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I have a big boy job interview tomorrow and I'm nervous

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I'm 29 and this is an actual big boy career type job. I really need to get it. This is my last chance. It involves interacting with business clients, the government, researching and interpreting complicated regulations, some responsiblity growing the business (though they have dedicated sales reps), negotiating lease agreements, purchasing, strong analytical and communications skills and building and maintaining relationships.

I don't feel qualified at all but I wrote the shit out of that cover letter today and the guy was very impressed with it and I'm going in tomorrow afternoon :-/

People of /pol with big boy jobs: help me nail this interview! I checked out the company website and there are only three women work there: one is a half asian sales rep and there are two white female secretaries. Everybody else who works at this company is a white male.

>Should I shave my beard off entirely or should I keep a mustache?
>What questions should I ask the interviewer?
>What should I say?
>How long can I keep my hair? I look like manlet jesus right now
>Tips Tips tips

I'm freaking the fuck out: this is my last chance. I fucked up with a meme degree but I have studied law which is helpful and I am a strong writer so I nailed the job interview. There is kinda brain drain in this city so I think I am more competent than most of my competitors. It's just a "preliminary" interview, but it is in person. When I scheduled it over the phone he asked me, "while i have you on the phone, do you have any questions or me?" I didn't :-( Also I addressed him by his first name and I shouldn't have :-( Anyway, HALP HALP HALP I FUCKING NEED THIS

Please and thank you.
Go in clean cut. Be polite and confident. If you know your shit you will get the job
>people of /pol/
>typing like a fucking retard

Fuck off
it was moved from /pol/ eat a dick faget
Bump for OP.
Try not to seem too desperate to get the job, try to act as normal as possible. Remember that, while they are your interviewer or possible boss, they are a person just like you.
They're just looking for someone to fill a position. Try to remember they're people as well just more or less doing their job. They may be judging you, but chances are you'll be judging yourself quite a bit worse.
I find it easier to relax and converse as if they were a normal person when I give that simple acknowledgement to myself.
So, to a degree, act relaxed and casual (Though appear professional, of course), yet at the same time remember to act respectful. Be interested, but not obsessed. Which may come out wrong regardless if you're overly anxious going into it.
Another think to remember is that they probably deal with anxious applicants or weirdness on occasion anyway, which comes with doing interviews of all kinds anyway. So you probably wouldn't be making yourself out to be as terrible as you think you are.

Appearance wise, for safe measure, I'd say clean shaved, short to medium hair, and as professional as possible.
Depending on the work environment and who you are and what you look like, there's plenty of wiggle room. A extreme case would be a porn shop, they don't really care too much. Mental health clinics care about professionalism, but do have some leeway. Whereas a court job would be straight up suits-only.
Same also goes with your hair and facial hair. Those also depend on how you keep them though.

I'm sorry I can't offer much useful advice, but I hope this goes well for you.
Oh, and, for questions to ask, I'd spend today trying to think about what to ask, make a list, then refer to the list when you get there when they're done talking, or give you the opportunity to ask.
Yes, having a list might seem awkward, but you would probably also gain brownie points for indirectly acknowledging your fault of not being able to think of questions on the spot and working around your limit.
It would also show you actually do care about the job.
People aren't perfect. A lot of us think we need to 'act' perfect, especially in situations like these, but by doing this, you would be acting a little more 'real', and showing you're smart/responsible enough to overcome your own shortcomings. Vs acting like you don't have any to begin with.

What you should normally ask, to start off with, is what hours you should expect, what the training would entail, and if you would have any material to go over any rules and regulations so you can study them up.
Those are just simple generic ones I could think of on the top of my head. You can ask more questions depending on the answers as well, of course.

If they try to smalltalk a little, try to keep all of that short and simple. A common thing for employers to ask is "So how's your day?". Give a typical short response, like "Mine is going okay, how about yours?". Because chances are they don't 'actually' care too much and want to get the business over with.
Some jobs also put emphasis on their employees mental health though, so depending on the job, they may ask more personal questions about you just to make sure you're sound enough mind to work there.
A example, I had a friend who worked at a vet, and put animals down on a almost daily basis. His employer would check on everyones mental state on occasion, to make sure that doing that over and over isn't going to lead someone to commit suicide or something, since, understandably, taking lives like that so often would take a toll on anyone.
Thread posts: 6
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