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>18 (now 19), never had a bf, like being alone >meet guy

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>18 (now 19), never had a bf, like being alone
>meet guy Dec of 2015
>end up fucking in his car like 3 weeks later
>he comes home with me that night and never leaves after that, moves in
>he's a suicidal, manipulative, angry asshole
>threatens suicide constantly
>never know if today he's going to like or hate me, have to watch everything I say around him
>5 months of pointless, childish drama he creates, dealing with his constant mood swings
>my mom gets cancer so we move in with her (she's ok)
>things just get worse and my mom fucking hates the guy
>I get pregnant
>treats me extra bad my entire pregnancy, makes me do everything for him and is always making me cry and stressing me out
>baby is 2 months now and he is completely uninterested, calls him annoying, seems to want nothing to do with him, acts like he's a huge nuisance ruining his precious time
>has been an asshole lately because we weren't able to have sex, pressured me into it after 3 weeks which is dangerous but he didn't seem to care
>When I try to end it, he threatens suicide
I'm done with this relationship. We do have fun and get along when he's in a good mood, and I do love him. But the way he treats my son pisses me off to no end and I'm just too tired to deal with him anymore. It's like he's the girl, doing all your typical jealous crazy girlfriend things. He's actually grabbed me a few times and I wouldn't be surprised if hitting comes next. I won't let my son grow up with that. He's six years older than me, yet he's a fucking child.
The other day I thought I had finally done it and we were through. But of course, he starts saying he has nothing left and he's going to kill himself. I don't believe him, I know he's being an attention whore, but even if there's a 1% chance he'd actually do it, I don't want to risk that. I don't know what to do. I've told him several times to go to therapy but he "doesn't believe in that" and refuses. How do I end this without him possibly ending his life?
Well when it comes down to it you have to decide if your son have a decent childhood is worth more than that stupid asshole's life. The only way you'll be able to get out of this is if you accept that chance, however small, that he'll actually kill himself. Until you do that you're as responsible for whatever harm comes to you or your son as he is.
Seriously get a better sense of judgement. and get the cops involved so they can put him in a mental institute. See how he likes being suicidal.

And then run and never come back.
So much this.
Cut this guy out of your life. He sounds like the guy who wont take fuck off for an answer so if necessary get the police involved.
How long would they be able to keep him? I figured no more than a few days if he's being cooperative.
Till he stops acting 'suicidal' those are they days you run or atleast change the locks.
Also get him a warrant so he can't show up.
Wow you're a dumb whore
Sounds like BPD.

Dump him now before he wastes any more of your life, let him kill himself - honestly it would be the best thing for everyone. He will never change.
Tell him "Do it. I'm done. I don't care anymore".

Post reaction op
But seriously you might be the queen of bad decisions. Like wasn't it obvious this guy was bad news? Having a child only complicates or elevates things (this is common knowledge)

Fucking hell.

Get some self-esteem and some smarts. You've fucked up hard. Here's a list of how you fucked up.

>never had a bf, fucked a random after 3 weeks
>he's crazy but still moves in
>you stupid fucks don't use contraceptives
>you become pregnant with the crazy's baby
>you decide to KEEP the baby
Throw him out. If he refuses to go, call the cops. He has no legal right to be there. If he threatens suicide - either before or after he's gone - call emergency services and have him hospitalized. Get a no-contact order against him

I would have a hard time believing you but I actually know people as stupid as you and it always make me laugh how much shit they can create or get into.
Who gives a fuck if he ends his life? You can't save everyone, sometimes it's enough to save yourself.

You've basically got to choose between making yourself happy, or making him happy. Choose wisely. But I would be very careful that he doesn't end up killing you, because he sounds like a loose cannon. You need an alarm system and a gun.
Thread posts: 14
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