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Hi /adv/. I'm sorry if you've heard my story before,

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Hi /adv/.

I'm sorry if you've heard my story before, but I'm still looking for solutions. About 2-1/2 years ago, I hired my son to work for me. He began having disputes with another employee, and eventually quit when I took the other guy's side. He moved to another job in another city shortly after quitting, and doesn't speak to me anymore. Even after I fired the other guy (several other employees came forward recently and confirmed my son's account), he still refuses to speak to me. I've tried contacting him several times trying to patch things up, but nothing I do ever improves things between us. What should I do?
It sounds like you were kind of a dick boss to your son. If you wonder why he doesn't want to talk to you, then ask yourself: when was the last time you felt like talking to a dick boss from a job you hated?
You trusted some other guy over your son. Did you really have a reason for that?

I would have told him "look, I trust you and I believe you, but I'm in a situation where I can't appear to be acting out of bias because you're my son. I will do my best to confirm what you told me, Try not to get into conflicts with this guy in the meantime, and be sure that I'm going to be keeping a close eye on him."

If the dispute was that what the guy did was actually threatening to his safety, fuck appearances, that guy would be gone.

Anyway, at this point all you can do is keep trying.

>the son was actually right

jeez, how long ago was this? how long did it take others to come forward? what was the situation? why didnt you believe your own son?
It's not like I call him specifically asking talk about the job he hated.

I didn't want it to look like I was demonstrating favoritism. My son was the loudest critic of this other employee, and any actions taken against him would have looked like I was being unduly influenced by my son.

My son quit in July 2015. Other employees started coming forward with similar complaints to those of my son shortly afterwards, probably around September. I finally fired the other guy in August 2016. I tried to accumulate as much evidence as possible before making this decision, because I was worried about a potential lawsuit (for whatever it's worth, no such lawsuit occurred). Basically, it turned out that the other guy had been violating workplace safety and discrimination laws, sexually harassing female employees, and misappropriating company funds. My son figured this out and began speaking out against the other employee, and the other employee retaliated by making my son's job hell. I wish I had realized this at the time. If all the other employees who spoke out against the other guy had spoken out at the same time as my son, I could have acted sooner and maybe this whole mess could have been avoided. I tried to tell my son all this, and all he could respond with was "Look who finally decided to be a manager."
Just the retaliation alone should have been reason enough to fire the guy. I mean what the fuck, I get that you can't have the appearance of favoritism if you're not the owner or big boss, but bottom line on this is that what you demonstrated wasn't an attempt to be fair but simply having no trust in your son.

It's not a stretch, if this guy is violating workplace safety and is making your kid's life "a living hell" that this guy was threatening your kid's physical safety. You couldn't at least separate them? Or tell this guy that if he kept behaving that way, he would be fired? Wouldn't you do at least that for any employee who wasn't your son, or do you just always stick your head in the sand?

Why wouldn't you interview others about the guy, to see if there's something going on, instead of waiting for someone else to come to you with complaints? Especially if a claim that he was sexually harassing people was made.

If your big fear is lawsuits, you can't just fucking close your eyes on that and pretend you never heard something. You HAVE to investigate that. If you aren't the owner, that sort of shit is extremely good cause for them to fire you. If you are the owner, you need to hire a competent HR person and a lawyer.

You're a chickenshit who let your son down, and he's angry and disappointed. No shit. Your attitude here is "it's not my fault, I did what I could". That seems like bullshit cya, and he's not buying it, nor should he.

If you want to get something from him other than dismissive sarcasm, maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself and figure out if he's right.
Nothing is more important than family. You choose family no matter what. You deserve to be cut out. Keep apologizing and realize that betraying family goes against every natural, religious and man made law.
Thread posts: 7
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