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Dating and effort?

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In my experience, I am finding that women are putting in like zero effort when it comes to dating. Not saying all, just in my experience.

They all seem pretty good then you realize that you are the first to text always. Then you realize they take forever to respond. Then you have to double text them because they send mixed signals or answers.

Why is it that men seem to put so much effort into dating women but women don't return the effort.

I am mostly bothered by women who don't text first to start a convo or some shit. FzuCK!!!

I just want someone that matches my effort. So far I have dated maybe 8 women in my life. None of which I could call my girlfriend. All of which I put in a ton of effort when dating.
it might just mean they don't like you
Then what the fuck are they going out with me for? This is why I always split the cost of the date. I refuse to feed someone who is just using me.

Why do women say "yeah, I like you" but don't mean it. I can recall two times that happened to me. I try to keep a clear mind and realize that some people are just manipulative shit bags but what the fuck am I supposed to do when it keeps happening.

I never understood why people lie about shit like that.

Then, if you flip out on then, you are the bad guy. WHAT?!?!
Don't forget that
You are the male You have to seduce women in order to obtain the right to put your seed in them.
Women, on the other hand, have to decide among a zillion pretendants which one will be the one whom child they will carry. You have to show you are the guy. You have to do the work while they wait for shit to happen.

Good luck with that
If you want to be pursued, try dating other men.

Other wise suck it up and shut the fuck up.
You are ignoring all the shit they have to do to get your attention, and acting as if it doesn't count as "effort," which it clearly does. Do you want things to be equal, or do you want results?
What shit do they have to do? All the girls I have dated thus far didn't even wear makeup.
Put up with your shit. Seriously....would you date you? (They also have to look nice enough to hope you will want to date them. If they like a guy, guess what? They have to hope he feels the same way. You have advantages from being male. Stop focusing on the disadvantages.)
I don't follow. Let's keep the topic on dating. Do you think I walk around like a slob hoping to attract a girl?
If you're past the age of 16, texting has no place in dating. It is most certainly not "effort". Just fucking call if you have something to talk about or see face-to-face. That is effort. Texting is just teenage bullshit and trying to have a conversation over texting (other than to arrange a face-to-face meeting) is childish and pointless. Obviously the women you're seeing know this.
Everything takes effort when you suck dick at it.

Literally git gud. Learn the rules. Learn the signs. Learn what you're willing to do and what you're not but only after understanding what's actually reasonable.

Trial and error faggot. You are clearly a teenage faggot just figuring things out.
Nobody in their 20s makes phone calls anymore. You must be a fucking geezer or something. I have not called a bitch for a date in... I can't even tell you. Maybe it's a regional thing but everyone around here texts. At least as far as dating goes. It's actually weird to call someone out of the blue.

Well, maybe it's different when you're dating "bitches", I can respect that.
It was a figure of speech. But yeah. Keep using semantics. Women in their 20s don't call dudes. And dudes in their 20s don't call women. Everyone texts. Calling is considered weird because no one wants to get caught in a awkward silence.

Where do you live that calling people unannounced isn't full anathema?

UK and I'm 27, so not exactly ancient yet. And of course people prefer to text, but so fucking what. If you're dating someone or looking to date someone, I'd imagine you'd want to stand out somehow to catch their interest. If the easiest way to do that is to be the only one to call her, then why not go with that? Besides, OP was complaining that girls take forever to respond to messages and they can't exactly do that with a call unless they outright don't answer their phone, so problem solved. I really don't see why this is such an issue these days, but it does explain why people are having these ridiculous problems with something as simple as dating. The whole problem was about making an effort and I stand behind what I said. Texting is not making an effort; it's basically the exact opposite.
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Lazy faggot
Thread posts: 16
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