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Should one act on their fetishes? Obviously "fetishes"

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Should one act on their fetishes?

Obviously "fetishes" is broad enough that the answer is probably yes and no, but under which circumstances yes and which no?

If it hurts others, then no. If it's between two consenting adults that know what's going on, then yes.
In this case, I'm in the clear. But is there anything to be said simply for not being degenerate? Or for not pursuing a relationship (probably fwb type) mostly for a specific type of sex?

Can you be more specific? What are we talking about here?

>If it hurts others, then no.

Ok, so, be safe with it (I don't know how to, as I don't practice that particular fetish) and tell him/her beforehand. If he/she agrees, great! Keep in mind that is a tough one. So don't blame them for saying "no" if they do.
I mean, I've already found someone who's into it to do it with, potentially. Of course I would be safe. I guess maybe the issue is, I've never pursued a relationship for prospects of sex before. It's not something I'm totally comfortable with, but being really into the fetish, it seems necessary to pursue it. How does one reconcile the two?

You a virgin? Sorry if this sounds close-minded or something, but are you even sure you have a fetish?

When you spend too much time watching porn, regular porn becomes boring and you have to look for more extreme stuff. I know it still happens to me. But that doesn't mean I'll follow up on everything I see on porn, because I know it's just my over-saturated brain acting up.

Have regular sex first and then worry about a fetish, if you really have it.
Nah, I'm not a virgin. Only had sex with three people though, but a lot. Why would you assume that?

And I do have the fetish, I've gone pretty far but only by myself. The idea of doing it with someone else is awesome but it's not like you're just going to meet someone randomly who's into it.

I like the idea of having standards I guess. Broader question would be, is it good to have standards even if they're arbitrary.
>I've never pursued a relationship for prospects of sex before.

Sorry, I read that like you had never had sex in a relationship. My bad.

So your problem is picking this person because they share the fetish and not because you like them as people, is that why you feel conflicted?
Be sure to pick someone who won't out you, especially with fetishes that are looked down upon, like yours.
Yeah, exactly
People would do that? How do you suppose you tell?

Well, start with a Friends With Benefits situation and see where it goes. You don't need to marry them because they share your fetish.


You are right. I was going about this like more... "mainstream" fetishes, but this should be a concern, too.
I guess here's another aspect of the situation: I currently already have a FWB, emphasis on F. We're really close and have been for a few years, and spend a lot of time together. He isn't exclusive to me though and doesn't want to date, and I've asked before. I feel like on one hand, for this reason I shouldn't limit myself to him, so I'm not hung up on him. On the other hand, I don't know if I'm the type to have multiple FWBs. I just don't take sex too casually, so I like exclusivity to an extent. I expect limits from others, and from myself. If things go further with this scat guy, maybe I'd drift away from the original guy. I suppose maybe that's just a natural hazard of finding different and hopefully better people to be with. But at the same time, it could also be seen as risking affection for lust.

If he doesn't want to date, then just ask yourself if dating is important to you. With the friend you know it can never develop into more. But you also know you have something right now. Your choice, really.
How likely is it that a once sexual FWB situation will remain a happy platonic friendship? Maybe that's what it comes down to, I wouldn't want to lose my original friend, I'd be fine with being platonic though if things changed

It didn't work out for me the one time we tried. But I don't think it will always be the same.
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