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Hi /adv/ I'm here to ask about breaking out the chains

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Hi /adv/

I'm here to ask about breaking out the chains of NEEThood.

I'm sure that general topic is extremely common here, but more specifically I was wondering about what types of options are available to someone like me. I have almost nothing to my name at 22, no high school degree or any college, no license, haven't stayed on top of medications. In general I have created a mountain of shit to deal with that gets more impossible to look out and try to fix with each passing day.

I want to know if anyone else has dealt with something like this and how. The worse off you were when you started the more helpful the story is. I would really do anything if I could just stop this cycle, I am not above any type of using welfare or government money or any other resource like that if it would just help me stop being an incapable human being for the rest of my life.

I would say my ultimate goal at the moment is to be able to afford a quiet house by myself, and to have a steady life where I can go to college and find something to work towards for my future security, whilst maintaining at least a bit of my precious free time.

I should say that I do plan on getting a job with this, definitely not saying I wanna live off government money or anything, just saying where I am right now, I feel like I need anything that I can get my hands on.
first try to determine what is/are your passions in life. What productive field you feel best about. Then look for possible jobs in that field. It is ok to experiment and try to pick up something, learn from the internet/books and see if you like it- design, web, programming, accounting- some examples of fields ypu can actually learn yourself for a while and if you get to like it - work part time job take a loan and get a degree in the field
Get a job you pathetic neet.
>first try to determine what is/are your passions in life
I would say nnoooo to this. I feel like the pressure I felt to do the "right" thing is what made me NEET. I've been in a similar place as OP. I remember wanting to know what I was doing /wrong/ so I could be /right/. I wanted to "break the cycle"

But this is where I was wrong. The key to life maybe isn't finding out what's perfect to do, but doing something. Just get any job, there are surely warehouse jobs you can try. UPS hired me with nothing to my name. It's not great, but it's structure. Find other areas of your life to practice discipline. Meet different people. Maybe try making a budget; see where you're spending your time and money and experiment and do it differently. The only way through life is the constant will to shake things up. The desire to do the right thing perpetuates neethood. It's not virtue, it's naivety.

Maybe this is relatable at least.
Yeah what >>18094376 said is right, trying to find that perfect thing you want to do ends up causing or prolonging this kind of thing, at least it was that way for me. At the very least I can say its more important to do something instead of staying in this awful state where you can only do the perfect thing or nothing.

Its pretty relatable, because its how I feel right now. I'm just scared for myself being stuck in this self-imposed purgatory, and want to do anything to have some sort of structure to build up from.

and yes, I think I have been more idealistic than I should have been, and this is what unrealistic ideals amount to I suppose. Cynicism is definitely a healthy trait I have thoroughly accrued over the past few years.
I find it pretty interesting to think about the role ideals should have in our life. Also about what an "ideal" is, or should be. For example, I've found only through experience can you determine what things you want to guide your life, but of course inexperience perpetuates itself, because lacking the guide experience provides, it's tempting to do nothing. People look for God, or something to represent God- some lofty, constant ideal, as a way out of it. It seems misguided to look for this though, when in reality ideals are not constant- but are both created by and tested by the constant flux of life. You have to stop trying to be Godly, and just figure out what works. If it helps, the process of figuring out what works is being like God.

I maintain that chaos is the future
And beyond it is freedom
Confusion is next and next after that is the truth


Kill yr idols
Yes I can agree with that. People often build up an ego centered around ideals as a way to assert an identity in this world, and often ends up sating an ego at the cost of happiness or personal freedom. Generally most of my mental health issues have been caused by cognitive dissonance due to ideals clashing with day to day desires, and I feel like I was a lot happier once I stopped trying to be something above human, despite my general disdain of human behavior.

I accepted that I should not strive for perfection, but for human perfection; human perfection as in being myself the best I can, and not letting silly ideals get in the way my happiness. In that regard I can understand what you mean by "being like God".

At the end of the day though all this """higher thought""" doesn't explicitly bring happiness, it just makes it easier to find I think.
Thread posts: 7
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