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I'll cut to the chase. I'm 18, and incredibly stressed

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I'll cut to the chase.
I'm 18, and incredibly stressed about my future, basically my entirety of high school my parents have made my life hell. I'm a depressed virgin who hasn't been happy in a very long time, and the only thing keeping me going was the chance to move out after highschool and start a new. The plan was to go to community college with two friends and split rent. But as of this week my parents had a "dream for me" that I should join the air-force
I'm a pretty /fit/ guy and could handle it physically, the intimidating screaming would be nothing, and I did a ton of research on all the benefits. But I feel like I would hate my life and I just wanted my chance to finally go to college, go to stupid parties, and start my own projects I had in mind (podcasts or a comic). I don't know if I want to spend my youth joining a force I don't care for when I could possibly succeed at doing something i'm passionate about. And yeah I get that time flies fast and every adult says they wish they would've done it. But they didn't. I don't know, sorry for my kiddy whining /adv/.
Do what you want to do. You're 18 and you want to go down your own path, nothing wrong with that.

Keep The Air Force in mind as a solid backup plan if you don't know what to do after community college. Explain to them that you're an adult and ready to move out and try something on your own, and that you'll keep in touch and consider The Air Force in a couple years.

If they're strict and unwilling to accept your choice, then fuck them. Move out once you're done with HS. Any parents who can't support that choice aren't worth being controlled by anyway

The USAF would be a good choice, BUT.

Only do if you actually give a shit. If you really don't give a shit. Don't go into the military.

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I joined the Navy when i was 19. let me tell you, it was the best decision i ever made.

i spent 5 years traveling the world, drinking beer with bros, chasing pussy, and learning a trade. i even managed to knock out a couple semesters worth of college.

the military isn't what you think. for most its just another job, but in a bizarro world kind of way. its not like the movies unless you are like marine infantry or something. don't be afraid of the commitment. boot camp ain't shit.

i got out and used my GI bill to get a college degree. that fuckin' GI bill man... i was given 2k$ a month for living expenses + all tuition paid. i didn't have to work some shit job or stress about loans. i just sat around my dope little city apartment reading books and smokin' weed.

shitty pic related. we were pouring a concrete pad for an orphanage building in thailand. after we were finished we got drunk with the mayor and played soccer with the kids.

i say do it.
This in mind I think I want to go to community college which is only like 2,400 for tuition. And if I dont see any promising future once I come out then I would enlist, anyone see this as a mistake? any benefits?
not at all m8. thats a solid plan. you'd have enough GI bill to get you through a masters degree. my only regret was not doing more college while i was in.

also, even with a rinky dink associates degree from a CC you will make rank quick as shit as an enlisted fellow.
Thanks, this helped me sort out my plans. I hope everyone in this thread has a nice night
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>Air Force
>intimadating screaming

As an Infantryman, I got a hardy chuckle out of that.
This guy is right. Airforce doesn't do any of that shit. Airforce is the most comfortable military experience most people could have. There no yelling and the PT is extremely light and lenient.

You get treated like an adult in the Airforce not a child like the army or marines. They realise that if you chose the Airforce youre more than likely too smart to need to be yelled at and treated like a child because you are in fact a functioning adult.

The Airforce and Navy are the smart men's branches.
Airforce shill trying to justify himself being a pussy

Army checking in
The Armed Forces are generally for the poor who have no other opportunities.

If you have a chance to go to a prestigious officer's school that's one thing, but if you're just enlisting when you have the opportunity to get educated and make a living without forfeiting your rights as a citizen that's a stupid mistake.

If joining the armed forces was actually a good deal everyone would do it, not just those with nowhere else to turn.
Hey man if you like being in the army as an infantryman (assuming you're the one that replied to that guy) then more power to you. Airforce pays more, teaches you better skills, has the best quality of living and most freedom. I mean heck, were all on a first name basis. It's barely even a military branch.

If you want to have all the advantages of being in the military plus the comforts and humanity of a corporate job then airforce is the way. Plus you get to do really cool stuff like monitor all the nuclear launch facilities or track all the satellites.

Airforce may be pussies in the sense that were not all shitting in a hole in the middle of the desert or being treated like shit but atleast we have great careers and makes loads of money. We also have bases all over the world.

To each his own my man. And I will say that you get a sense if comraderie as an infantryman that you don't get anywhere else in the AF unless you're special forces. And that means a whole lot more than most people think.
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