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BOOM!! I literally nutted right in her puss. Oops.

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Ok /adv/,

so tonight I just unloaded the biggest load inside my girlfriend. First time I ever came inside a women. I usually just pull out a good 5 seconds before blast off.

27. Definitely not ready for a child. I had made up my mind to fill her with cum midway through it. My thinking was that the odds of conceiving would be next to impossible since shes currently on her period. After a bit of research, Turns out this true. It's next to impossible to conceive while menstruating.

Im still a little worried though. Plan B is literally 40 whole dollars. Ain't nobody got time for that. So does anyone have any reassuring stories they can share about cumming in their partners while on the rag? It'll make me feel better if you have one.

(First creampie. felt bretty gud desu flam.)
>tfw it was $60
I always let my partner cum inside me when I am on my period. Never got pregnant.
Also wtf 40 american monies for plan B? I can get it here over the counter for 15 european monies. Only ever gotten it when a condom broke and I wasn't on my period, don't worry.
>Ok /adv/
Bonus points for getting at the right board.

>Next to impossible
It can still happen. That's what matters.

>he can't afford 40 dollas
>even thinking this way when you want to bust internally
>ain't nobody got time for that
Not unless you're a NEET, in which case, holy shit dude, you're fucked.

>any reasurring stories?
Once upon a time I had a dream...
Then I woke up with what I THOUGHT was piss on the bed. Turned out to be residual cum from not jerkin' the gherkin' for 18 days. I wanted to kill myself, but I heard it's helpful for growing it up.

The end.
Just checked, it's 49.99 at Target. Thats robbery.

This..This is good to hear. Phew.
I usually let my boyfriend cum inside the week before I get my period. Never gotten pregnant or had a pregnancy scare.

You know OP, if you can't afford Plan B, you defiantly won't be able to afford kids. Buy the Plan B, and get your money game sorted.
I can easily afford it.

But im a smart investor and that wouldn't be a wise investment. The odds shes pregnant are sub 1%. Why would i waste money on that? Why? Just to be safe?

I bet you were that kid who wore his helmet and kneepads when he rode his bike at the park.

This was some good be of assurance and it was free. Also she got dubs. I'd say the thread was a success. I feel much better.
What do you think is more expensive? Plan B or raising a bastard child?
a girl can only get pregnant for 24 hours a month. that's how long the egg is available for fertilization.
the trick is that you don't know when the egg is gonna be available, and the sperm can stay alive in the body for 48 hours.

that's how women get pregnant during their period - if the egg becomes available right after period and say you came into her in her last day of the period etc.

it's unlikely but it happens.

anyway most chances are she's not pregnant. but if you want to keep having sex i think you should learn how all this stuff works. and she should too.
>I bet you were that kid who wore his helmet and kneepads when he rode his bike at the park.
Nah I was always the kid that cums inside his gf because she takes the pill. I'd be more worried about the pull out method. What are you? Poor? Retarded?
>40 whole dollars
What the actual fuck. It's 12 here in Australia.

America likes to fuck people over when ir comes to access to medical and health services
>The odds shes pregnant are sub 1%. Why would i waste money on that? Why? Just to be safe?
Yes, you're supposed to not just look at how likely it is but also how disastrous the consequences are.

If I told you I could give you a pill for something you wanted (like being thinner or whatever) but there was a 1% chance you would deal with migraine for a few years, you would go "okay migraine apparently is the worst, but it's just a 1% chance".
If there was a 1% chance that your dick would fall off, I'm pretty damn sure that you would not take that pill.
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Sub 1% though.

For instances, the odds of dying in a car crash on the way to work are higher than getting someone pregnant during their period, assuming they have a regular menstrual cycle.

The average cycle for women is 28 days.
A women ovulates 14 days before her period. (Half way mark)
Meaning no egg is available before then to be fertilized
Sperm can live inside a pussy worst case 6 days. On average its 3.
I filled her with cum on day 3 of her new cyle.
The first 14 days are free days of a wkmens cycle are "free" days

The second 14 days of her cycle are "consequences will never be the same" days

So since her cycle ended with her period and that was three days ago, its, 3 days. + The 6 possible days my dudes can last inside her. That's a total WORST CASE SFENARIO of 9 days.

But Likely, its a total of 6 days into her cycle when my sperms will die off.

6 days into her cycle and filled with cum. I should be safe. She wont ovulate for another 8 days after my dudes all die in there. Hell, i can even fill her up again tomorrow if i want.
I get my own periods, I know how they work. I know it's unlikely that she's pregnant and I know it's not impossible. I took the 1% stat from you, no idea how much it really is but the bottom line is that it's extremely unlikely but not impossible.

You can spin this shit however you want, come up with more analogies, but you are not going to convince me that 40$ to be absolutely sure that your life is not in RUINS in every way imaginable is not worth the investment. Obviously you're not some careless dude either or you wouldn't have made this thread. Realize it'll take another week or so for you to even know whether she's pregnant or not - for me, the 40$ would be worth even just that week of tension waiting whether you're in the clear.

>should be safe
Would not be enough for me. But it's your life, your risk to take.
You are an idiot, please always wear condoms.
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Oops, i just mansplained a women on periods of all things. Im ashamed.

But thanks for the advice. As you can see im trying to talk myself into not worrying even less than I already do. gonna roll the dice on this one though. Not much of a risk so If I fuck up these odds then so be it.

The whores itt said they let their friends cum inside all the time on their rag with no issue. I'm hoping for similar results.
>gonna roll the dice on this one though. Not much of a risk
The risk is having to either raise a kid or pay for her to do it without you.

likelihood =/= consequence

How fucking retarded can you be, guy?
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> 40 american monies
>15 european monies.
The risk of driving in a car is dying in a terrible crash.

The risk of sneezing is having a heart attack.

The risk of making out with your partner is contracting HIV

The risk of going to bed with a blanket is suffocating in your sleep.
You do know that sperm lives for a few days inside a vagina right?
People get pregnant on birth control, even when used as prescribed.
My buddy had a baby with a 17yr old (he was only 19) because he had unprotected sex while she was on her period.
He somehow seems surprised that I haven't gotten pregnant with my fiance of 8yrs because we actually bother to use condoms.
$40 is a lot cheaper than an abortion or baby friendo, it's a worthy investment.
US is cronyism. The government protects bad providers, and consumers get bad deals.

Yuros are probably just subsidized. Is there actual market competition for meds in Australia?
>Can't pay for $40 contraceptive
>Is gonna have to pay up to $200,000 for the next eighteen years

OP's faggotry is off the charts today, anons.
>$40 contraceptive
Dude didn't even get a condom. You can get plenty of those for free from people who don't want OP to reproduce.
>free condom machine broken into .jpg

>please click the street signs
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Thread images: 5

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