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What do I do with this weird situation?

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My best friend got a girlfriend around two years ago, and I've always thought she was weird. like, she isn't mental or anything she's just lowkey a weeaboo and is just all around cringe.
Well, i got paired with her on a project for my criminal justice class and she said she wanted to do it on her grandmother. I asked what her grandmother did and apparently she was a killer. She torture killed two young girls in Alabama and made a girl in prison commit suicide

Pic related, her grandmother and grandfather were alvin and judith Neelley.

Anyways, her grandfather evidently died when she was small so she never met him and has always been more fond of her grandmother due to conjugal visits and such. Well, while we were doing the project, Judith Neelley got a chance of parole out of pure coincidence (really, it was on the news you can go look for yourself). This was.. not great for our project.
Judith getting chance for parole led to the girl getting more visits to her grandmother (becuase of lawyer stuff)The girl had the idea lodged in her brain that her grandmother was forced to do it, and that it was her grandfathers fault really. She obviously got these idea from being misinformed by her grandmother in the visits. Anyways, i tried to chime in and tell her that there was a lot of evidence that said that Judith did it just as voluntarily as he did (I was trying to make the project unbiased) but every time someone said ANYTHING bad about the old lady, she would freak the fuck out and start to yell.
so, in an effort to just finish the project, i let her put whatever info on it and it turned out super biased.
After this we went back to not really talking to each other. But... the girl (let's call her sam from now on, it's getting annoying to type "the girl") started to stalk me. She tailgates behind me after school until we're like one road away from my house, she doesn't live anywhere near me. she follows me around during class changes to see where i go (cont. down)
anyways, this is getting weird, and for some reason i have the feeling that she's tryinf=g to be like her grandmother and she wants me to be her first victim. I know it's far- fetched, it's just a weird instinct.
what should i do?

TL;DR- my best friends girlfriend's grandmother was a killer, and i think she wants to kill me
Just tell your best friend his girlfriend is stalking you and provide picture evidence.
How old are you? What does her parents say about her obsession with killer-grandma?

I'd be more nervous if I were your friend
This. Keep evidence.
It sounds like you live in a southern hellhole - why don't you already have a full complement of deadly arms yet?

Like you need to fucking conceal carry 24/7 bro.
Tell the police, just provide evidence and have them investigate. If you ever need to put her down you have some evidence
I swear white people are fucked in the head
Talk to your parents and tell them to read a file that you will make or a diary whenever you die exposing this girl.

Ask her why she is stalking you and tell her you rethinked about her grandmother and that now you see you were being mysognistic

Record your conversation with her at all times with your phone.

Talk to your friend and ask him if the girl has been acting weirdly lately
If this keeps going on. Get proof that she follows you, then tell your parents and go to the police. But expose her already in your diary or file.

You did wrong kid, this is the price to pay for being a giant nose in other people's bussinesses.
10/10, truly 4chanish. If anybody has any skill with screencapping it might be a good idea to do so in case OP actually gets murdered, so that we can complete it into a story.

As for your problem, OP - try to confront her, asking directly why does she follow you. Record the conversation secretly. Then use reason.
Stay as safe as you can OP, make sure to look after your friend as well. Make sure to keep track of everything she says through audio recordings on your phone. Since she's following you I suggest you try to take pictures of her. Make sure at least one person knows where you are at all times just in case something happens to you.
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T. Nigger
Why doesn't someone just send this to the cops in whatever jurisdiction that lady is from. They can probably check who her children etc are.
not enough proof. OP may be shitting us for attention as always
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