it a 2-3 times a week and personally I consider myself pretty normal: never had anxiety, have male & female friends, a job, etc...I just have low self esteem; started this to prove myself I could, and have to admit you kinda feel better with yourself when you beat the urges
Wait, is fapping two, three times a week average? Fuck. I fap every night I can, sometimes twice in a day.

I've tried NoFap before and I've never got past day 7. Usually I get to 3 or 4 and just give in.
>waste of time
It takes less than no time.
>don't fap
This principle should be applied to all vices until complete asceticism is achieved.
Thread posts: 13
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