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Hello. I have one little problem, I am only attracted to anorexic girls. And no, not skinny. Literally anorexic. I am obsessed with them. And I feel disgust to any others, because they are too fat. I had relationship with skinny girl, but it wasn't easy for me to fuck her, because she was still too fat. I tried to make her ana, but she dumped me after losing 6 kg (she was only 41 kg with 165 height). Yeah, I know, I shouldn't do this, I promise I won't in the future.
And it is rather difficult to find ana girl. Not underaged and proana is rare. I am spending much time of my life just for searching one, and I feel that's wrong, that I need to do smth more meaningful than searching for girls, I am not a fucking teenager. But I can't stop, because I love them.
As for me, I am not ana. People often asked me this. I am underweight, but if I become fully ana, I won't be able to earn money, so I can't, at least for now, untill I have hope to find my ideal girl.
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wtf is that pic fucking real??? that terrifying and sick and shit, i know anorexia is a sickness, but FUCK.
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you must be super low test
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Enjoy getting triggered and cleaning the vomit off your monitor
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look at all this fat
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Welcome to 4chan
Yeah, that's real. Ashley is absolutely perfect.
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You are absolutely disgusting
at least youre not a pedo, but you should consider to kys
Stop dating.
If you can't stop trying to turn girls Ana then stop.
Being anorexic is incredibly harmful and by supporting it you are further increasing the harm she does to her body. Ana people need support and help not enabling faggots.
I know what ana is and how it affects body. I am not delusional. But it is beautiful, like, really beautiful. It is just worth it. You can harm your health in many different ways, like alcohol, or drugs or steroids. But only ana is actually do something for you, it makes you look so good, almost like a god himself.
You paying a price, and you get something that worth much more than you price. It is a good deal.
I will eventually become ana myself, don't worry. But for now - I want to date beautiful girls, that's it.
nice 10 reply bait thread faggot
I'll bite.

Kill yourself.
You're a fucking psychopath. Consider therapy.
She's actually pretty cute :P
Can you be more polite? Did I insulted you in some way? Nope. Then what is wrong with you?
As I said, I'll become ana myself someday too. I'll got what I deserve.
And I am not harming anyone. I want to date anorexic proanas, not fatties. It took me large efforts to make a girl to lose weight, and it's not worth it. She wasn't even grateful.
Anorexics know, what is so special about ana. It is not a disease, it is a blessing. To be ana - you need a strong will and ambitions. Ana is for elite people.
No need to be polite. You're justifying convincing girls, hell, other human beings into harming themselves for your benefit with little to no compassion for the consequences. That defines someone with a mental disorder. Anorexia kills. So does obesity. No one gives a fuck what you do with yourself, but don't make others do it. She was damned right to have left you.
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This gets my Seal of Upheaval.
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I am repeating once again - I am not gonna convert anybody to anorexia. That was a single act of despair, it is not like I am sociopath who has fun killing people. Dude. No, you are wrong.
I also dated real anorexic girl, and I pretty much know everything about their problems, because of her. She left me, though, but not because of ana, just some personal stuff. But she was okay with her ana, and she knew she was looking amazing. We both agreed with that.
Anorexic people know what ana is. It makes you almost euphoric, when you see how fast you weight is going down. It makes you feel like you are the god of this world. It is just amazing, fuck, I don't have enough words to explain it to you. You need to feel it, to live though it, then you'll know what I mean.
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I just wanted to ask some advises, about what should I do, or where should I search for anorexic proanas.
You are sick, dude.
I wouldn't wish a relationship with you on no one. You have a problem, fix it.
>You have a problem, fix it.
That's exactly what I am trying to do.
How ironic is that shirt on her

>be anorexic
>mario is a fucking fatty
>have him on your shirt

ps. you got ur advice man - kys
Rly? Is that all you've got?
>Rly? Is that all you've got?
No you can apologize to that poor girl before you kys
Why would I apologize to her? I just wanted her to be beautiful. She chose to be fat and ugly. Ungrateful bitch.
Apologize for making this pure garbage thread that belongs somewhere between /pol/ and /b/.

Youre not looking for advice, youre bragging and baiting. Im not falling for this shitty bait thread, Im just triggered by the way you write. This is like baby's first bait thread 101. Either way Im out since youre just repeating yourself by now. And so am I - kys
Yeah, nothing informative, as usual. The world is not so simple, as you think, if something is beyond your understanding, it doesn't mean someone is trolling you.
Go for therapy, seek professional help.
You'll feel better when you'll be able to have a healthy relationship and to be at your best for the girl you love. Take care.
I get it. Op is attracted to skeletons. Anorexia is one step away from death, so I suspect he'd be a perfect murderer. It all makes sense now.

He reminds me of the Doctor character in bioshock who screamed about one of his patients being ugly
Man I bet those holocaust pictures get you hard huh?
anorexia is the disease, not the state of being extremely underweight. Fat people can have anorexia.
Anorexia is a blessing, that makes you beautiful.
sure, whatever.
Anorexia is a blessing, not a state. Fat and average people can have anorexia.
Can't argue with that. Ana is a state of mind, that leads you to perfect state of your body. But obviously, I like those who are already extremely underweight. Although, I would date and average girl with anorexia, I'd help her to make it to perfection.
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>I need to live through being weaker than a fucking Q-Tip
Here's your (You)
You really need therapy. Anorexia is extremely dangerous, even more so than obesity. You may have given your ex severe body issues with your selfishness. You can't help what you're attracted to, but this is not ok. It's arguably predatory behavior.
>severe body issues
Nah, 40 kg is far from ana.
At 165 cm, that's a BMI of 14.7. That is severely underweight.

Also OP, what the fuck is wrong with you. Normal people do not find dying Auschwitz-mode girls attractive.
I don't know what's wrong with me. I was attracted to thin girls even when I was a kid.
Thank mr skeltal
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 15

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