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It's been 10 months and still the only reason i'm alive is incase my ex wants me back.

I'm pretty sure i would reject her but i'm still so fucking sad.
How do i get over her or how do i not kill myself ?
make a kick ass sandwich. Or do some craft, lift or shit.

Basically throw yourself into something to keep your mind busy. Its the tried tested and true method.
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OP, please remember that your brain is an organ. In addition, your feelings are a series of chemicals reacting to your thoughts.

Please try your best to stay mindful of your thoughts. Grow them like a little flower. Try to cultivate them. Eventually your thoughts will grow into the shape you desire. Yes, it will take a lot of time. Yes, it will be hard. However, you'll eventually bloom and you'll have more life in your heart and soul.

I followed Buddhism for a while. It's correct if you apply it as a philosophy. They say to spend time observing your thoughts, and then let them go without judgement...I don't do it that way if I have a problem like yours, OP. Suicide is serious. If I find myself thinking about something I don't want to think about, I say "NO' out loud or in my mind as loud as I can. Then I consciously change the direction of my thoughts to something more pleasant.

Honestly, this advice change my life. I spent a lot of time learning how to apply this skill, and it has worked wonders for my mental health. When I was 15-17 I almost killed myself, I was very close to it. I had the pills ready, and everything was put into place. I never did it because I tried to find a new dream, and force my mind into the direction of my new dream. I believe in you, OP.
In the same position here, it has been so long she probably doesn't even remember me and that kills me inside. I don't know why I still miss her but I do. I want to move on in life but she's on my mind every day. I don't feel like I'm living anymore and that scares me
Dude ... I spend 3 years in pain for a girl 10 months is nothing believe me it only gets better with time also the dude obove is right you might not have the power to choose your thoughts yet but you can deside wich ones you make a big deal of it it takes time op....now im kinda im the same position again its been only 3 months still want her back and she is already with someone else that fucks me up inside but im now into exercise that helps also im doing airsoft and skateboarding.. Look for shit to do best of luck. And if you survive you'll see how stupid you were for thinking about kolling yourself
Do you have any idea how many of "those exes" you will go through?
This is temporary

"This too will pass"

That's an ancient fucking quote
And it's true
Nothing lasts forever

You will beat her.
You will find someone else
And you won't even suspect when
One day you'll be feeling shit because of your ex and you'll meet a new girl and be infatuated by her

Shit changes.
Imagine being like me and feeling exactly the way you guys do but are forced to see her all the time because you have a nine year old kid with her and spent the last decade of your life with her. Imagine going through rebounds every few months and gaining zero genuine feelings for any of them while you have to see your ex twice a week drop your kid off in her current boyfriend's truck while they both act like your kids primary parents dropping her off at a friends house or something. Imagine knowing that she's happy with the guy who is raising your kid while she's out with her friends having the life she never got from you. Imagine this guy is the guy she was dating in high school right before you met her after they broke up. Imagine facing the reality that their engaged and you have to see facebook pictures of them together going out and doing stuff with your kid that you can't afford to do. Imagine knowing that the guy is fucking her better than you ever could because you suffered from ED as a result of depression while you were together.

I don't know how much longer ill make it..
If you don't want her back, don't take her back unless you believe it is truly the right thing to do for you and your heart. There are other things to live for -- a song that gives you shivers, the outdoors in summer in the evenings, sweet tastes on your tongue and stickiness on your hands. Life is beautiful, never give up the little things, never give up any of it. Live for each day, live for the possibility of love, for friendship. Live for yourself. Life is cruel but it is beautiful. Don't let the tunnels get you down. The good times will come.
Thread posts: 9
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