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Talk about the idea of post-mortem popularity

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So tonight, a boy in my school finally died from his suicide attempt. he had jumped off a nearby cliff beginning of last week. He was a social loner by the end of his life, granted he still had a close knit of friends. and from what I can tell, he despised the popularity contest of school life. So why is it that when he died, all these people who didn't give a shit about him suddenly start going on about him like he was their best mate? I find it far more disrespectful then not saying anything at all. I feel like I should say something about it. but people will obviously twist the truth and say that I never cared. these kids who probably don't know his name are posting over snapchat "RIP" and it makes me want to punch them in the teeth.

Sorry if this is the wrong board for this kind of shit, I didn't want to post on /b/ because its all bots over there.
This happens at every high school. The school I went to had like 4 or 5 kids in the same class die over the past few years and everyone does the same shit. It's just a product of the popularity contest that is high school. They want people to think they cared and that they're sad. Some may feel remorse but that's very unlikely. They don't actually care about the dead, they just want more attention.
People are virtue signalling cunts. NEVER forgive or trust the people who make someone else's death about them. The exact same thing happened at my school, but with a motorcycle accident. That event honestly made me realize that about 85% of people are so far beyond narcissism they've reached sollipsism. Just fuck those people. The guy who died wasn't my friend, but the way everyone handled it sickened me to the core.
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All of you in this thread, you lot are good people and I can dig your opinions.
Seconded, i dont have anything to add, y'all have said it for me.
People have romantic feelings for people who die. They remember seeing them around and now they will never see them again. They feel guilty for not getting to know that person more and overcompensate by glorifying every minor interaction with that person. It may also be a manifestation of their own fear of death.
OP Here, so today they had a special room where you could go see Councillors,Teachers etc to talk about what happened, and it was just abused by girls who didn't want to be in lessons. like how much of a scumbag do you have to be?
You guys are young. Death - and especially the death of your peers - has a major impact on you. It's the first brush with death for a lot of you, it's the first chance to get an idea of what real, tangible loss is. They might not have known him well, but they did know him on a more significant level than a person they've only heard about. He made death, suicide in particular personal. Plus there's empathy to consider. They'll likely have thought about killing themselves before and wonder about what drove him to do it. They'll think about their brief interactions together, wonder if there was something more they could have done to help him. If they'd only gotten to know him maybe things would have panned out differently. A lot of people do get caught up thinking like that when affected by someone's death, even someone they knew only briefly.

You're sitting here on 4chan calling these people out for how disrespectful they're being, and you're acting like you knew him so much better and are qualified to speak on his behalf and that everyone else should be ashamed. You didn't say "Tonight a friend died", it was "a boy". You don't know him any better than they do but you're sitting here, processing your feelings about it and meanwhile judging others for doing the same. It's perfectly normal to have to process these things. Don't go around being insensitive or accusing people of being attention whores/just faking needing to talk to counselors to get out of class. That's a damn good way to become hated by the entirety of your school. You haven't uncovered some secret truth, you're just being insensitive and paranoid of other people and their motives.

>People are virtue signalling cunts
You and he are doing exactly that. It's okay, and it's normal, to virtue signal. It shows that you're a good part of the group and that you belong. No one wants some edgelord around who thinks it's okay to, say, murder people. This is how you weed those people out.
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