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Meningitis from a tick?

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It's been over a year ago since I have been hospitalized for over a week with "aseptic tick borne meningitis". I was having problems even before said infection with joints, vision and memory for example, eye shadows abundant and forgetting in mid sentence and it's a pain in the ass in college. Now I feel like I have constant headaches, my personality is "dead", my neck hurts all the time, always fidgety and anxious nomatter what I do or think, and since hospitalization I have had multiple clean blood panels, clean lyme test (even though diagnosed with llyme wtf?), clean MRI and EMG. I'm going to fucking die and my family calls me a hypochondriac, and people are trying to say I'm mentally ill, what do I do?

I'm always depressed, always anxious nomatter situation which is true I know, and I would get angry for example in class out of nowhere do to such intense introspection on my difficulties. All my joints hurt and I try to be fit, my head tingles, and I go into seemingly dissociative episodes. My infectious disease doctor said that I'm "the mystery man" and proceeds to make it a joke when in reality he made himself look like a cringefest.
Tested for
Epstein Bar
Lyme (Western Blot and ELISA)
MRI(3 of them)
Blood panel

I do Have TMD

He never confirmed Lyme, so what else could it be? And why are people seemingly ignoring my legitimate struggles whether it be doctors or family? I used to have great work ethics, now I run out of energy so fast. I can barely talk to people and when I do it is in fragments.
I might just off myself if I see this rhemutologist coming up and she doesn't find anything.
1. Don't off yourself pls
2. Go to another doctor, or even try the college health center

Make sure you're drinking enough water, eating enough food, and getting good amounts of all food groups in.
Well at least the culprit we know was a tick. Those little bastards can carry so many weird diseases. Also if the meningitis was very heavy then it can have a long lasting after effects on your health. I don't believe there is anything you can do but try to stay fit and more importantly try to manage your condition. If doctors tell you you are sick in the mind that is utter bullshit. You had meningitis from a tick and was hospitalized. So specialists should have come up with some sort of plan to manage you to better health afterwards.

Look, I know this sounds really cheesy, but have a look into cannabis oil. There are many cases of people with bad reuma or who live in constant pain and agony who after smoking, or taking the oil they feel they can manage better and get back on track
Well if it's not my fault who is it? Somebody done goofed somewhere and I want Justice. Hell if it was my fault I would die from the shame already cause atleast I have empathy.
1.Suicide is a blessing at this point if I'm going to be a tinnitus senile person still in my teens
2. I have seen 4 doctors, infectious disease, nerologist, armchair psychiatrist, endocrinologist and FUCKIN BOB ROSS
Everytime I go back to the doctors they don't have my files
That sounds fishy, they should have your files. And it's not your fault, you can't control what happens inside your body.
Don't forget there's worse off people out there, I breathe thru a tube and can't eat solids for the rest of my life and I'm only 20
Bob Ross?
Try seeing a psychiatrist that deals with post illnesses or people who have illnesses. If at this point your blood is clean there's nothing the doctors can do unfortunately. All they can do is just get you someone that can help you cope. And from there the psychiatrist can determine if you are healthy or might have an underlying issue the doctors may have missed and even refer you to a specialist. Sounds like you might have developed a mild case of PTSD.
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