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Is it possible to break up in a way that's not hurtful and

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Is it possible to break up in a way that's not hurtful and not filled with any anger or resentment. That's understanding an honest and in no way revengeful or intentionally hurtful or filled with anxiety and fear from both sides? A sort of "I feel it would be best to break up and move our separate ways. This is how I've been feeling... I want us to be happy even though we won't see each other"

man this fucking sucks to care about someone so much yet feel too overwhelmed with being in a relationship. i feel like shit
you just tell yourself that because you will hurt the other person

you dont care that much
you want to leave
you gona hurt the other person

try not to lie or sugarcoat it
thats the worst fake shit

and dont bullshit
you want yourself to be happy first, not "us"

you are feeling shit because you aint that lovely, sunshine
I mean you're right. I don't want to hurt the person but I know it will hurt. And the other person is happy and I don't want to take that away by trying to make myself happy. I don't know what to do.
if you cant see yourself with this person then stop wasting his/her time and stop keeping him/her in a lie

leave and dont fucking dare say you care about them, because thats a lie.
Why is it a lie?
Seriously, why would I lie? I came here for advice because I have been feeling bad and I don't want to cause pain to someone else and you're telling me I'm lying. I'm sorry if you can relate to this and someone caused you pain in the past but I'm not lying.
when you say you care but about to do something that proves the opposite you have to consider your own honesty

you came here for validation
not gona give you that, sorry not sorry
tarnish your own image and humiliate yourself so that she wants to leave you
I mean I feel like I care about the person, I want the person to be happy and not have a difficult time if this happens. I care that the person doesn't feel negative emotions because those emotions feel bad, but I realize that is probably inevitable. The relationship has been difficult and it feels like it is too overwhelming for me and I don't think it has been healthy for me to be like this. While I want happiness for myself, I want the other person to remain as happy as possible as well and, which is why I'm having such a hard time with this. I don't know how much more honest and clear I can be. I admit that I'm flawed and the ignorance from my inexperience lead to this, but this was never my intention and I can only hope I can work this out where we're both happy and can live our lives with no baggage. I don't know what to say, you're telling me I don't care, yet I have the feeling of caring and it's important to me for that person to not feel bad. I just don't know what to do with the fact that you're telling me I'm lying when I'm not.
they will feel bad
i can assure you
and you will come through as a lieing faggot

>hey buddy look i really care about you
>but im gona shoot you now
>because ya know, i feel like i need to
>no offense right?

I'm sorry I'm unable to explain to you the exact mix of emotions in my head, but you clearly don't understand how I'm feeling. Not only are you not listening to me but you're pretending to understand when I've explained to you that you're wrong. I don't have much else to say to you.
Even if its mutual.
there's always some residual leftovers of every relationship.

But, it's better than pushing a dead relationship.
>muh feelings

i hate ppl like you
theres only one good move, agreeing
otherwise youll be butthurt and start the blame game
how old are you guys?
stop projecting you beta cunt
my god you really are a miserable cunt

Just let him down easy and whatever you do don't listen to that guy that's been replying to you. Listening to his stupid ass will leave you both bitter, plus it encourages that cancerous ghosting fad that's been going on lately. Just tell him that you it isn't working out and be gracious but firm about it.
I don't know what use it'd be to take advice from someone who pretends to understand what's going on inside my head when I specifically told them that they're misunderstanding, so it's not a problem not to listen to that person.

Thanks for the response, I created the thread last night because I was wasn't feeling great at all, but today I expressed how I feel and we were able to identify issues that were specific enough to be worked on. We agreed we'd work on them one by one. The breaking up was definitely the last resort of mine. We will try and work together to make it a happier relationship.
Yes, "I care about you dearly, but this isn't working. I need to be honest with you because you deserve it. It's over."
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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