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i have a oral care question: why is the common advice to brush

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i have a oral care question:
why is the common advice to brush your teeth atleast trice a day for 5mins and anytime inbetween you eat sweets?
isn't that going to fuck up your enamel like crazy?
i have been brushing my teeth once or twice a day since 28 years. i go to dental hygiene every year and they always compliment me on the lack of cavities. i also never had a single hole in my teeth all those years.
i'm asking because i'm not sure if i have to drill my son (6) to brush his teeh as often as commonly said or if i should let him brush his teeth with the same frequency as i do. so far, i only have him brush once (sometimes twice) daily and maybe for 2 mins, his teeth are perfectly healthy.
ofc i want him to develope good hygiene habits, that's why i'm torn here.
any ideas?

additional info: if i only brush once a day, i make that extra clean. with floss, tongue cleaning and mouthwash. we also use fluor gel once a month and have such oral brobiotic thingies for before bed.
we also have no issues with bad breath at all...
>isn't that going to fuck up your enamel like crazy?

Yes because toothpaste contains abrasives. You shouldn't ask your kid to engage in a habit that yourself not do.
more additional info:
i'm also asking because there is a gap between gow i handle this and how my husband handles it. he brushes his teeth ALL THE TIME. atleast 5 times a day. and he has ok teeth. they are not very white (despite him not smoking or drinking tea/coffee/wine) and he had his fair share of holes/cavity. he also sometimes does have a bit bad breath. that's why i'm sceptical of brushing so often.

my son and i also exclusively drink still water (ok, he has a glass of apple juice or a hot chocolate every now and then) and i've told him to try to always flush with a sip of water when he's done eating anything. i also give him gum fairly often to clean out food bits and activate saliva production, which helps neutralize the acidity insinde the mouth.
he ALWAYS brushes before bed but only few times in the morning and never during the day.
Teeth health is 80%gentics and 15% diet and and 5% care
If your kid has worse teeth genes than you, he might have to do more. Also my uncle had no teeth problems at age 40 and lost most of the. At age 50 because he was used to not having to take care of them.
But trust me on the gentics thing
exactly what i fear.
problem is, that he also sees his dad brushing teeth like crazy. so far, he's obviously happy he only has to do it once a day, but my husband's not too happy with it and wouldn't mind if he brushed more often
Listen to me please,

fuck your dentist, they are scammers.

This is what you need to do:

- get enough vitamin D and calcium (e.g. milk) for strong bones/teeth

- take K2 (some K2 actually makes tartar fall off)

- just brush to remove some plaque from your teeth, floss if you feel like it or there's food stuck between your teeth

- for gum health, use a very soft brush to massage high on the gumline and it adds blood circulation

- vitamin C is good for gums, specifically mixing vit C powder with baking soda (chemical reaction makes the vitamin C thousands of times more soluble)

If possible, tell your dentist to go eat a dick... Seriously, when they clean your teeth they may cause you more harm because they are careless, once their drill touched my gumline and poked a hole in it. They also really are LIARS

Their whole career is greed, they just go in to it because it makes a lot of money. They literally WANT you to have cavities so they can get commissions for extractions and fillings. If you simply get vitamins and minerals, you will never get cavities, and if you don't brush too hard your gums won't recede.

Fuck dentists, I needed a filling once because I didn't get enough calcium for a year and I ate oatmeal a lot without drinking water to rinse. My dentist actually allowed another foreign dentist to do it so she could earn money, they're like a gang of thieves.
well, then i think he got lucky and got my teeth genes.
we also try to have a diet as good as possible. that might also be a factor.
i do think that what he does is enough. i also floss his teeth whenever i find time (he still has pretty big interdental spaces, so he reaches between them with his brush easily when cleaning regularly) and am teaching him how to use it himself.
BTW you don't have to take K2, it just helps

And don't overdose on K2 either, but it's especially good if you're a girl. When you're old, you might get osteoporosis and a k2/calcium supplement will help a lot.

It's literally epigenetic: you need vitamins and minerals (calcium and Vit D for teeth, Vit C for gums, brush gently to minimize plaque - that's all you "need")
suspected that much... it sounds all so good, but i do think the recommendations are over the top and cause more harm than good.

we do take good care to get a big variety of micronutrients.

i also never heard of k2. googled it and seems like we get plenty of it. phew
guess that myth exists because usually, lifestyle and diet habits get passed down.
When I was a kid, my dentist drilled a small hole in my wisdom tooth while trying to remove the the cavities. It might have accidental. Regardless, he should've noticed it the many times I've visited him. But he didn't mentioned nor did anything about it. I noticed the small hole, but didn't care about it since I was just a stupid kid. Didn't take long for it to turn into a large cavity.
how unprofessional...

i got a very good dentist. seems like she only does as little as possible and as much as necessary. i never felt like she's trying to get me to do something just to make provit.
Dentist here, just stick to ur hygiene adding any extra is useless... twice a day is more than enough
, the whole 3-5 per a day is just bullshit by marketing toothpaste company to increase their sales thru consumers
Don't brush immediately after eating or drinking something, you will scrape your enamel away. Wait at least half an hour.
I view it as the following: Brush twice a day (morning and late evening) and if you have time for flossing once each day then that's a bonus. Don't get obsessive about it. A lot of hygiene is overdone to a ridiculous point to where it becomes a fanatical ritual.

If you want to go the extra mile, do the mouthwash thing but really you should be asking this type of advice from your dentist and not your average Joe.
Thread posts: 16
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