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Escape from the miserable beta life

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I've lived an extremely sheltered, closed in excuse for a life and I want to break out of it. I'm a 20 year old handholdless virgin and I feel like I haven't really "lived". I've spent my whole life in a room by myself staring at my computer screen and I'm tired of it. I'm currently in college for engineering, but I realize that my current path will lead to more of what I want to escape. I also experience a considerable amount of anxiety(currently on meds). I'm at a complete loss for what path to take. I'd ideally like to find some way to travel, but I know I'll be the same person regardless of where I go.
i am also in the same predicament.
It has made me such a boring person, I find it hard to make friends and have continuous conversations.

I've always heard "fake it until you make it" instead of being yourself, but pretending to be an interesting, funny person is extremely difficult when you aren't.
It's a feeling I think a lot of people on a site like 4chan experience. Being in college has forced me to be slightly more social, but the damage has already been done. I still retreat to my room with my emotions alternating between sad, slightly optimistic, and emotional husk.
>but the damage has already been done
sad but true. we spent our formative years grinding RPG and RTS vgs while everyone else was learning social skills and exploring relationships.

The worst part is wanting to be social when I'm alone and wanting to be alone when I'm social. There's no winning, we're damaged human beings.
Speak for yourself. I truly enjoyed my time with the RPG's and yet can still be social. Spending time with the RPG's doesn't make you not social, you choose not to be social
The part about formulative years really gets me. I wish I could go back and redo it all. I feel like I'm playing catch up to people who are already at a professional level emotionally and socially. Maybe there's still hope though.
Spending 10-15 hours a day playing RPGs like I did while growing up does in fact make you unsocial.

>you choose not to be social
Yes, I chose to play RPGs instead of being social as a kid and now I have the social skills of an autist. Do you have an actual point or are you just gloating about your social skills, asshole
I have a similar issue. It makes me feel even worse because I'm really good looking and fit, but still to shy to even say hi to a girl on campus.
My point is that there is nothing stopping you from getting up, going outside, and talking to be. Grinding to level 99 isn't stopping you from being social, your physically choosing not to do it. See what I'm sayin?
Nothing except my terrible social skills and anxiety. You think I don't try? I still have to go to my classes, and people just don't want to talk to me anymore after I open my mouth for a bit too long. If someone actually liked my personality and wanted to get to know me I'd oblige.
Stop being so condescending. Grinding definitely stunted my social growth, I don't know how to express myself as a person and everyone else has already been actively practicing since grade school.
I've had some similar issues before. Normal social interactions happen naturally and are effortless. Not something you need to force or put a bunch of effort into.

The fact that you want to improve means you probably will over time. So don't stress it, a lot of other people have similar issues.

The only way to speed up the process, i know of, is to not do degenerate things and be less selfish. A lot of social anxiety in today's society comes from people's addictions to various vices, which is way worse with the high speed net. Even 15 years ago things weren't this screwed up.
>Escape from the miserable beta life

Lifting, dedicated practice of conversation skills, get some accomplishments so you can get some confidence, also learn to fight because jilted orbiter jealousy today is the same as keked husband jealousy in the past. Recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if you can find it, find a gym where the folks are friendly and the teachers are diligent about safety.
>jilted orbiter jealousy today

explain please
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