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Learning how to deal with my parents disliking me? I am the

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Learning how to deal with my parents disliking me?

I am the eldest out of my two brothers but I was born with a lot of health problems and disabilities because of this I was vulnerable at a young age and ended up getting groomed by an adult that in return ended up creating even more problems for me and I ended up developing agorphobia as I got older.
I ended up going to college online for web design I got honnors but after completing college and going into the work field remotely I realized that web design affected my health too greatly so I ended up freelancing art I make roughly 2k a month which is not that much but I can live with it and my health is better so that is all that matters.
My parents do not think too highly of me though. My two younger brothers are engineers and making 100k+ a year they are always bragging to family and friends about how successful my brothers are. When they visit all they do is talk about my brothers and I try to change the topic but they will just ignore me and keep going on. I am very proud of my little brothers but I do not feel it is right for my parents to love me less for going my own path for my health. My parents often belittle my health issues and disabilities and will say they are non existant but when I try to do anything outside of my comfort zone they will bring up my health issues and tell me not to do. It is very belittling and embarassing. I am just reccently getting comfortable with the fact that my life will be based more on taking care of my health than career and that was very difficult for me to grasp. How my parents treat me though is putting salt in it even more though. I have tried talking to them about it but they will just ignore what I have to say.

What do you do when you are the least favourite child out of your family? I really do not want to cut my parents out of my life and I can tell by how they treat me it makes my brothers uncomfortable too.
So what exactly are your health issues? Give me a quick rundown.
I have a lot of deadly allergies and a lot of allergies its easier for me to say what I can eat than can not, crohns, dsylexia, stutter and hearing disability that was born with. My body pretty weak and because of the stuff that happened when I was a kid my anxiety can affect my health largely especially crohns because when anxiety high I get far worst ulcers. I take medical weed that is helping but I am constantly having to watch what I eat and do so I do not end up bed ridden.
Sounds like you have a hard time, my friend. I dont know your parents, but if you think its possible to talk to them you could try to make them understand how you feel about all this. I dont think they can blame you for your health problems. I hope your brothers respect you at least?
Thank you Anon I have tried but they deny my health issues that is their mentality. My youngest yes but midle no I do not talk to him when I was really sick last year and depressed he told me my college was a waste and that I do nothing with my life.
It sounds like your parents are fooling themselves thinking that you're just pretending to be sick.

I'm also the least favourite child of my family but my parents are not disrespectful even though I dont even have a job, and all my siblings respect me, which is good. Therefore I guess I cant really put myself in your shoes.

If there is no way you can get your family to understand you, maybe you should focus your feelings on other people and things. Like getting new friends to focus your love on, instead of your family who is clearly trying to distance themselves from you. I hope you find peace in your life.
How dependant are you on your parents? I'm talking about everything, financially, emotionally, etc.? You probably should talk to a professional about what happened to you as a kid at the very least. Also, you only have one life, if you cannot find a way to have positive interactions with your parents/family then you need to limit them as much as possible.
Reading through this thread I feel ya. My parents care more about the family image than the family itself. Fuck em man. They're all narcissists.
Thank you Anon I am sorry to hear that what kind of career do you want to enter? I may be able to help.

I have tried therapists and pyschologists since I was 16 but have not met the right fit to open myself up to. Its only been the past four months that I have told my close friends about my past in hopes of being able to move forward. I am married and my spouse is very supportive of my choices and having the will to keep trying even though in pain. It just really hurts to know the people that brought you into the world want nothing to do with you because of your social status. They were like this when I was a kid too they made me feel bad for having my illnesses and disabilities I remember once my teacher called my mom when I was nine and told her that I be a drug addict and never go to college when I grow up because of my disabilities my mom thought she was an idiot but never brought it to the school and the teacher contiuned treating me like that infront of my peers. I was too young at the time to know that adults can be wrong too.
Doubt it, I'm not American, but thanks for offering. Good luck to you!
Sorry to hear that Anon some people should just not be parents.
I am not American either Anon and I do all my work online freelancing I have different contacts in different parts of world. Best to luck to you Anon as well.
Thread posts: 12
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