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My dad has pancreatic cancer. He's talking about committing

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My dad has pancreatic cancer. He's talking about committing suicide, and I don't blame him. But, should I try to stop him? Is it right that he should suffer all that pain?

He told me that lately, suicide seems like a better option than treatment. I knew that it wouldn't be that day, since he was getting a biopsy, so I said that I didn't blame him, and that it's ultimately his decision. I don't know what I would say to him, honestly, if he comes up to me and says he's about to do it.

Should I try to talk him out of it? This is hard.
We're both men; never been too emotional around each other, but we said most of what we need to say to each other. We're really close.
I think you should convince him to hold off until he can no longer enjoy life. Maybe schedule some time away together and squeeze everything you can out of his last moments. Do some sort of shit you've never done - a test of manhood like running with the bulls, sky diving, auto racing, or some other dangerous shit. After all, if he dies doing it at least he got an honorable death and if not, you have memories to hang onto about how your dad was a bad ass until the end. Hopefully he has insurance that pays him while he is unable to work so you can do this. You can file FMLA if you have been with your employer for a year and get 12 weeks off, assuming US.
I'm only 21, and college student, so we won't be running with the bulls anytime soon. He's in too much pain anyway. I'm definitely feeling the full weight of all the responsibilities I'm going to inherit. But yeah, I'm hoping I can drink with him one last time; we used to drink together and have backyard bonfires every Friday--me him and my friends. Poor man's only 51.
you should do mdma and mushrooms with him as much as possible in safe environments, you will be grateful for the rest of your life for this. trust
too late for whipple procedure? damn yeah medicine for pancreatic cancer is too far behind, maybe in 20 or 30 years...

Exit bag is painless, doesn't seem like an illogical thing to do
Better to go fast, then to see him waste away slowly
It's his life, if that's his decision then it's up to him. I would strongly suggest that he is sure he is done with life though, has taken care of everything he wants to. Maybe completing a bucket list would work out. The idea is to have no regrets.

But ultimately it is his life, he is the master of his own fate.

Many condolences to you, I know it's hard being in your position. Make sure you take some time for yourself, to give yourself a mental break every now and then and please don't try to take everything on yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help, professional or otherwise.

All the best.
He would use his glock 45 if he does. Hollow point, so that sounds pretty quick. He got all his ducks in a row, so now it's just a matter of waiting. There's a chance he might make it, but it's pretty thin. Taking care of my mom is going to be the hardest part--she's not old, just ditzy. Doesn't know how to do anything.
future doc here, i support euthenasia, personally.

dude has a choice to make. just make sure he has thought it through. he needs to realize that if there is any possibility for him to pull through, he should not commit suicide. simple as that.

if the chances are all but nil, and he's in severe pain, AND he feels like nothing would be gained by him, you, or your mother in him continuing to live, only THEN should he maybe consider going through with it.

I'm glad to see your understanding, OP. it takes real courage and selflessness to be open to what he's proposing as an option for him. most people are incapable of that.

sorry for your father's situation and what you're going through.
also, as a side note (and obviously not speaking in professional doc terms here), as someone else said i would be trying to get into some awesome experiences with my father before he worsens. smoke weed together, go do something fun, share an hallucinogenic trip or something. not a bad idea at all.
one thing they push in medical school is that you should never recommend anything to your patients. let them know their options. keep them informed.

i would recommend approaching your father in the same way. if he absolutely has to know what you would personally do, only then would you tell him.

this is his trip. his decision.

you seem to know that already though
bro i will say this now, depending on what stage he is he only has a few painful months. I lost my mom to pancreatic in June. We found out beginning of May. We planned a family trip and everything and she didnt make it.

It was horrible watching what little I had to witness. I've lost a father figure to disease prior to this. If he knows he's going to suffer I say go out enjoy every last moment and end it on your own terms instead of lying in a bed wishing to die.
Thread posts: 12
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