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Moving on?

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I've posted here before, recap:
>Girl A:Said she liked me since day one, broke up with her boyfriend, came to right after. I told her that her ex and I were friendly and she also needed time to process her relationship. She told me she was a serial dater, gave me cold feet, smoked and drank a lot, couldn't do much house work and never did much for me. I tried teaching her to cook, fixed up her car that she crashed when she was drunk, spent a lot of time with her, etc and talked about us. February I call on valetines to make it official and she tells me she's going on a date with someone else. I was devastated, still kind of am. A few of my "friends" knew about, banished those fake backstabbers, told her I cared for her and don't know why she abandoned me when I asked for some space to deal with my problems. She said she was "sorry for hurting me" and "didn't know I felt that way about her". We fought, I lashed out, cried and have been trying to "move on" while telling myself "She'll be back". But I just find her to be stupid and untrustworthy. She jumps between relationships very fast, does lots of casual hookups and switches her likes an dislikes just to match up with someone. She's 23 and I've gone from anger and betrayal to just pity.
>Girl B
She's 19. She's very friendly, physically more attractive to me, doens't smoke or drink except socially. She's been really into me for about a year now and I admittedly was worried about her age(I'm 28) and the fact that she hasn't dated(Is very picky like I am) and wants a stable and clean partner. Which is what I want. We've talked a lot and I never pulled the trigger for those reasons, but also because I spent the last five months heavily invested in trying to help out the other girl. Today I tried sleeping(it's been hard) and dreamt of girl A. I want to make it happen. But I'm worried also that perhaps I'm just craving a relationship and not necessarily her. I try to be very careful in showing people if I have feelings for them or not, because I hate causing unecessary damage to people. This girl is really nice and I'm considering it seriously. I've been working out, I'm in better shape, feel better and am working towards starting my own business.
Part of me is still thinking that girl A's relationship will blow up and that she'll come running back to me. But that makes me feel guilty for thinking ill of that and secondly, I just feel like if she came back; I'd probably just resent her, sleep with her, treat her poorly and it would end sooner or later in a bad way. I don't think I can ever trust her again or the things she says. We haven't talked in about a month and she knows why, but we see each other at work. I promised her to always be there for her when things got serious, and I take my promises seriously. But her selfish and unthinking behaviour is a huge turn off and I just want to insult her when I think of her. Do I go for girl A and see where it goes, or do I even consider girl B? The reason I ask is that I don't necessarily care to have a girlfriend, I'm a bit of a loner and consider girls additional happiness and not happiness itself. I know relationships are a lot of work and often you have to do things that you don't want too for your partners happiness. I don't treat them lightly because I know the damage bad ones can do to people. Girl A? Or keep working on myself and "wait" for Girl B?
Stay far the fuck away from A

Entertain B but unless she's mature for her age, or you're an immature shithead, then the age difference and life experiences may create problems later on. Not necessarily, but

If B doesn't work out, then get another prospect.

Business as usual
Yeah that's kind of what my guts telling me. I screwed up my last paragraph btw, I meant to say "Do I even consider girl A?" not B. Is the age thing really that big of a deal though in relationships? This girl is just wrapping up trade school and seems to have a decent head on her shoulders. I'd be her first boyfriend though and want to be really sure that I'm not simply using her to feel better about girl A.
Spend enough time with her and youll forget about A

B is a wildcard, you have no idea how she is, just what you see when hanging out.

you're not marrying her, just date and take it easy. wait 6 months, thats when the crazy comes out usually
That makes sense. But honestly a part of me really misses girl A. I think the fact that it was so sudden and she didn't even tell me is what keeps her in my mind. I want my "chance" does that make sense? But my rational brain is telling me what you are "Bail out".
Well I've scheduled a coffee date with girl B for later this week. She seems to be really looking forward to it and I'm a bit happy. But I'm seriously worried that I may be trying to fill the void of girl A with her. Why do I still want girl A? I'm so confused.
Thread posts: 8
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