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career help

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pls help me advice, im too young and inexperienced to know what career i want to pursue the rest of my existence. Currently its a toss up between mechanical, petroleum, and aerospace engineering. I have a desire to understand everything i can, how things work and how to piece them together always interested me. But i also thought being a firefighter would be exciting and fulfilling work. And finally owning my own business has always peaked my interest, if i chose the business route i would end up getting a business degree. Im 19, almost 20 and have to make my choice for what career i want to pursue this year. please help advice, any pros and cons on each job would be nice. if you need any more info just ask, the money i make is also important to me, which is why i am leaning away from firefighter.
I recommend business. You need capital before you start your business though so get broad business experience by working in a big 4 firm after your degree.

Engineering will get you great pay so go for any of those if you are more interested atm. You can always go back and do a business degree after you get the capital together.

Firefighter isn't even a career. Will basically just be volunteer work.

Do whatever you want because both business and engineering are great career options.
Mechanical Engineering will allow you to do the other two as well. The O&G field hires mechanical engineers as well, it's not exclusive to petroleum engineering majors. Mechanical will help you break into the aerospace field as well.

> Firefighter career

> getting a business degree to start a business
That's the most autistic line of thinking ever imo. You don't need a degree in business to start your own business. If you have no idea what you want to do in business, then just get the MechE degree.
Getting a degree helps a lot. You learn a lot about laws that are relevant every single day and also mechanisms to evaluate and improve performance. Implementation of necessary systems etc.

More importantly after you get a business degree you can get a job in a professional services firm. Those firms get deeply involved in heaps of successful business so you get very detailed experience in what it takes to run lots of different types of businesses profitably and sustainably. 80% of businesses fail in the first 2 years because people think they can just go into it without educating themselves.
>Spending thousands of dollars and 4 years reading books on how to play football instead of just playing
> helps a lot
Obviously, but it's a waste of time and money. OP can just get a MechE degree, and by then he'll be a big boy with realistic endeavors. He can just teach himself how to start a business, just like immigrants who start their own businesses. It's not hard. OP could even go into consulting with a MechE degree if he wanted too.
> if i chose the business route i would end up getting a business degree
don't. You're better off learning something practical or technical. Most people who own a successful business don't have a business degree. A business degree will teach you how to deal with the legal and financial issues and how to manage human capital to some extent, but it won't teach you how to actually start and run a business. Most people who get that degree end up working as accountants, financial advisers, HR etc, not actually running their own business.

Your post is too vague to give concrete advice since it really does seem like you have no strong preferences any way. Which is fine, this is what your 20s are for in terms of career. For college I suggest something that will teach you math, physics, chemistry and/or programming since these are the most valuable skills you can get with a degree (except for a few others that aren't too versatile, like medicine and law. I don't suggest you go into these unless you know you want to work in this field for the rest of your life). And keep your horizons open. If you get interesting in a field or subject or whatever learn about it in your spare time. I know it seems that once you chose a major your career seems set in stone, but it's really not like that. If you end up in a career you dislike don't be afraid to change it for something you'd enjoy more.

This is the time to explore your options, not chose a path and delve into it while ignoring everything else. This doesn't mean you should be passive, you should be looking to get a job and a degree, just remember that your choice isn't final and can be change any time if there is a reason.

And take any pro/cons regarding jobs you hear here or anywhere else with a grain of salt. They're almost always highly subjective and may not apply to you. The only objective answer you will get is about wages. And to some extent levels of stress and work conditions, but there is some subjectivity here.
>thinking that a business degree is comparable to playing a sport.

One has a lot of theory around it and the other is pretty much entirely practice.

Also as I said you have to get the degree before you are even allowed into the firm to get the practice so you are pretty much entirely full of shit.
> get into a firm that teaches you how to start a business
You are autistic and underage.
Absolutely that's an option, which is one that I suggested. That doesn't mean getting a business degree is a bad path to take if you want to start a business. If he wants to stay in mach eng his whole life it would definitely be the best way to go. But a business degree and the experience you get from professional service jobs gives you experience in countless different industries so if the main objective is to have money and fun his own shit then it's an extremely versatile, flexible and profitable path to choose.
Have you ever worked in a professional services firm? If you audit a large retail company you would know absolutely everything you would need to know to start a successful retail company. That applies to all the other industries you get exposed to.

Give me your e-mail so I've got someone to contact next time I need a strong opinion on something else you know fuck all about.
Business majors don't get exposed to "countless different industries". You are disillusioned by this stupid idea that business majors will work in fishing companies, banks, fast food, and deforestation companies in a span of 5 years. Getting a MechE degree would be the best path for OP.
> MechE degree + FE license (4 years)
> Work in the industry (?? years)
> Get his PE license
> Start his own consulting company and jerk off to anime
The degree wouldn't, but working for a professional services firm absolutely would.

I have been involved in every one of those industries except a big bank and that is just with one year of working in a big 4 firm.

We get involved in every department. Every little internal control. Every procurement process. We're in the business every day and need to know exactly how every part of it works.

I could absolutely start a fast food business with the capital. I wouldn't start a fishing business because new environmental regulations make it too hard to compete if you aren't a big player. Could easily start a deforestation business though because I was very deeply involved in one for over six months. Though like with fishing you need to be a big player to actually compete because of the massive amounts of capital required. The only one of those that is viable as a small business in my country would be fast food but even that isn't as profitable as a property market derivatives firm because there is a much bigger gap in that market here.

No, I'm not an expert, true, I can't compete in most of those industries, but the point still stands that literally no other career path provides such
detailed business experience in so many different industries.
aerospace engineering for a defense contractor like lockheed martin
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>if i chose the business route i would end up getting a business degree
If you want to start a business/become an entrepreneur, you don't major in business or econ. You major in accounting to handle finances.

Don't. If money is important, then this makes no sense

You could. ME will get you a job and you'll make good pay

I recommend doing engineering if you like math/science. If not, major in accounting. At that point, you can become an accountant and get promoted over time to make a good salary. Then you can start a financial consulting firm, or any business. Having acc knowledge helps a lot. You should consider entrepreneurship unless you have a business idea, which you don't seem to have, so focus on Eng or Acc for now. Both would be ideal
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